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The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

This year, we mark the centenary of the fall of the Ottoman Sultanate; it is essential that we reflect upon this defining moment in history.

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When moments like the Hagia Sophia come

When world news overflows with negativity around Islam and Muslims, it is even more important to pause and embrace the moments of celebration.

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Reaction as Hagia Sophia reopens its doors to Muslim worshippers

“The chains around the Ayasofya have been broken. Turkey will no longer be the same. The time has come for it [to] rightfully command its sovereignty. The spirit of the Ottomans [has] been revived in the hearts of the Turks. Allahu Ekber! What a time to be alive in!”

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Hagia Sophia: Full transcript of the sermon delivered at the first jumuah in 86 years

Thousands of people gathered today around the Hagia Sophia Mosque to attend the first Friday Prayers since 1930s. Click to read the full transcript of the first sermon since the Hagia Sophia’s restoration to a mosque.

Hagia Sophia: What Western news isn’t telling you | Dr Yakoob Ahmed | Unscripted #55

On the grand reopening of Masjid Aya Sophia, Ottoman historian Dr Yakoob Ahmed discusses the history and broader Eurocentric discourses surrounding the Hagia Sophia, Islamic history and conquest.

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Sheikh Haitham’s statement on the Hagia Sophia Mosque

“It is sad and painful to see that while most Muslims are celebrating this achievement, some Muslims are not happy with the decision and have used it to increase their hatred of President Erdoğan and his party.”

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Hagia Sophia: Turkey reconverts 6th-century iconic landmark back into a mosque

President Erdogan has declared Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, a 6th-century iconic landmark, open to Muslim worship after a top court ruled that the building's conversion to a museum by the toxic secularist and modern Turkey's founding statesman, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was illegal.

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When Constantinople became Istanbul | A celebration of modern times

There is no comparison between the honour and nobility of Islam conquering nations and the disgrace and degradation left by Crusader and Safavid campaigns. When Islam and peace were spread to all corners of the earth, it struck the finest example of the preservation of Human Rights during both battle

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The Prophecy of Islam Liberating Europe

On this day, 29th May in 1453, Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih was in the state of prostration to his lord at the entrance gate of Constantinople (Istanbul), praying for the conquest of Constantinople at his hands.