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Daily Mail Propoganda: Smokescreen & Mirrors

Daily Mail Propoganda: Smokescreen & Mirrors

The right-wing media schooled us well in propaganda and how to instigate a witch-hunt over the last seven days.

The Daily Mail’s “4 month investigation of extremism in Britain” was much to do about nothing. All in all, what comprised of the string of “exposé” articles were repeated lies, nonsense extrapolations and comments masquerading as journalism.

Their “investigation” begins by rehashing lies about CAGE’s alleged support of “Jihadi John”. CAGE has, of course, consistently made clear that their comments were made before he supposedly went to Syria and have consistently condemned his act of beheading, just as they condemn the government’s role in torture. But, it is not unlike white supremacists to distrust the word of a political Muslim. That is why they continually demand our condemnation. In this case, they simply ignored CAGE’s actual words, let alone the explanation of their stance.

The Mail continues, stating that under the guise of “extremist views” from an “extremist organisation”, Muslims are being told that “they are being treated in a similar way to Jews under Nazis”. Yet this view has an increasingly mainstream view and has been reported in various places by various people such as Alister Sloan,[1] Dr. Craig Considine,[2] and Chief Reporter of the Independent, Cahal Milmo.[3] Ironically, even a senior UN official has criticised UK press engaging in Nazi-like propaganda.[4] The Daily Mail tries to pass this view as “extreme” by isolating the view as specific to politically-active Muslims. Perhaps in some bizarre plot-twist, in their supposed moral integrity, the Daily Mail will investigate themselves.

CAGE’s next crime is opposing the Government’s anti-extremism policy, because there is nothing better to call people to arms with assault rifles and home-made bombs in zealous terror-filled fury than criticising and opposing a government’s policy with petitions, lobbying and public statements. It will be the Junior Doctors and Corbyn’s Fandom next.

The next big claim is that CAGE have unrestricted access to universities and they do so with no sobering of alarmism. By this stage, they have not illustrated what warrants CAGE as “extremists” aside from repeating the lies about Jihadi John and being opposed to PREVENT—as are swathes of academics, likely to be found in their natural habitats: universities.

Daily Mail’s Rupert Sutton was denounced by an NUS motion for his history of “witch-hunts” against British Muslim students. It seems Rupert still has an axe to grind for not only Muslims, but also the NUS now. Game of Thrones, eat your heart out.

They even had the gall to paint Moazzam Begg as some kind of next-generation-benefit-scrounger for using money he got via compensation by the Government in 2010, after proving that Britain was complicit in his original abduction by US intelligence services, to buy a house for his family.

By the 3rd exposé, I guess they thought it was all getting a bit silly and, instead, dedicated half of it to a bizarre defence of other individuals banned from speaking at universities, such as David Starkey, the Professor who allegedly made sexist comments about women scientists and how the newly anointed “extremist” Corbyn desires to scrap nuclear weapons.

Are you connecting the dots correctly? It is all a leftist, Islamist plot to destroy the “Great” in “Great Britain”.

The Daily Mail then turned its attention to another organisation: Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND).[5] An organisation, whose focus is highlighting issues of Islamophobia and encouraging media and political engagement, was accused of being an ‘Islamist’ organisation. Since when was trying to improve the representation of Muslims in public life an “Islamist” plot to take over Britain? So thin was their continued “investigation” by way of substance they even wrongly described Azad Ali as the ‘director’ of MEND.

The Mail then publicly pats itself on the back by mentioning Lord Carlile’s commendation of itself, in a desperate attempt, one would assume, to prove their credibility. How apt it is that they gain support from someone who wrote the foreword in a HJS report in 2011 co-authored by Douglas Murray associates.

We know the Daily Mail is not one for balance, but these points are being highlighted for a reason. It shows us how propaganda works. We have extremists, notably Islamophobic extremists, reporting to the public about extremism and being supported by other Islamophobic extremists in the political sphere. For us, it seems so awfully absurd, but it is not designed for us. It is designed to bolster the numerous ranks of Islamophobic trolls on social media and the average Daily Mail reader who does not know anything about anything (because they read the Daily Mail) in order to rally support for some in the government who want to introduce laws that police chiefs have said would turn Britain into a Police State. Various activists across all backgrounds have said this would supress Free Speech and would undoubtedly institutionalise Islamophobia to an alarming degree.

But the Black Arts of manufactured racist propaganda is not limited to the tabloids. There is more.

The Telegraph,[6] who were recently fined for being paid to support the Tories during the election,[7] published another unsavoury article stating that Universities are under investigation from PREVENT for allowing CAGE spokespeople into events held at university. This is despite many of these universities adhering to PREVENT’s stipulated guidance and advice. There was extremely little to complain about, except that they are extremely critical about the PREVENT programme being counter-productive. The article even resorted to repeating old smears about Jihadi John.

In another recent smear article,[8] this time against MPACUK’s Raza Nadim who was also at a CAGE event, the Telegraph made an inordinately huge case over his “lock the doors” comment—the ubiquitous joke repeated at almost every fundraising speech on earth. Raza Nadim even made it clear that it was a humorous fundraising line as some people tend to leave once the main event has ended. There is little doubt that the reporter would be very aware of what is going on and yet, from deprivation of any substantial material, they sought to make even the smallest of gestures suspect because a political Muslim was behind it.

Why the sudden witch-hunt?

What do all these institutions and individuals under fire have in common? They are heavily critical of the government’s counterproductive PREVENT and overall counter-extremism policies.

It is no secret that the government’s Counter-Extremism Bill is expecting, some would say it is long overdue, to be introduced into Parliament. The government is also acutely aware that PREVENT and previous government powers it has given itself has been heavily criticised by all parts of society.

