Ten Tips To Help With Anxiety

Therapist Ahmed Tomal gives ten tips from psychology and Islam to deal with anxiety

The Power of Negative Thought Patterns

There is a lot of information available on things you can do to try and combat negative thoughts and become a more positive person.

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The Inked Remedy

What started as an article by Sh Ali Hammuda has now transformed into a full blown production to tackle the fast growing pandemic of sadness and depression in our times.

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Five Keys to Mental Health

Step away from the noise and reflect on these five keys to good mental health

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Helping Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

What can you do to help someone who is contemplating suicide?

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Ten mental health tips for lockdown

How to stay sane in quarantine

The Suicide of Dutch girl Noa Pothoven and Finding Light in Our Darkest Moments

What outlook and remedy does Islām provide for some of our darkest and hardest moments?

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Emotionally Intelligent or Incarcerated? 

It wasn’t until I experienced the mind-set transformation that I realised I was not emotionally intelligent at all. I was emotionally exhausted.

How to Overcome Sadness

A few practical steps from the sunnah

15 Cures For Sadness

Sh Ali Hammuda distils 15 remarkable cures from the Qur'ān, Sunna and early Muslims, for an epidemic sweeping across the modern world: Sadness