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Is Trump’s missile attack genuine?

We wake to the news that the Americans have launched a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase in direct, and almost immediate, retaliation for the recent chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, killing over 70 people.[1] This came after frantic diplomacy at the UN where the Americans were actively seeking agreement for a very strongly worded resolution condemning the Syrian regime.

US launches missile strike in response to Assad’s chemical attack

So why the sudden ‘change’ in strategy regarding Syria?

The Americans have previously failed to act despite the displacement of 11 million people, the deaths of over 600 thousand people and countless examples of use of chemical weapons previously.  Have the Americans under the Trump administration, finally found their morality, humanity and a sense of fairness in its dealings with the Syrian people?  Unfortunately, I think not.

I am honestly not a ‘glass half-empty’ person when it comes to political ‘good’ news.  But rather, these things have to be viewed with a degree of scepticism, especially when they are so contrary to the norm.

The first question to ask here is whether or not this is a genuine act of humanity.  The facts show that in nearly seven years the international community have turned a blind eye to the some of the worst levels of crimes against humanity ever known or documented.  Who will ever forget the suffering of those trapped in Eastern Aleppo?  The international community were not even able to drop a single loaf of bread despite being under siege and constant illegal bombardment.  Who will forget the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta which killed over a thousand innocent civilians and injured nearly 4,000?  If this was truly an act of humanity, does this mean the Americans will stop knowingly dropping bombs on innocent civilians (or what they call “collateral damage”) such as the worshippers trying to run away from their mosque being bombed in Al-Jena weeks ago?[2]

It does not take a cynic to view this act of so-called “retaliation” is little more than a political ploy.  President Trump, inaugurated only a few months ago, is one of the most unpopular presidents in history.  His administration’s association with the Russians, is not only an embarrassment, but could ultimately result in his impeachment on the grounds of their undue influence in his country’s democracy.

This attack on the Syrian airbase, portrays Trump as the moral and just president, who stands for international law and justice, unlike his predecessor Obama.  Additionally, an attack on Syria, is in essence an attack on Russia.  Hence, this action distances him from his Russian ‘buddies’.  Who, incidentally were given prior notice of the attack so that any Russian presence can take evasive action.[3]

All in all, this cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase, helps President Trump far more than it helps the Syrian people. But one thing is clear: Trump has taken a step that almost all Muslim countries have failed to take to protect those suffering in Syria. It is truly a shame that Trump’s ego is more potent a motivation than Allah’s promise is to many Muslim states around the globe.

And what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allāh and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?”[4]

Perhaps at least in Trump’s bold step some Muslim nations will receive the courage to finally act to protect those oppressed who have been waiting patiently.






[4] Al-Qur’ān 4:75

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  1. A more recent attack on refugees from Foah and Kefraya killed more people, including more children, without inspiring comparable outrage or action from President Rump. I wonder, was this because the victims were mostly shia, or because the perpetrators had the decency to use old=fashioned suicide bombs, or because he could identify no specific symbolic place for him to attack?

  2. Zahid Hussain

    The article – Generally speaking the quality of the articles on this website is quite good and Islam21c is a great go-to first place for opinions and commentary. However, I don’t feel this article was up to the site’s normal standards. It didn’t add anything or explain anything or provide any viewpoint. For the majority of people out there they would have seen this action by the US and thought something along the lines of ‘hopefully this will be good for the suffering people of Syria’ but nobody is saying it makes Trump the hero of mankind or even that the fallout to this might not even be worse that is currently the situation. The first comment nailed this really – it is a wait and see situation. Except of course we don’t just wait, we do whatever aid and charitable efforts we can and maintain our reliance on Allah but the sentiment is otherwise correct.

    The politics – A variety of opinions have been provided and it’s rare for leaders in the West to do things that aren’t to somehow project a positive image of themselves and to curry favour with their supporters. If they can do that while actually achieving something worthwhile then all the better. Politics is always just a mess of pressures pushing in all different directions.

