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Gaza Under Siege – Timeline


This page is dedicated to providing a range of daily updates highlighting and analysing the Zionist-Israeli terrorism on the people of Gaza. Please send us more relevant daily content from the web via the comments below.

Monday,25th August 2014, 29 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Erdogan visits Palestinian wounded in Turkish hospital

Israeli military analyst: Palestinian resistance did what Arab armies could not do

Austria criticizes Israel over attacks in Gaza

Sunday,24th August 2014, 28 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Israel: Former Mossad chief says Hamas will not surrender 

Venezuelan President: Netanyahu is the Herod of modern times

–  Israel: Former Mossad chief says Hamas will not surrender

Saturday, 23rd August 2014, 27 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

UNICEF: Israel killed 500 children in Gaza

Israel Retract False Allegation against UNRWA 

Hamas will not accept solutions that touch resistance weapons

Al Jazeera

Mourning Gaza

Gaza comes under fresh Israeli airstrikes


Friday, 22nd August 2014, 26 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Palestinian officials: Israel’s shelling of Gaza equivalent to six nuclear bombs

Tutu pleads to Israelis, liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Human rights groups call on Israel to allow them entry to Gaza


Thursday, 21st August 2014, 25 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Canadian MP quits ‘pro-Israel party’ 

Israel kills three senior Hamas commanders 

Al Jazeera – Why are Palestinian voices excluded?

NY Times – Israel Kills 3 Top Hamas Leaders as Latest Fighting Turns Its Way

Wednesday, 20th August 2014, 24 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Majority of Israelis: The force used by the army in Gaza was not excessive

Wife and son of Qassam commander killed in Israeli attack

Hamas: Israel imposes war on us again 

Ankara dismisses Palestinian Government coup claims

Israel destroys six homes in the West Bank

Lieberman thwarted ceasefire deal with Palestinians

Al Jazeera – Rights groups call on Israel to allow investigators into Gaza

Tuesday, 19 August 2014, 23 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Haaretz: ‘No doubt that Egypt stands with Israel’

No to disarming the resistance

Hamas denies Israeli coup claims 

Turkey to send floating power ship to Palestine

From Goldstone to Schabas… where is the justice for the Palestinians?

Hamas: EU’s boycott of Israeli products is a step in the right directions 

The Guardian – Israel launches fresh air strikes in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Al Jazeera – Sides trade blame over Gaza truce breakdown

Channel 4 News – Two-year-old child and woman killed as Gaza ceasefire ends

Monday, 18th August 2014, 22 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Palestinians continue to create life from death

Gaza triumphs

Attacking journalists makes Israel a plastic democracy

Israeli forces prepare to resume war on Palestinians in Gaza

UN official calls for an investigation into strikes on UNRWA schools

Capturing Truth: Israeli occupation and images of the oppressed

Israeli soldiers: ‘We became sitting ducks in Al-Qassam shooting field’ 

EXCLUSIVE: Former Goldstone report member tells MEMO Israel’s record “shows its contempt for real accountability”

Israel fears expansion of planned EU boycott 

Palestinian negotiator: Israelis added ‘unacceptable’ modifications to Egyptian proposal 

More than 200,000 labourers in Gaza now unemployed 

Channel 4 News – Was Salem Shamaly’s killing a war crime?

Al Jazeera – Gaza truce extended by 24 hours

 Sunday, 17th August 2014, 21 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Palestinians to stick to ‘resistance demands’ – Source 

Protesters in California prevent Israeli ship from docking

Israel halts meat exports to Europe over boycott 

–  Hamas: Egyptian proposals failed to meet Palestinian demands

–  Reactions from leading experts on latest UN Commission on Gaza

Al Jazeera

On the UN and war in Gaza

Israel: No Gaza deal until security needs met


Saturday, 16th August 2014, 20 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Ma’ariv: Hamas leader runs the battle ‘confidently’ and ‘persistently’

Turkish medical delegation in Gaza to treat war casualties

Talks for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine need more time

Al Jazeera – Why Latin American leaders are standing up to Israel

The Guardian – British arms sales to Israel face high court challenge

Friday, 15th August 2014, 19 Shawwal 1435 AH

The Guardian – Israel bans national service with rights group B’Tselem in Gaza row

Memo Middle East Monitor – Venezuela will take Gaza orphans, president declares

Thursday, 14th August 2014, 18 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

University of Cape Town SRC endorses boycott of Israel, declares it an apartheid state 

