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Is George Galloway’s win start of a sea change in UK politics?

George Galloway's Rochdale win shows that political parties can no longer ignore serious issues such as Gaza.

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Is Britain under siege from increasing Muslim numbers?

Muslims are growing in England and Wales, but we will lose ourselves without a proper Islamic education, parental guidance, and understanding of identity and heritage.

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Major report on British Muslims in civil society launched

A report backed by the APPG on British Muslims strikes an optimistic yet realistic tone for what lays ahead in civil society.

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What Do Influential British Muslims Believe?

“Normative Islam Report": A study of the religious views of influential British Muslims Results from a survey of Influential Muslim scholars, leaders and activists from different schools of thought across the UK were released today. The survey was supported and endorsed by many Muslim organisations including Islam21c, and many of

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“Proud to be British” – Islam in the 21st Century Show

Aired on TV, this show brings together a panelist of Thinkers, Academics and Students of Knowledge to discourse some of the pressing issues effecting our communities. In this episode, our host Muhammed Parker uses a key article from islam21c as a reference to host his discussion and present new ideas,

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British Islam? What next, a King James Quran?

One reason Muslims do not have a well-defined leadership in the UK may be due to the fact that the more credible and popular a scholar becomes, the more he or she seems to be attacked by some servile sections of the government and media. One could be forgiven for

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In response to last night’s shocking BBC Panorama

Last night my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing as I received message after message that apparently the BBC  were caught trying to subliminally smear a large segment of British Muslims. “Islam21c is on Panorama!” I already knew, but I was rewinding it again and again, making sure I was actually awake. I saw