    Jack’s view on the attack – Jack has taken the view that the intention behind the attack was based on morality and justice. It’s a reasonable starting position and we look to other examples where the US has done things that appear to be not only in it’s own interests but in the in the wider interests of human rights. At the same time it would be reasonable to look at many situations where the US has not behaved in a way that was consistent with human rights. Objective analysis shows a very mixed story. And because such an action is expected to be popular with Trump’s supporter base then it undermines the argument that he did it because it’s a good person and it was the ‘right’ thing to do as he personally benefitted. I hope that makes sense.

    Jack’s view on Muslim leaders – certainly there are few people who would argue that Muslim leaders represent the standards set by Islam, in fact this is one of the major problems in the Muslim in the world that leadership is non-existent in most cases. It’s not ironic, it’s an absolute tragedy that we are lumbered with fat pointless dunderheads when the ummah is in a state of crisis. Also many of these so called leaders were put in place by the colonial powers of the past and only remain there through force and subjugation. Don’t worry Jack, their time is almost up. However, we as Muslims carry a huge responsibility to do whatever is within our own power to make a difference in the time being. Our lives here are short and we do whatever we can to show perseverance in times of opportunity and difficulty. There are many people sending aid, medicine, equipment to our poor beleaguered brothers and sisters, and this type of positive action is the least we can be doing – they would do the same and more for us!

    Quranic Ayah mentioned – I can’t give any deep insight into this. The powers that be are intent on waging war against muslims and Islam and this is evidenced by both recent and historic events. Even monsters can wear nice suits.

    Jacks ‘well what would you have done?’ argument – this is the usual argument about ‘well at least such and such is doing something’. People can debate ad infinitum whether it was the right or wrong thing to do – as mentioned in my view this article added nothing on this matter.

  3. quite the replica of bosnia. inshaa,aAllaah it is humanity

    we wait and see

    our du’aa is the most we can continue and remain steadfast in

  4. “This was both a win-win strategic and political step by the Trump administration. The “proportionate” military response is meant to shore up Trump’s popularity in the polls and to project an image of boldness and decisiveness.

    It’s a pinprick attack that’s designed as a low-risk response that puts the Syrian regime on notice, increases the heat on Russia and opens the way for a more substantial US involvement in shaping the future of Syria.

    It also establishes Trump’s independence from Moscow and helps remove some of the suspicion of his alleged shady relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Russia’s condemnation of the US response, followed by the decision to suspend its coordination with the US air force over Syria, will eventually work in Trump’s favour as tensions subside.”

  5. US and UK intervention, just like in Bosnia, is never due to consideration for Muslims. They only intervene if there is some benefit for themselves and spin it like it’s some kind of humanitarian effort. So it is not strange at all to wonder whether the US intervention was a genuine act of humanity or not. In fact the default should be that any US or UK intervention is to be viewed as for their own interests, from the outset, unless proven otherwise. As the writer states, “The Americans have previously failed to act despite the displacement of 11 million people, the deaths of over 600 thousand people and countless examples of use of chemical weapons previously.”

  6. The author asks a very insulting question in this article and than proceeds to insult President Trump and the United States by questioning their motives for the massive attack on the Assad regime.

    “So why the sudden ‘change’ in strategy regarding Syria?”

    I don’t know maybe it’s a Islam21c site problem but pretty much all the authors on this site are nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theorists who come up with the most absurd explanations for the actions of non Muslim nations and their leaders.

    When we see 70 or 80 people attacked and killed with chemical weapons, regardless of religion and place, we need to take action. President Trump’s retaliation was the need of the hour to send a clear message to the Bashir Al Assad regime that chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

    When we see evil take place, we should commend the people that try to stop it rather than question their motives. I ask you Editor, what have you done in response to Assad’s horrific attack using chemical weapons on your fellow human beings apart from criticising the motives of the man who did something?

    I applaud President Trump’s actions and let this serve as a warning to others that they will be next if they continue to connive and plot against the international community.

    And dear Editor, don’t belittle people’s intelligence by thinking that Trump’s actions help him more than the Syrians. A lot of people are not stupid and know of Trump. His actions are expected of any man with a conscience in the event of chemical attack on fellow humans.