War on Gaza further hinders Palestinian fishermen’s livelihood

Haniyeh: No permanent ceasefire without an end to the siege

Al Jazeera

Palestinians share tear gas advice with Ferguson protesters

Hamas: Peace deal must meet people’s demands

The Guardian – Hamas talks of ‘real chance’ for Gaza agreement with Israel

Wednesday, 13th August 2015, 17 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Netanyahu tries to convince Israeli cabinet to accept ceasefire in Gaza

Head of UN inquiry on Gaza says mission will continue despite Israel’s refusal to cooperate

Palestinian delegation in Cairo says Israelis are still stubborn

The Guardian – ‘My wife thinks I will come home in a box’ – and three days later Gaza bomb disposal expert was dead

Tuesday, 12th August 2015, 16 Shawwal 1435 AH

Al Jazeera

UN names Gaza war crimes probe panel

– Ad accusing Hamas of ‘child sacrifice’ lands UK paper in hot water

Memo Middle East Monitor

The war on Hamas and plans to bring an end to the Muslim Brotherhood in the region

Boycott of Israel garners momentum in the West

 Monday, 11th August 2014, 15 Shawwal 1435 AH

Channel 4 News – Hopes for peace? Gaza talks resume in Egypt

The Independent – Turkish campaign group to challenge Gaza blockade by sending flotilla full of aid for Palestinians

Yahoo News – Gaza’s wounded: Living reminder of ravages of war

Truth dig – Dennis Kucinich on the Responsibility to Speak Out About Gaza

Al Jazeera – Watch the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfold online

Sunday, 10th August 2014, 14 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Tens of thousands march in London in support of Gaza

–  Hamas: Europe’s solidarity with Gaza ‘yet another setback for Israel’

Calls for Netanyahu to resign over Gaza war policy

Turkey pledges ‘mobile homes’ to displaced Gazans: Minister

Al Jazeera

Israel’s attacks in Gaza town ‘a war crime’ 

Thousands march for Gaza in Cape Town

IB Times

Garnier Apologises for Donating ‘Girly’ Care Packages to Female IDF Soldiers


Israel, Palestinians launch new three-day truce

Saturday, 9th August 2014, 13 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

– What would you do if your country was occupied by a foreign army?

– Israeli army strikes several mosques in Gaza

 Palestine will not withdraw their complaint to the ICC

– Palestinians do not want a resumption of war and insist on self-defence

– Turkey ready to accommodate all Gaza casualties

– Former Israeli intelligence official says Israel did not achieve its goals in Gaza

The Guardian – Why are the Arab Gulf countries silent on Gaza?

Al Jazeera – Lessons of the conflict of Gaza

Friday, 8th August 2014, 12 Shawwal 1435 AH

The Electronic Intifada

Video: Palestinian resistance in Gaza is “fighting for all of us,” says Dr. Mads Gilbert

– Britain admits selling $12 billion in weapons to Israel

– BBC agrees to air Gaza charity appeal after getting Israel’s permission

Memo Middle East Monitor

 Experts: Israel is prolonging political stalemate to cover its military defeat

– Gaza’s food industry loses $150m during Israeli aggression

Al Jazeera – Gaza fighting resumes after ceasefire ends 

Huff post students – Meet The UK Graduates Emigrating To Israel To Serve In The Army

Channel 4 News – Israel retaliates as rockets fired from Gaza


Thursday, 7th August 2014, 11 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Amnesty urges investigation into Israel’s ‘deliberate attacks’ on Gaza health workers

23 Palestinian fighters in Gaza escape certain death in collapsed tunnel

–  40 Turkish TV channels join donation campaign for Gaza 

Al Jazeera

Power to the people: Extending the Israel boycott

Offensive on Gaza in numbers

Obama questions blockade as Gaza talks go on

Truth dig – Gaza Psychologist Becomes Trauma Victim, Tragically Losing 6 Close Relatives in Recent Attack

The Telegraph – The principled Lady Warsi has given our PM a wake-up call

Express – Outrage as Glasgow City Council plans to fly Palestinian flag

The Guardian – Gaza is a crime made in Washington as well as Jerusalem

 Wednesday, 6th August 2014, 10 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

UK Deputy PM backs Israel arms embargo, as protesters target Elbit

UNRWA’s Chris Gunness on international indignation and humanity 

Gaza losses $300m due to destruction of factories 

Fidel Castro accuses Israel of practicing genocide against Palestinians 

Don’t look elsewhere for the Third Intifada, because you’re it 

Truth dig – Israel Doesn’t Get Geneva Conventions, Still Holding Gaza Civilians Hostage

Tuesday, 5th August 2014 – 9 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Israeli arms factory shut down by UK pro-Palestine campaigners – shut down ongoing

