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Voice note from a starving sister #SaveGhouta


“If you have an ounce of Imaan you will not let this message pass you by”

The situation in Eastern Ghouta, Syria is very dire. The people there are under an extreme siege and facing severe bombardment. Little to no aid comes in or out. In the last two days alone close to 150 people have been killed and over 500 bombs have been dropped on them. They are starving, cold and terrified.

Voice note from a sister in bait Junaid Ghouta, Syria.

6 ways you can help right now;

1. Change your display picture to show solidarity and raise awareness.
2. Make a message to raise awareness and use the hashtag #SaveGhouta to get it trending on your social media.
3. Contact people of influence Scholars, Imams, Youtubers, famous personalities, activists etc and ask them to speak about this issue on their platforms. Let all Imams use this Jummah Khutbah to speak about the Ghouta and Syria crisis.
4. Raise this issue with your local MP and demand action.
5. Share this post with as many people as possible.
6. Donate now to any charity you know sending funds to Ghouta for e.g. www.SyriaInNeed.com

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