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Muslim leaders’ statement defending Sh Sulaiman Gani

Editors Note; If you are an Imam or Scholar and would like to add your name to the statement of support please leave a comment below

All praises be to Allāh and may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

On Wednesday 20th April 2016, the British Prime Minister stood behind the despatch box to take PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) as he does every Wednesday lunch time. During an uneventful session, he was asked a question by fellow Tory Chris Pincher concerning ‘extremism’ and why sharing platforms with ‘extremists’ is wrong. In what was likely a planted question, the Prime Minister used the opportunity to lambast Labour’s London mayoral candidate for sharing platforms with ‘extremists’. During his pre-rehearsed answer, he referred to Shaykh Suliman Gani as an example of such an extremist. He then further justified the label by claiming “this man [Shaykh Suliman] supports IS”.

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Allāh commands the people of knowledge to clarify doubts and speak the truth.

“And [mention, O Muhammad], when Allāh took a covenant from those who were given the Scripture, [saying], “You must make it clear to the people and not conceal it.” But they threw it away behind their backs and exchanged it for a small price. And wretched is that which they purchased.”[1]

The Prophet (peace be upon him) also commanded us to defend the honour of fellow Muslims:

“Whoever protects the honour of his brother, Allāh will protect his face from the Fire on the Day of Resurrection.”[2]

Accordingly, We, the undersigning would like to highlight the following comments concerning these false and baseless allegations against the respected scholar Shaykh Sulaiman Gani:

I. Shaykh Sulaiman Gani has publicly, on a number of platforms condemned Just a few months ago he addressed a conference devoted to speaking about ‘The Evils of ISIS’.

Following the Prime Minister’s ill-judged remarks Shaykh Sulaiman Gani restated his position and called the PM to retract or justify his claim.

“In actual fact I have never and will never support IS/Daesh, in fact I have consistently like all mainstream Islamic scholars not only spoken out but condemned IS/Daesh for the monstrosity that they are.” (Shaykh Sulaiman Gani)

II. When contacted by the media to justify the veracity of the PM’s defamatory statement, a Downing Street spokesman said: “There is evidence of this individual making this remark.” When pushed to present the evidence, they were unable to do A further enquiry to the PM’s press office showed that Mr Cameron’s team were rapidly trying to backtrack and re-interpret what he said. The exchange went something like this.

Reporter: What evidence is there to the claim that Sulaiman Gani supports IS?

Spin Doctor: “At an event previously, he called for an Islamic State. IS. Islamic State.”

Reporter: Are they the same thing?

Spin Doctor: “I think you can have a debate about what IS means. But as you’ve just pointed out IS stands for Islamic State.”

Reporter: Does the PM have evidence that Sulaiman Gani supports IS?

Spin Doctor: “The point the PM was referring to was at events this individual has spoken up on a range of things including the formation of an Islamic state.”

This is a desperate attempt by the Prime Minister’s office to deflect the shameful “mistake” he made in accusing a prominent faith leader and public figure. It was clear that these remarks by the Prime Minister were made in a context where he was addressing the issue of violent extremism and those who are not violent but support violent extremism. Then he mentioned that “this man (Shaykh Sulaiman) supports IS”. It is farfetched in the extreme, and insulting to the public intellect to try and suggest that Mr Cameron was not referring to IS/ISIS but rather the concept of an Islamic State as a whole.

III. The attack on Shaykh Sulaiman was clearly motivated by politics. The Tories are desperate to cling onto power in London by securing another Tory mayor. As the Tory candidate is behind in the polls, they are attempting to galvanise support from sections of the public that would be fearful of having a ‘Muslim’ mayor who may be soft on ‘extremism’/terrorism. If the PM and government believe that IS are a threat, why are they alienating the very mainstream Islamic scholars that are essentially the bulwark against IS? Why is he attempting to propound the ‘them and us’ narrative? Why is he engaging in dog whistle politics in matters of national security? It is because for Cameron and his ilk, party politics trumps the interests of the people? The attacks and untruths levelled against respected scholars such as Shaykh Sulaiman Gani and many others like him do nothing but help IS to further their propaganda. His stance is entirely

IV. Shaykh Sulaiman is known as an activist as well as an Imam; he has a deep concern for issues related to justice and civil rights and he is also well respected within the Muslim community. He has taken a very firm stance on why Muslims should be involved in all aspects of civic engagement including playing a full part in the political process. Shamefully, Zac Goldsmith, as well as the PM have used him to advance their own goal. This is one of the reasons why the British community as a whole and especially the younger generation are reluctant to engage with the political system. The signal this sends to young Muslims is entirely negative and undermines the hard work of British Muslim scholars that have sought to encourage Muslims to engage.

