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A defence for the caricatures depicting the Prophet is a defence for Islamophobia

It has taken the world many years and many lost lives to really understand the dangers of anti-Semitic propaganda. We must learn from the mistakes of history. Now, in 2020, we understand the phenomenon of Islamophobia much more than society did in 2005 when the caricature controversy first started.

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Sh Haitham: Open Letter to France & its Allies

"Your provocation only wakes us up even more. It does more for us than thousands of lectures by Islamic preachers."

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Why are we talking about Fireman Sam?

Wrapped in velvet, placed on the highest shelf, perfumed and honoured, the Qur’an has a special place in every Muslim’s heart. The Qur’an is the uncreated speech of the Lord of the Worlds, the Lord and Master of Mankind, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. Once this is appreciated