    The editor has to realise that not all humans look at other humans through the prism of religion but through the state of mind and belief that we are all humans first. I believe Trump acted because he felt a need to act to stop this ghastly assault on fellow human beings.

    When America and the rest of the International Community does act, certain sects of Muslims accuse them of attacking Islam and interfering in the affairs of Muslims and their intentions are questioned. When the International Community does not act, it’s accused of being callous and immoral and running away from problems facing the world.

    It’s ironic that we don’t see much action from the impotent Muslim nations to help their own brethren from their own co-religionists. Never mind the Dajjal and the Kufr, I just hope that Muslims can save themselves from their own co religionists.

  7. No it is not! It is strategic appeasement of the Sunni Muslims who are being murdered wholesale by all sides.The staunch Trump supporters and Russians know this is a symbolic measure to lull Muslims back to sleep and slaughter. We must kick their “Grand chessboard” and not take part in their satanic plots. Let us not fall for any symbolic measures by war monger Trump. We ask Allah azzawajal for unity in the face of this collective aggression against Islam and Muslims. Ameen.
    Quran 8:30
    Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert [people] from the way of Allah . So they will spend it; then it will be for them a [source of] regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved – unto Hell they will be gathered.
    Quran 6:116
    Sahih International: And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying.

    • So what do you suggest? Should President Trump not have ordered an attack on the Muslims that carried out a chemical attack on other Muslims? What if the perpetrators of this disgusting chemical attack had been of a different religion of creed? Would Trump have been justified than?

      If the Russians and the Americans are making “satanic” plots in Syria than who do you think is implementing the Haq? ISIS? Al Qaeda?

      Who are the unbelievers averting the Muslims from the worship of Allah? Is it all unbelievers or only certain ones? Please enlighten us.

      Who are a part of the “collective aggression” against Islam and Muslims and why?

      Please explain Magda, I look forward to your answers.

    • Peace,

      MashAllah what a great reply and beneficial reminder by Magda – absolutely agree!

      However, it appears to me that perhaps the US/Israel government carried out the chemical attack in order to justify the bombing. After-all, the satan in Israel (nitanyahu) is praising the US over the bombing and denouncing the chemical attack – subhanAllah, such hypocrisy from the very nation that bombs, and carries out chemical attacks over its own people in Palestine!

      i.e. perhaps the US/UK/Israel have been trying to remove Assad from power, by funding ISIS (indirectly) through the Saudi’s and Syrian rebels by fighting against a peaceful Syrian (Assad’s) government?! Because think about it, for how many years the Syrians lived in peace under Assad – yes, there was oppression, and other bad, but nothing like what we’re seeing now. Perhaps the US-puppet Assad finally grew-up and stopped obeying his Western masters, and that’s when the US/UK/Israel launched their attack over Syria and trying to remove him from power by any means necessary?

      If you watch the Russian news channel (which the west has repeatedly tried to shut down, just like the Iranian PressTV), they speak far more truth compared to the massively biased western media, even BBC, who as we Muslims know, are constantly trying to make Muslims out to be sub-human. So I’m more inclined to believe the Russians.


  8. It takes a strange outlook to wonder whether an attack with cruise missiles is “a genuine act of humanity”. Equally, it’s a little odd to wonder if it’s “genuine”. Of course it’s genuine – as distinct from the much-vaunted “fake news”.
    Whether it’s going to be part of a long-term strategy for the USA and actually have any effect beyond adding a few more corpses to the dead in Syria is a completely different question.

  9. These so called Muslim Nations are too busy killing people in Yemen. Nearly every single day they are dropping bombs on the Yemeni people.

    What is even worse is they have sieged Yemen with Thier unjust blockade – Over 17 Million people are effected and face starvation. The Saudi government and Thier allies have blocked access to Food and medicine. They want to kill the Yemeni people I whatever way possible.

    What do you expect of such oppressors. They are no better than Assad.

    What can be done to help them – Islam21c

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