V. Given the fact that David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, in ‘the mother of all parliaments’ chose to speak untruths against a respected member of the community under the protection of parliamentary privilege, he has clearly forfeited his right to lead. His credibility is in tatters. If he can make such a brazen claim during PMQs, what other deceits or half-truths is he capable of? Can he be trusted to lead the British public?

VI. By lambasting Shaykh Sulaiman as an extremist and tarnishing anyone that shared a platform with him, it seems that the Tories are aiming to destabilise and divide the Muslim community and distance Muslims from being attached to their scholars and In fact, it could be argued that these baseless accusations are made in order to try and scare key figures and those who look for a career in politics in this society, from having any kind of link with Muslim scholars and Imams even if they are one of their constituents.

VII. This proves the point many Muslims and non-Muslims have been making; the government’s policy of calling conservative Muslims and orthodox Imams and scholars ‘extremist’ will lead to the criminalisation and defamation of ordinary law abiding Muslims. The terms extremist, terrorist, violent extremism and non-violent extremism amongst others are used intentionally and interchangeably by some to create a narrative that Muslims who do not assimilate to British customs are at risk of radicalisation and are a danger to society. We are calling for legal definitions for all these labels and call for accountability for any misuse of

VIII. We, the undersigned, express our full support for our honourable brother and colleague Shaykh Sulaiman Gani. We support his right to defend his name and to seek compensation for the damage that these lies have made to his reputation and the good work he is engaged in. We ask Allāh to protect him and all our scholars.

“And if you are patient and fear Allāh , their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed, Allāh is encompassing of what they do.”[3]

Signed by

1) Abdul Mateen (Scholar, Headteacher, Quwwatul Islam London)
2) Zeeshan Chaudri (PhD student SOAS, Masjid Hikmah, London)
3) Aadil Jabir (Forest Gate Masjid, London)
4) Muhammad D Hussain, School teacher, Headteacher East End Islamic Centre, Upton Park
5) Anas Auditor (Markaz ud Dawat wal Irshad, London)
6) Muhammad Ismail (Scholar, Teacher Quwwatul Islam London)
7) Mohammed Bhikhi, ( Teacher Markaz Ud Dawat wal Irshad London, YGL Newham youth sports and development director and volunteer)
8) Qasim Hussain (Teacher, Markaz ud Dawat wal Irshad, London)
9) Sohail Bawa (Imam, London)
10) Imran Thawa (Forest Gate Masjid, London)
11) Tahir Talati (Forest Gate Masjid, London)
12) Shah Muhammed Anas, (Imam Zakariya Academy, Forest Gate, London)
13) Minar Ali, Imam (Manor Park / East Ham)
14) Abdul Wahhab Bhikhi, (Imam & Headteacher Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad, London)
15) Fozrul Khan Teacher (IDC), Counsellor (IMS), London
16) Zubair Patel, Imam Zakariya Academy, London
17) Shaykh (Dr) Haitham Al Haddad, London
18) Imam Imran Ali, Glasgow
19) Javid Pathan, Al Ansaar Welfare and Education, Preston
20) Imam Hashim Sacha, Batley
21) Imam Abid Khan, Scunthorpe
22) Imam Farid Patel, London
23) Shahid Kamal Ahmad, London
24) Asif Hassan Ali, Muslim Association, Croydon
25) Imam Ahmed Peerbhai, Nottingham
26) Muhammad Husain Kazi, London
27) Shah Mohammed Shuaib, Headteacher of Alashraaf Ilford madrasah
28) Abdullah Rawat, Imam & Head Teacher, Musallaa an Noor, London
29) Muhammad Jabir, Markaz ud Dawat wal Irshad, London
30) Tanveer bin Muhammed, Dewsbury
31) Azizul Hoque, Imam of Edmonton Islamic Centre, London
32) Shah Hamza, London
33) Imam Abdul Sami, Stockport
34) Muhammad Ravat
35) Muhammad Ameen Gani, Luton

36) Hafiz Muhammad Umair Vohra (Imam and Chaplain of London Gatwick Airport)

