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“Proud to be British” – Islam in the 21st Century Show

Aired on TV, this show brings together a panelist of Thinkers, Academics and Students of Knowledge to discourse some of the pressing issues effecting our communities. In this episode, our host Muhammed Parker uses a key article from islam21c as a reference to host his discussion and present new ideas, questions and understandings around the topic of being a British Muslim. His panelist include Sheikh Shaqoor Rehman, Murtaza Sheikh & Syed Haider.

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The show has been divided into 4 parts.

Source: www.islam21c.com

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  1. The British Muslims must exert themselves in a democratic manner. The best thing about the British society is that it is democratic and listens to reason. The job of the Muslims in such an environment, in my view, should be to convince the society and its intellectuals of the ills of homosexuality and other sins rather than taking a religious stand. The good thing about Islam is that it never forbids anything unless it is harmful for humanity. So ultimately the job of Muslims is to record their protests and point of view so that whenever the ills are realized by the community, they would feel regretful for not paying heed. Thus Da’wa in a non Muslim state must adjust according to the need and wisdom of the times. Jazaka Allah.

  2. Mohammed Thomson

    MashaAllah Murtaza Shaikh really got to the heart of it saying (roughly) “The more Britain accommodates our religious beliefs and practices the more we will feel part of this community even though we will also be an autonomous group within it”

    This is so true, that openness and wise aporoach would be something to be pleased with and isn’t the current government’s policy the exact opposite of it. Instead they try to chip away at anything of our beliefs and practices that are different to their made up on the fly “British Values” hoping once all our differences have been irradiated we’ll love to join them on their bus with an ever changing route and no defined destination.

    So unnecessary

    • “When the facts change I change my mind; pray sir, what do you do?” said J.M. Keynes. The muslim belief that there is a “defined destination” in itself makes it impossibleto accommodate muslim beliefs and practises. The most basic muslim belief is that muslims are the best of mankind, that the destination they aspire to go to exists and that muslims are entitled to force others to follow muslim practises to enable them to get there.

      • Muhammad Thomson

        Muslims are the ones suffering demands to convert to Britishism “or else”. What demands do we make on Britain other than to be allowed to live in peace with our differences? Thats a fact you can use to change your mind if you are truthful.

        • Mohammed Thomson
          04/08/2015 at 1:07 pm

          Muhammad Thomson
          06/08/2015 at 9:31 am

          Any relation?

          Can muslims live in peace with our differences? The problem is that muslims believe they have access to absolute truth and absolute good and are enjoined to bring it to everyone else. Most muslims in Britain are civilised hypocrites and quietly accept they have to live in a society which regards homosexuality and extramarital sex – to take a couple of obvious examples of muslim sins and crimes, punishable by severe penalties, that are tolerated or even accepted in the UK – as harmless foibles, a society that is inherently anti-islamic. Indeed, just as in muslim societies the mental atmosphere pushes people towards islam, in the UK it has the opposite effect. This has nothing to do with intentions but is part of the very culture. It is not muslims but the majority society who decide what is tolerable and intolerable and muslims who have to find a way to fit in.

      • The misunderstanding about Islam makes you say things that never belonged to it. We are told in our basic Book; Al Qur’an

        There is no compulsion in religion. 2:256 . Nobody can be forced to accept religious ways. It is a gift, you may take and enjoy your life and the hereafter, you may choose to reject it and thereby reject the concept of the hereafter and lose it.
        May Allah show you the best of yourself and let you become the best.
        The force is only used against oppressed people who don’t want it otherwise and are forced by tyrants to lead a life against their will. Peace on every human being.

      • Professor Ahsan

        It is not just for Muslims to believe that , but is a natural way of thinking. Look at a great football player who is committed to the cause of his game; he is always superior to his fellow players.
        The same is true for Muslims. They are committed, or at least supposed to be, committed to the cause of life, the Giver of life and life in its total manifestation. In that state he is certainly superior to his other fellow beings who take life as an accident and would die as an accident without a Creator or without the beginning or hereafter philosophy of life. Think about it and you would also like it.

  3. Well, whoever inserted false words into my first post clearly does not have the courage to admit it. You are a disgrace to your faith.

    “On the Day of Judgement, the feet of the person who bore false witness will not stir from their place before their owner is condemned to Hell.” (Ibn Majah and Al-Hakim).

