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Who cares about murdered Palestinian teenagers?

Where is the condemnation for the killing of Palestinian teenagers?

The discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teenage settlers is deeply saddening and our thoughts and prayers are with their families. These deaths have been rightly condemned by the world.

FOA calls on the global community and governments in particular to also condemn the killing of Palestinian teenagers by the Israeli army, many of whom have been killed with impunity. In the last month alone, these include:

18 year old Yusuf Abu Zagher, killed today (Tuesday 1 July) in the Jenin Refugee Camp

14 year old Mahmoud Dudeen, killed by Israeli forces during clashes in the southern West Bank city of Dura.

15 year old Muhammad Abu Thahr who was targeted by an Israeli sniper (caught on camera)

17 year old Nadim Nuwara who was also shot by Israeli snipers (Caught on camera)

Shamiul Joarder, Head of Public Affairs at FOA said ‘from the time of the disappearance of the Israeli settlers teens, to this morning, 7 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers but we haven’t heard a word from our government. Yet this morning, we have had emergency questions raised in parliament after the bodies of the Israeli boys were found. This reflects an apathy towards Palestinian deaths, which is highly deplorable. Since 2000, 1405 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel but at no point has this been highlighted by our politicians or media.’

Relentless Israeli Violence

Israeli spokespeople have gone to great lengths to say there is no cycle of violence, but this is far from the truth. There is a clear cycle of violence and Palestinians are the biggest victims of relentless Israeli violence.

Israel must take responsibility for its actions, for example, when Israel builds illegal settlements and steals land from Palestinian families, we have to ask what the foreseeable consequences of that might be? Does Israel and the international community not foresee that illegal settlers (who commit violent acts which go unreported) might face violence themselves? This is a cycle of violence.

Israel has said that it faces a terrorist threat, yet the Israeli army relentlessly targets Palestinian civilians on a daily basis. The real problem here is that they expect to continue this relentless violence with impunity. This violence has resulted in the killing of 1,405 Palestinian children and teenagers since 2000. There has been no world-wide condemnation of this.

Targeting Hamas

Israel has accused Hamas, the government of Gaza of the kidnappings and murder even though they have denied this and there is no independent evidence to support Israeli claims. Despite another group claiming responsibility, Israel continues to use this tragedy as a pretext to attack Hamas and will no doubt do as much military damage as possible in the coming days. Israel has already attacked civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip leaving innocent civilians in total blackout.

Israel cannot be allowed to pursue its enemies and kill recklessly and disproportionately with the world accepting that it has a special case. The emotions of the Israeli public is being used to justify the Israeli response to the kidnapping and killing of the settlers. Even before their bodies were discovered, 7 Palestinians had been killed in the search for them, this is indicative of the level of brutality Palestinians can expect now that that the deaths have been confirmed.

Source: www.islam21c.com

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  1. I also agree to the Avaaz or Change.org route. Applying global pressure through these channels will raise the profile of the plight of the Palestinians and force our governments to react.

    Ya Allah – Free the oppressed from their oppressors, and bring justice to those who are clearly being treated unjustly. Ameen.

  2. I totally agree. The fact is that anything Israeli related gets huge press coverage whereas the fact is matters in Palestine are far worse yet aren’t newsworthy. I think if we were all to do as Moe says it would make a far bigger impact and would urge anyone reading article to do so.

  3. Last night I went to a meeting held by Christians that study the bible….I listened to the words and at one stage the words in the bible were mirror image of the Qur’an or visa versa….Speigal im Speigal……..and words of being respectful to all sorts of people respecting difference…..what is sad is that noone in the West or in Western media or Western media backed communication is talking about the pain inflicted on Palestinians but now not only on Palestinians but on Jews as well, as children from both sides are now being used as pawns to rekindle a war of great magnitude…….The three Jewish teenagers happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were abducted by people intent on not having peace in the Middle East, could have been from any faith fuelled fundamentalism from Judaism, Christianity or of Islam. This has been profoundly exhibited by the killing of a Palestinian teenager, in retribution, for the death of his friends. This has been fuelled to fire the anger between both countries, through creating hate where hate should not be, as they have all suffered pain through the death of their loved ones, by what can only be assumed to be mad people……Mad humans, who see their power as being never having peace between two nations that have lived side by side for centuries…….both the US and the UK along with Europe have a duty and an absolute right to condemn the killings, on both sides, along with the fencing off of property and of a government literally stealing the land of others, in order to fire up that hatred. Both the Jewish people and the Palestinians want peace for their children’s children, why are the people that are responsible for inflicting this unrest upon their own people, not discussed…why are names that are biased towards one country as opposed to another and being in the position of peace envoy not discussed?.There are always two sides to every story, even in a divorce, so why not between two countries where one has dominated and the other finds it hard to always be submissive?Noone of any faith wants to watch this inherent bullying without commenting the complete unfairness subjected onto another.

  4. aisha satchell

    why dont we set up a campaign or petition and lobby MPs similar to that of Avaaz or Change.Org which seems to get results.

    • Good idea masha Allah, maybe you should email the contact under the article. It’s probably better to go through the already established Avaz or Change websites, and to approach them through organisations like FOA that are well known.

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