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London Mayor Election – The BIG Discussion

Click above to watch part 1 & 2 of  ‘London Mayor Election – the muslim vote’ | The BIG Discussion.  

More BIG Discussions coming soon

The Challenge of Radicalisation…but is it real? Panelists include Asim Qureshi, Dr Rizwan Sabir & Sh Haitham al Haddad

Economic Destruction: Are Muslims part of the problem or Solution? Panelists include Umer Suliman, Sh Bilal Khan & Sh Haitham al Haddad

Muslim Gang Culture: Analysing the mindset of the streets. Panelists include Sh Fraz Farhat, Abdur Raheem Hart & Sumair Mehmet

Sexual ills: Analysing the journey to Vice City. Panelists include Sh Haitham al Haddad & Yusuf Patel



Organisers; This live Webinar was brought to you by Sabeel & Islam21c The BIG Discussion.

🔸Shaykh Dr. Haitham Al Haddad (Islamic Council of Europe)
🔸Azad Ali (MEND)
🔸Anas al Takriti (Cordoba Foundation)

Host; Dr Salman Butt

Thanks; A special thanks to the Sabeel team for initiating the idea for this event and HUDA TV UK team for their support and filming of this event & Br Haneef ibn Ahmed for the live streaming

Further Reading; Click to read, The London Mayor Elections



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