37) Hafiz Hafizur R Hussain

Source: www.islam21c.com


[1] Al-Qur’ān 3:187

[2] Recorded by Al- Tirmidhi through Abu’l-Darda (may Allāh be pleased with him)

[3] Al-Qur’ān 3:120

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  1. Hafiz Umair Vohra

    Assalamoalaykum imam Suleman Gani

    He is very great alim schooler
    He never ever support .
    And he him self prevent people to. Joint Islamic state
    So I reject the blain which has been made on him

  2. Mawlana Khairul Huda Khan

    It’s clear that Sh Sulaiman is being framed because of political reason. He’s been giving lectures against ISIS, yet David Cameron is blaming him to have connection with ISIS.

  3. David Cameron and Andrew Neil the donkey need to apologise and clear Shyam Suleiman name a leader who has done a lot a lot for people a family man who respects everyone and helps the society . Our support will be always with you

  4. Hafizur R Hussain

    Hafiz Hafizur R Hussain

  5. Hafizur R Hussain

    I would like to show my support to sheikh Suleiman Ghani Saheb. Everyones time will come sooner or later this is what happens when you have humanity and enjoin good forbid evil. One in a billion ustaaji you keep it up do more allah taala is with you

  6. What’s new that’s not said about us or done to us before. This will keep on going on so long as w ,(the British Muslims), are divided intosmall groups. It’s our respected sheikh Gani today, it’s going to be another sheikh tomorrow. Let’s wake up and use the powers given to us by the law of the land to stand for our rights, otherwise let’s stop wasting our breathe…

  7. Hafiz Umair Vohra

    Hafiz Muhammad Umair Vohra (Imam and Chaplain of London Gatwick Airport)

  8. Muhammad Ameen Gani

    If people of power and position can make allegations without evidence, proof or consequences then what is the purpose of democracy and accountability.

    Is it OK to publicly defame someone just for ones own political gain and destroy someone’s reputation?

    It is sad and even more upsetting that both the conservative and labour parties have remained silent offering no apology or no defence. (Unless I missed it).

    We pray that this great error in judgement and word leads to some serious reformation and accountability.

    It’s begining to look like anyone and everyone can call any Muslim a terrorist and destroy him/her without any sort of consequence.

    Teacher in Luton and Muslim Scholar

  9. Imam in Stockport.

    May Allah swt remove all hatred and fill the Earth with peace and harmony.

  10. In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

    As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh

    We offer full support for Suliman Gani and support his right to defend his name and reputation, our press statement is as follows:


    May Allah Ta’ala reward all those who are offering support to their Brother (Ameen).

    جزاك اللهُ خيرًا

  11. Shah Hamza. London

  12. I’m with those who are anti isis and those who teach tolerance peace and love for the whole of humanity who don’t condone killing or murder of any human or animals ….

  13. Azizul Hoque
    Imam Edmonton Islamic Centre

  14. Tanveer bin Muhammed

    Teacher – Dewsbury

  15. Muhammad Jabir

    Muhammad Jabir, Markaz ud Dawat wal Irshad, London

  16. Abdullah Rawat

    Abdullah Rawat
    Imam & Head Teacher
    Musallaa an Noor

  17. Headteacher of Alashraaf Ilford madrasah.

  18. Imam Muhammad Shoyaib

    May Allah’s help be with you Sheikh.
    It is a shame that leaders of this great Country have to lie and slander to try to win over people. Thank God that this time this shameful behaviour has back fired.
    A great pity that Mr Sadiq Khan has not come forward to challenge the lie and the spin following it.
    A lesson for Mr khan that truth will pay, silence on this matter is hurting the hearts of those people who are passionate for truth and honesty.

  19. Muhammad Husain Kazi

    Teacher, London

  20. Ahmed Peerbhai

    I as an imam in Nottingham extend my support for shaykh Suleman ghabi

  21. David Cameron is targeting our respected shaykh sulaiman ghani only to divert media attention away from his doggy tax evasion, this is the only reason why one of his own MP labelled him doggy Dave lol, if we have corrupt leaders like David Cameron then what then what good can you really expect from him.

  22. That’s what you get for pandering to both Tory and Labour parties..Stay away from kufr in future Sheikh!

  23. Imam Imran Ali, Glasgow

  24. I’m looking for a robust statement of support from MCB in defence of Shaykh Suliman. Why are you silent, MCB?

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