Baroness Warsi wants end to UK complicity in Israeli war crimes

Netanyahu’s Four Key Errors

Israel is a Frankenstein monster of America’s militaristic society 

Spain embargos arms sales to Israel

Turkey’s deputy prime minister: Israel deliberately bombed Anadolu Agency office in Gaza

The Guardian

Lady Warsi resigns over UK’s ‘morally indefensible’ stance on Gaza

David Cameron’s letter responding to Lady Warsi’s resignation – in full

Before and after: satellite images of destruction in Gaza

Truth dig – Israel Pulls Out of Gaza at the Onset of Another Cease-Fire

Al Jazeera – India’s forgotten solidarity with Palestine


Monday, 4th August 2014 – 8 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Hundreds protest in Vienna against the Israeli aggression in Gaza

–  Ban Ki-moon denounces Israeli shelling of UN school as ‘criminal act’

–  South African police break up clashes between anti and pro-Israel protestors

–  OIC calls on member states to reconsider relations with Israel

Truth dig – Boycott of Israel Spreads in European Civil Society Over Gaza War, Could Cost $5 Billion a Year

Truth dig – Why Israel Lies

The Independent -‘Bomb Gaza’ Google Play app lets Android users carry out Israeli air strikes on Palestinians

Al Jazeera

Garnier care packages boost Israeli soldiers’ beauty regimens

Gaza: No place to bury the dead

Sunday, 3rd August 2014 – 7 Shawwal 1435 AH

Al Jazeera

Egypt and the Palestinians: Friends or foes?

–  North Gaza families reluctant to return home

In Pictures: US march against Israel’s war

Memo Middle East Monitor

5,510 Gaza homes destroyed by Israel: Minister

Gaza between Latin American solidarity and Arab deceit

The Guardian – David Cameron hamstrung over criticising Israel’s Gaza offensive


 Saturday, 2nd August 2014 – 6 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Israel ‘deliberately’ targeting Gaza’s health sector

The superhumans of Gaza

Israeli occupation carried out 72 attacks on journalists in Gaza

Al Jazeera

Sustainable cease-fire requires end to Gaza blockade

In Pictures: Gaza Devastation

The Guardian –    Inside the tunnels Hamas built: Israel’s struggle against new tactic in Gaza war  

Friday,1st August 2014 – 5 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Gaza suffers $4bn in losses following Israeli assault

US senate blocks aid to Israel

Israel’s absurd war rhetoric

Israeli soldier: ‘I killed 13 childrens today and ur next muslims’

Rights NGO: Israel destroyed 250 economic facilities in Gaza in 25 days

The Independent – Israeli soldier ‘captured in tunnel attack’ by Gaza militants

The Guardian – Gaza civilian death toll raises questions about Israeli military training

Thursday, 31st July 2014 – 4 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

Israel will not return to fight Gaza

It is a lie to say that Iron Dome is protecting Israelis from Hamas 

Israeli economy lost $950m during Gaza offensive

US restocks Israel’s weapons supplies

Al Jazeera

Gaza tests US-Israel ‘special relationship’ 

Is Israel losing Latin America?

Huffington Post – Why Don’t Palestinians Just Leave Gaza? They Can’t

Channel 4 News – Gaza war prompts Latin America to break ties with Israel

Wednesday, 30th July 2014 – 3 Shawwal 1435 AH

Al Jazeera

Gaza families bake Eid ‘cake of resistance’

Israel: Waging an unwinnable assault on Gaza?

Memo Middle East Monitor

Israel bombs Gaza’s only power plant

-Israeli forces kidnap a shepherd in southern Lebanon

62% of British public says Israel committing war crimes, as polls show sympathy for Palestinians

Action Beyond Condemnation 

 Tuesday, 29th July 2014 – 2 Shawwal 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor

– Israel admits losing best soldiers in Gaza 

– Death toll from Israel’s Gaza onslaught climbs to 1158

–  10 children killed in shelling of a park in Al-Shati Camp, Gaza

– Israel’s new hate paradigm – the institutionalization of terror

Al Jazeera

– Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day

Hamas armed wing: no truce if siege continues

 Monday, 28th July 2014 – 1 Shawwal 1435 AH

The Decree Upon Israel – For Killing #FREEPALESTINE

 The Guardian- Hamas announces ceasefire as Israeli military resumes Gaza operations

Mondoweiss – Renouncing my Israeli citizenship

The Guardian – Gaza City residents return to streets on first day of Eid as Hamas ceasefire ends

The Guardian – Israel says Gaza campaign will continue ‘until mission is accomplished’