  4. to ken
    God doesn’t want robots. I don’t believe he wants any of us to follow him out of duress or fear of death threats etc. He wants those who love him out of pure hearts.

    Dear Ken,
    I am working with a christian in my office and we have many debates & he often uses the phrase: “i believe that God wants such-and-such”. I always point out to him that Allah says “say to them: bring us the book and show us if you be truthful”, ie where is the proof. Obviously the Bible is the last word on the subject of Christianity for Protestants and not the ‘testimony of the Living Church’ (Roman Catholicism). Where do you get much of your understanding of what God would like? The main reason im pointing this out is that as an ex-Christian many times i heard people say things with no proof for their opinion at all, and when i became a muslim if a muslim were to say this he would immediately be asked for a hadith or quote from the Quran to verify his comment.
    yours sincerely,

  5. Our nation or our faith?
    I am a Christian born and raised in the UK and I believe that if my conscience and the ‘state’ differ I must follow the former.
    Seeking first the kingdom of God.
    I will pray for the leaders of my nation and endeavour to persuade them to make their laws righteous and just.
    If they don’t I will continue to show love and concern and to pray for them asking God to give them wisdom.
    Provided they allow me to worship my Lord, I will remain a loyal law-abiding citizen but if they try to stop this then I will yield to what I believe God is telling me and accept the consequences.
    God doesn’t want robots. I don’t believe he wants any of us to follow him out of duress or fear of death threats etc. He wants those who love him out of pure hearts.
    We must have respect for those who choose their own way and, if some of our children become apostate, our only driving force must be love not family honour or any other motive.

  6. Harbi: a ‘Christian’ mindset? I am not a Christian and never have been. If you mean I have described a ‘typical non-muslim mindset’, then that might be accurate. In what way is this attitude Christian rather than, say, humanist? This is not a rhetorical question. Can you answer it?

    However, if what you say is true, do muslims assume that their political leaders are infallible? The authority of these leaders is informed by their faith but they are still human and are therefore, as Shaik Rehman pointed out, just pale reflections of the perfection to which muslims aspire. If they do not, then muslims also make a distinction between their faith and the state, because the first is sublime and inviolable while the second is not.

    However, of much more concern to me than this is the fact that my post has been changed; some of these words are not mine. Would anyone care to own up to the singularly dishonourable act of putting words into the mouth of another?

  7. Islam in the 21st Century Show: Proud to be British
    To Zax,

    There you are! Zax illucidated a typical Christian mindset that political governance and spiritual values must be separate and distinct.In Islam, there is no separation between the Law and the State because a Muslim’s life is both and at the same time mundane and spiritual since his daily activities, no matter how it seems to be insignificant, have direct bearing on the quality of life in the hereafter.

    It will not be always that a muslim will not fight a fellow muslim Zax. It depends on the situation.Maybe because a British Muslim will not fight his Afghan brother (if he is sent to Afhaganistan as a NATO soldier)because he knows that the NATO/WEST war on Afghanistan has no moral basis.

  8. Interesting debate. The more Islam grows in the West, the more challenge it presents to the western countries as well to Muslims. Similar questions are arising here in Canada, where Muslims are also growing in numbers.
    Shaik Rehman was very clear and accurate in the debate.

  9. Interesting, but…
    This was a fascinating debate, but in addressing ‘Britishness’ it failed to deal with the fact that religion has long been separated from the British state. Christianity may still be the ‘official’ British religion, but what’s significant is that Christianity does not inform or dictate the terms of British law or governmental consitution.

    No indigenous Briton would ever be asked by the government to carry out an action ‘in the name of [the Christian] God’. Muslims from Britain may refuse to kill their brothers in battle if ordered to do so by the government, but send a British Christian out to kill another Christian who has committed an act of aggression (see the Falklands Ware, for example) and he will do so, because for a Christian, religion provides spiritual guidance but the state provides the law and political governance.

    To progress to a true resolution for all concerned, Islam will have to learn take this distinction between political governance and spiritual values into account.

    This is the problem which faces Islam, in that Islam and ‘Britishness’ cannot be reconciled because they are

  10. Please give us the download link
    i would really appreciate it if you guyz provide a download link alongside with the videos because it is quite easier for me to download than to watch it online if not impossible sometimes 🙂

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