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Quilliam Foundation Grilled by MPs

Quilliam Foundation grilled as select committee exposes their extremist links and questions credibility. The video of the hearing can be found here on parliament.tv

The notorious Quilliam Foundation (QF) is no stranger to controversy, but Tuesday’s hearing in front of the select committee was more than they bargained for or were accustomed to. Thoroughly researched MPs on the Home Affairs select committee grilled QF on troubling concerns which many have held for years about QF. The grilling covered the following.


The committee challenged QF as to why they signed a statement with the Islamophobic Gatestone Institute,[1] an organisation obsessed with Islamophobia and whose online contributors include the infamous Robert Spencer. Spencer runs the right-wing Jihad Watch website.[2] A 2011 report by the Center for American Progress,[3] found that Spencer and his website Jihad Watch had been cited 162 times in the manifesto of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who massacred 77 people in 2011. Spencer himself was banned from entering the UK by the government as his presence was ‘not conducive to the public good’.[4] He was due to address an EDL gathering.

Chuka Umunna MP in total shock over QF’s links with Gatestone commented,

‘I just wonder what on earth an organisation like your own is doing associating with and signing statements organised by an organisation like the Gatestone….’


QF appointed Chad Sweet to its US board of directors for two years from 2011. Naz Shah MP reiterated this quote from Dr Nafeez Ahmed’s essay exposing Quilliam in the US,[5]

Chad Sweet’s political hero is an unabashed white supremacist sympathizer (sic).[6] In late 2013, at the Heritage Foundation, the Texas senator declared his life-long admiration for the late senator Jesse Helms, a bigot who advocated continued racial segregation, rejected the Civil Rights Act as “the single most dangerous piece of legislation ever introduced,” dismissed the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as “the University of Negroes and Communists,” and described gay people as “weak, morally sick wretches.”

In light of the above, Naz Shah MP then put it to QF:

“Would you agree that such alliances at the heart of Quilliam Foundation strip it of all credibility when it comes to dealing with tackling Islamophobia?”  


The select committee also quoted Professor Matthew Goodwin, who until very recently served on the Government’s working group on anti-Muslim hatred. He said of QF,

“Nor to my knowledge did the government engage with any researchers who specialise in radicalisation. Instead, the taskforce consulted widely with the Quilliam Foundation, a thinktank that, some say, lacks credibility with many ordinary Muslims, pushes theories of radicalisation that are typically not supported within the academic community, and undertakes research that is seldom subject to rigorous peer review.”

It is hard to find any serious security expert taking QF’s counter extremism work seriously. Many academics have also expressed grave concerns with QF’s theories. Worst of all, perhaps, is the total lack of credibility QF have amongst British Muslims, the very community supposedly benefiting most from their work. Go to any mosque or Muslim community Centre in the UK and mention QF – you will receive a universal disapproval bordering on hostility.


‘When in doubt, deny all knowledge’ seems to be QF’s approach to challenging questions. Indeed, every time Haras Rafiq of QF was posed a tricky question he seemed to have no answer and reverted only to ‘pleading ignorance’ each time. Take for instance the Robert Spencer and Gatestone link, Rafiq claimed he was not even aware Spencer was a contributor to Gatestone’s website. It got better as when Professor Matthew Goodwin’s quote was read out to Quilliam, highlighting QF’s alleged lack of counter terrorism expertise and their lack of credibility in Muslim spheres, Rafiq claimed that the government’s working group on anti-Muslim hatred had never been in touch.

The icing on the cake though was surely when the committee pressed Rafiq on QF’s links to extremists in the US. Rafiq had the audacity to totally distance Quilliam’s US operation to the UK one, essentially claiming that they were completely different outfits. How depressing that the Select Committee, short on time, did not probe this point further; surely in the inter-connected world we live in, the same organisation across two different countries cannot divorce its theory or extremist connections from each other. In an essay, How violent extremists hijacked london based counter extremist think tank,[7] Dr Nafeez Ahmed exposes clearly, using public records, the connections between QF’s UK and US operations.

QF’s total inability to answer any of the allegations posed against them resulted in Chuka Umunna expressing his frustration at Quilliam and asking whether they can see why they lack such credibility.


Not content with defending the indefensible, QF also went on the attack claiming MCB had signed the controversial ‘Istanbul Declaration’,[8] and worse still supported anti-semitism. It is a matter of fact that Dr Abdullah in his personal capacity signed the Istanbul statement, not MCB. As for the anti-semitism allegation, I suspect it had MCB either scratching their heads or calling their lawyers – we have not heard the last of this I think. They also repeated the false accusation that Shaikh Dr Haitham al-Haddad supported Female Genital Mutilation, which has been debunked in the past as a useful tool to demonise Muslim activists.[9]


Naz Shah MP started her questioning by informing QF of the decision of the Bradford Council of Mosques to reschedule their hearing with the select committee due to their desire not to share a platform with Quilliam. BCM felt that Quilliam lacked community credibility and did not wish to share a platform. Perhaps BCM felt it would damage their own credibility being on a panel with QF. BCM stated regarding QF in a letter to the Select committee:

“A self styled set up which has serious reservations within the mainstream Islamic community regarding its integrity and legitimacy on the issue of counter extremism…”


Perhaps the most dangerous revelation of the night was Haras Rafiq’s admission that Quilliam ‘mentors’ youngsters on the Government’s ‘Channel’ programme. Quite aside from QF’s links to extremism, Islamophobia and a general lack of credibility, as commented on by the select committee; more troubling are the antics of Quilliam’s poster boy Maajid Nawaz who as many know was caught during Ramadan,[10] drunk, in a Strip Club groping a young woman. Are these the sorts of people Channel is using to serve as mentors to young Muslims? If so, nobody will be surprised if their mentoring achieves nothing and perhaps turns out to be even counter productive.