The politics of fear and demonisation is used by democratic governments to warm up the ground for introducing powers no sane person would allow—unless terrified. But, in the constant labouring of a threat invading our society, over time, people will be willing to sacrifice their civil and human rights.

To the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, it did not matter whether their propaganda stood up to public scrutiny or rational argument. It was enough for them to repeat the same rhetoric and lies that Cameron and his Cabinet have mentioned. It was sufficient for them to create enough of a scare story for a British society that is already becoming increasingly verbally and physically intolerant of Muslims.

They are playing the oldest trick in the white supremacist’s book; white elites telling the general white public who to hate and who to support in the manifestation of that hate, whilst the same white elites make life worse for them and everyone.

How ironic then that the government is engaging in ideological, indeed Islamophobic, propagation to draft laws that persecute and prosecute those who do the same. How ironic that one of the government-advised “signs of radicalisation” is “distrust of the media” when parts of the UK press have constantly gone out of their way to enact witch-hunts on Muslims and their institutions.

All Muslim, and indeed all non-Muslim, should be urged and encouraged to campaign, create noise and lobby their MP to vote against the coming “Counter-Extremism” Bill.

Those who support the campaign against PREVENT should donate time and resources to organsations such as CAGE, MPACUK and MEND. [9][10][11] If they are being criticised by the likes of those who have demonised all Muslims, they are worth, and certainly need, your support.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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  1. This is a well written and hard hitting article but it misses the central point. What is the Daily Mail? You might jump and shout out “a newspaper”. Wrong. The answer is that the Daily Mail is a business. A business that sells words and pictures – Sometimes news; Sometimes entertainment; Sometimes propaganda. A business funded by advertising (the cover price of newspapers actually goes to the retailer) that manages to make a profit without any subsidies or taxpayer funding because enough people buy copies of the Daily Mail to make it worthwhile for companies to want to advertise in it.

    This is the nub of the issue. The Daily Mail is selling the words that millions of people in Britain want to read regardless of whether they are true or not. Every journalists knows not to let the truth get in the way of a juicy story. Compare the sales figures for the Daily Mail with that for the Guardian – which has quite a poor readership largely confined to intellectual types and deputy headteachers because it’s boring for the masses. The simple fact is bashing Islam and Muslims makes money. The editors of the Daily Mail couldn’t care less what critics say about it or its articles as long as the money from the advertisers rolls in. Perhaps a boycott of companies that advertise in the Daily Mail should be given some thought.

  2. I would congratulate those tens of thousands of citizens in the UK, 10’s of thousands in France, 10’s of thousands in Germany, 10’s of thousands in the US, etc who have seen through the lies & perverseness of the godless institutions and recognised Islam as the truth/ factual way of life. They understand that godlessness leads to self destruct, and that faith leads to success, salvation & felicity. Congratulations on the greatest discover anyone can ever make.

    ‘If reality was to be fashioned after the their (rejectors of faith) whims & fancies/ delusions, then the entire universe and everything within it had been corrupted/ ruined’ Quran(23:71)

    ‘And give the good tidings to the believers that they have a sure standing with their Lord’ Quran( )

    ‘And the trumpet is blown and lo! from the graves they hie unto their Lord, crying: Woe upon us! Who has raised us from our place of sleep? This is that which the Beneficent did promise, and the messengers spoke the truth/ fact. It is but one shout, and behold them brought together before Us! This day no individual is wronged in any way; nor are ye requited aught except what you used to do. Lo! those who merit paradise this day are happily employed. They and their partners/ wives, in pleasant shade, on thrones reclining. Theirs the fruit (of their good deeds) and theirs (all) that they ask/ wish for. The word from a Merciful Lord (for them) is: Peace! But get apart, O you guilty/ criminals, this day! Did I not charge you, O you sons of Adam, that you don’t follow/ worship the devil – Lo! he is your open foe (will spare no effort to ruin you) but that you worship/ follow Me? That was the right path/ best practice. Yet he has led astray of you/ duped a great multitude. Had ye then no sense/ intelligence/ insight? This is hell which ye were promised (if ye followed him)….’ Quran(36:51-63)

    • I would congratulate those millions of citizens in the UK, 10’s of millions in France, 10’s of millions in Germany, 10’s of millions in the USA, etc. who have seen through the Islamic propaganda “taqiyya” and call a sword a sword. That means seeing Islam as it is, a backward way of life with no connections to our century, and not believing in the sugar-cotton version of Islam, version with which Islam appeasements are trying nowadays to fool naive and ignorant people. Prophet Mohammed’s confession:”I have fabricated things against God and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken.”– Al-Tabari, The History of Al-Tabari, vol. vi, p. 111 Think about it before blah, blah, blah about,”……Islam as the truth/ factual way of life”.
      Now, for the Shariah law guardians of this site only: cut me off, that only would prove my words that Islam is, in fact it ever has been, poorly prepared to accept a different opinion, reacting instead badly every time when intellectually challenged.

  3. The godless systems look more like Nazi systems by the day. Well done to Muslims for not being impressed or intimidated in the slightest by the immorality, depravity & perverseness on display from some individuals & establishments, and continue to call for best practice/ standards & values regardless. ‘And God calls you to the abode of peace (Dar-us-Salam) and guides who ever he wishes to the straight path/ best practice.’ Koran(10:25)

  4. Thanks for this excellent article documenting the arrogance & perverseness that resides at the heart of godless systems. There’s lies, damned lies, then there’s tabloid editors. “If some immoral individual comes to you with some ‘news’ then verify its veracity, lest you victimise a people (unjustly) and then afterwards regret what you have done.” Quran(49:6)

  5. Great article. Absolutely spot on. A group of Muslim hating extremist journalists trying to expose supposed extremism by clutching at whatever straws they can. Every innocent comment made by a Muslim is now evidence for potential extremism!

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