Memo Middle East Monitor – Egypt’s Eid sermons call for Gaza support

Sunday, 27th July 2014 – 29 Ramadan 1435 AH

Al Jazeera – Truce gives Gazans chance to assess damage

Al Jazeera – ‘Only stones remain’: Gaza lies in ruins

Memo Middle East Monitor – Davutoglu: We support Hamas because it embraces the Palestinian cause 

Channel 4 News – Gaza destruction revealed in UN satellite image

Al Jazeera – Gaza bloodshed eases amid ceasefire confusion

Saturday, 26th July 2014 – 28 Ramadan 1435 AH

The children of Gaza I Channel 4 News 

New York News and Politics – It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All

Truth Dig –  Did Israel Go Too Far? The Massacre at the U.N. School/ Refugee Center (Video)

Memo Middle East Monitor – Palestinian medics uncover 85 Gazans, death toll soars to 985

Al Jazeera – Palestinians will not ‘raise a white flag’

Truth Dig – Netanyahu’s Assignment of Blame for Teen Deaths Cast Into Doubt

The Lancet – An open letter for the people in Gaza

Friday, 25th July 2014 – 27 Ramadan 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor – Israel killed 118 Palestinians on Thursday, mostly civilians

Memo Middle East Monitor –The Siyam family: Fled the bombing of their area only to be massacred by Israel elsewhere

Al Jazeera –  West Bank Palestinians die in fresh clashes

Al Jazeera –  12-hour truce comes into force in Gaza

Thursday, 24th July 2014 – 26 Ramadan 1435 AH

Al Jazeera – Video: Speaking for Gaza’s dead children

Al Jazeera – UN shelter in Gaza ‘struck by Israeli shells’

Memo Middle East Monitor – Scandinavian countries condemn Israel’s disproportionate violence, sends millions to aid Palestinians

Truth Dig – The Palestinians’ Right to Self-Defense

 Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 – 25 Ramadan 1435 AH

Daily News – U.S., European airlines suspend air service to Israel after rocket lands near airport

Al Jazeera – Israel pounds Gaza amid renewed truce efforts

International Business Times – Extremist Israeli Rabbi Dov Lior’s Controversial Calls for Destruction of Gaza

Memo Middle East Monitor – Israeli General: The ‘moderate’ axis is helping us fight Hamas

Al Jazeera – In Pictures: Childbirth under Israeli attack

Al Jazeera – UN to investigate Israel’s Gaza offensive

Memo Middle East Monitor – Hamas says Israel rejected ceasefire during UN chief’s visit 

Memo Middle East Monitor – British MP creates storm with Gaza rocket tweet 

Tuesday, 22nd July 2014 – 24 Ramadan 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor – Israel ‘deliberately’ targets healthcare institutions in Gaza

Memo Middle East Monitor – Hamas to the world: Gaza has decided to break its siege

Memo Middle East Monitor – Israeli media describes killing of officer as a ‘decisive blow’ 

Huffington Post – Jon Stewart Learns What Happens When You Talk About Israel

Al Jazeera – Gunshots fired at Al Jazeera bureau in Gaza

Al Jazeera – US promises $49m in Gaza aid

Sunday, 20th July 2014 – 22 Ramadan 1435 AH

Memo Middle East Monitor – Letter from Gaza by a Norwegian doctor

The Guardian – ‘Death and horror’ in Gaza as thousands flee Israeli bombardment

Al Jazeera – Israel used ceasefire plan to escalate war

The Guardian – Israel using flechette shells in Gaza

Memo Middle East Monitor – Qassam Brigades says held Israeli soldier hostage 

Memo Middle East Monitor – Meshaal still rejects Egyptian initiative and turns down Cairo invitation

Saturday 19th July 2014 – 21 Ramadan 1435 AH

The Huffington Post – Gaza Conflict: Thousands Gather In London For Protest Against Israeli Military Action  [Images]

The Guardian – Gaza death toll climbs as diplomacy intensifies for truce

Memo Middle East Monitor – Friday was the deadliest day of Israeli war on Gaza

Al Jazeera – Dozens more killed in Gaza as Israel strengthens ground offensive

Daily Mail – Outrage as France become first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demos

Friday, 18th July 2014 – 20 Ramadan 1435 AH

Polity – Statement by Office of the ANC Chief Whip, on the situation in Gaza

Memo Middle East Monitor – Turkey PM slams Egypt’s ‘tyrant’ Sisi over Gaza

Huff Post Media – CNN Removes Reporter Diana Magnay From Israel-Gaza After ‘Scum’ Tweet

Thursday, 17th July 2014 – 19 Ramadan 1435 AH

Al Jazeera – Gaza residents nervous despite brief truce

Al Jazeera – Israel FM says no Gaza ceasefire reached

Channel 4 News – Israel strike kills four boys on Gaza beach 

Channel 4 News –  ‘The Israeli military does not target civilians’ 