One final point worthy of note was Haras Rafiq’s claim that QF had been contacted by ‘Jame-Ahle-Sunnah’ (allegedly an organization with 600- 800 mosques). The title Jame-Ahlie-Sunnah is of course a generic title used by many Muslim organisations and individuals to define their ideological stance. Haras will no doubt come under pressure to be more specific about precisely whom he is referring to and indeed whether the party in question (assuming it exists) really did request any assistance from Quilliam. Haras also claims Quilliam has a vast outreach programme with a number of societies at universities and that they visit schools regularly and run workshops. Precious little media coverage is available on this ‘vast’ outreach programme, raising further doubts over Mr Rafiq’s assertions.

In light of the above shocking evidence, it is difficult to see how Quilliam can maintain a position on Cameron’s Community Engagement Forum when they are clearly linked to extremists themselves and lack Muslim community credibility. One really wonders how much the PM really knew about Quilliam before inviting them on board.

Source: www.islam21c.com

The video of the hearing can be found here on parliament.tv


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  1. It is deeply disturbing and worrying that over 20 articles of dailymail today highlighted the work of terrorist fanatics ISIS and others as the worrk of the muslim, making little distinction between the fact that the muslim community as a whole have condemed ISIS and there like. Such heavy doses of poision media is definatly going to create hughe community tensions all around the world. Ulema, duat need to find constuctive ways to conter this dangerous trend which will lead to muslims being attacked as they are being potrayed as a threatining community. So we need to stop bickering and find real ways to build community relations in order for there to be real harmony, peace and tranquility in society.

  2. I’ve got this conveyor belt theory I would like to espouse; The act of belief imbues an individual with a drive to promote truth & justice/ create a just world. The end game is paradise. Conversely, the act of rejection of God results in a person willingly or obliviously promoting injustice while thinking they are promoting goodness (eg establishing usury system, which creates a two tier world of us and them and sets the stage for suffering, war & strife). The end game is the hellfire. ‘That, your thought which you did think/ entertain about your Lord, has ruined you. So you find yourselves (this day) among the lost. And though they are resigned, yet the fire is still their home. And if they ask for favour, yet they are not of those to whom favour can be shown.’ Quran(41:23-24)

  3. The brown folk at Quilliam Foundation have one thing in common. They’ve all tried to gain credibility, position and money in their former organisations but couldn’t. They’re a bunch of disingenuous voluntary pawns.

    Let’s look at the case of Maajid Nawaz, their co-founder and current chairman. Whilst in prison for merely being involved in the non-violent political group Hizb-ut-Tahir in Egypt (where they are a banned organisation just like any other opposing political parties), he was approached by British authorities using proxies to work for them. The idea was to initially prop him up as the leader for Hizb-ut-Tahir upon his release. This is why he seemed determined to further HT’s cause upon his release. He spoke at rallies up and down the country, doubling his previous efforts before he was imprisoned whilst studying Arabic in Egypt as a part of his university degree. He is on record at the time telling the media that his incarceration has only reinforced his now recanted beliefs, somewhat contradicting his present story that he changed his views whilst in prison! He only decided to leave Hizb-ut-Tahir when it became clear he wasn’t going to be granted leadership so a new plan was devised with the input and convincing of Ed Hussain; to set up a bogus neo-con dictated ‘counter-extremism think tank’ supported initially by generous government and government affiliated funding. With such funding, governmental links, media connections and of course a generous six figure salary (not bad for a first ever real job), he had what he finally craved; a platform.

    Haras Rafiq – a guy who has consistently failed with a number of business initiatives. Was happy to jump onto the gravy train.

    Adam Deen. A career attention seeker and opportunist. Has tried his hand at several different things in the religious arena but have all ended up in failure.

    Usama Hasan – a little different. The son and grandson of a scholar. Was known for his humility and piety. Protected life with the sudden exposure to people with different philosophical ideas and worldviews in an ever increasing world of Islamophobia post 9/11 and 7/7. Found it difficult so attempted to reconcile using strange debunked Islamic methods and rejected sources gaining very little support from the Muslim community. Found a place where he could flourish at the Quilliam Foundation and is enjoying the perks that come with it.

    • Tommy Robinson Claims he was paid thousands of pounds by the Quilliam Foundation to leave the English Defence League in a deal the anti-extremism think-tank coordinated so they could take “credit”.

      Huffington Post

  4. QF is discredited amongst the Muslims of the UK, purvey a narrative about terrorism amongst Muslims which is factually incorrect as shown by many serious academics i.e the conveyor belt theory, associate with known Islamophobes, provoke the Muslim community here in the UK i.e. tweeting cartoons of Muhammad ( saw ), and have had a hand is making the politicians think the mainstream Islamic beliefs are extreme.

    All Muslim groups should refuse to be associated with this opportunistic, parasitic group, which is willing to put all the UKs Muslims in the cross hairs for a small profit.

    Glad to see some MPs are waking up.

    • “and have had a hand is making the politicians think the mainstream Islamic beliefs are extreme”

      That’s the most unforgivable. How could anyone do that other than a true munafiq, of the highest level.

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