Al Jazeera – Israel and Hamas to observe brief Gaza truce

The Guardian – Mortars fired from Gaza during ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Worldbulletin News – Israeli finance minister expresses boycott fears

Wednesday, 16th July 2014 – 18 Ramadan 1435 AH

The Guardian – Witness to a shelling: first-hand account of deadly strike on Gaza port

Bahrain News Agency – Kuwait leads Arab group efforts at UN to reach ceasefire in Gaza Strip

Middle East Monitor – Palestinian fighters down two Israeli drones in two hours

Al Jazeera – Tens of thousands flee Israeli raids on GazaPalestinians evacuate homes as fresh air strikes on the enclave kill at least 17 people, including four children.

Al Jazeera – Israel threatens to step up Gaza campaign Netanyahu warns Israel will intensify offensive after Hamas says it was not consulted on Egyptian truce proposal.

Middle East Eye – On the ground in Gaza: Doctor seeing Gazans with DIME-related injuries


Tuesday, 15th July 2014 – 17 Ramadan 1435 AH

The Electronic Intifada – Egyptian press repeat Israeli lies as Sisi keeps Gaza border closed

Memo The Middle East Monitor – Turkey’s Erdogan denounces Israeli ‘state terrorism’

Memo The Middle East Monitor – Arab Knesset member removed from meeting by force after telling Jewish MKs ‘your hands are covered in blood!‘ [Video]

Memo The Middle East Monitor – Netanyahu accepts Egyptian ceasefire initiative, on condition that siege remains

Al Jazeera – Israel to expand Gaza campaign as truce fails

Aqsa Tv – هنية: لا أحد يستطيع تجاوز مطالب شعبنا ومقاومته


Monday, 14th July 2014 – 16 Ramadan 1435 AH

BBC Parliament – Israel accused of war crimes – UK Parliamentary debate

Al Jazeera – Thousands flee Gaza as Israel raids continue [Video]

International Middle East Media Centre – List of the 182 Palestinians, Including Whole Families, Killed Since Tuesday

Al Jazeera – Israeli strikes on Gaza enter seventh day [Article & Video]

Sunday, 13th July 2014 – 15 Ramadan 1435 AH

Al Jazeera – Gaza’s Police chief house targeted by Israeli missiles [Video]

Ma’an News Agency – 30 injured in Aqsa, East Jerusalem clashes

Al Jazeera – Photos: Israeli airstrike kills 18 members of Gaza family [Images]

The Guardian – Israeli commandos raid Gaza beach as deadly air assault continues

The Guardian – The slaughter in Gaza will not defeat Hamas

The Electronic Intifada – Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm” : Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook

Middle East Monitor- Panic in Tel Aviv indicates psychological warfare success for Hamas, say analysts

Saturday 12th July 2014 – 14 Ramadan 1435 AH

Al Jazeera –How is started in Gaza

Innclude – Young American Jew Stands up for Palestine

Memo Middle East Monitor – Turkey warns Israel over Gaza offensive

The Guardian – Disabled Palestinians unable to escape Israeli air strike

Youtube – Bombing of the Nawfal family home in Gaza

Youtube – Warning explosion. Followed by demolishing of house in just a minute

Reuters – Hamas unveils attack


Friday, 11th July 2014 – 13 Ramadan 1435 AH

BBC World – Ali Abunimah on Gaza conflict

Kuwaiti News Agency – Israeli military onslaught claims 16 lives more in Gaza

Aljazeera – Palestinians fear ‘no place is safe’ in Gaza

The Independent – Why I’m on the brink of burning my Israeli passport


Thursday, 10th July 2014 – 12 Ramadan 1435 AH

Turkish Weekly – Death toll from Israel’s Gaza onslaught hits 86

Huffington Post – 26 Images Of Gaza In Ruins As Israeli Military ‘Makes Hamas Pay’ For Rocket Strikes (LIVE UPDATES)


Wednesday, 9th July 2014 – 11 Ramadan 1435 AH

Youtube – Israel Bombing Civilian Building in Gaza


Tuesday 8th July 2014 – 10 Ramadan 1435 AH – ISRAELI BOMBING BEGINS

Ongoing – PSC epetition- Stop Israel’s collective punishment and assault on Gaza

Ongoing- Change – Petition against isreali’s who go to fight in Israel against Palestinians

Updated Daily – Al Jazeera – Gaza under siege: naming the dead

The Electronic Intifada – Netanyahu government knew teens were dead as it whipped up racist frenzy

Youtube – Civilian attack on Gaza,on the 11th of Ramadan

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