Trials Transformed 6 Min Read

Lessons from the Early Makkan Period

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn from the Makkan Era and the huge tests faced by the Prophet ﷺ.

The Pain of Invasion, Relief and the Way to Victory

Marking its 68th anniversary, very few remain to tell their story of the Nakbah, or the Palestinian Catastrophe, of 1948. One that culminated in the violent extermination and mass expulsion of millions of Palestinians from their homes to be replaced by a migrant people, prompted by a political movement, branded

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Is it Time for Hijrah?

How often do we feel overwhelmed by the difficulties the Muslims around the world are going through? Not only are Muslims victimised, invaded and displaced, but on the end of a systematic ideological challenge. Our values are constantly being questioned, our beliefs interrogated, our Qur'an contested and our beloved Prophet

Migration Myopia

For as long as people have resided on Earth, migration has been a major driver for historical change. Migration towards the ‘developed’ world was a growing trend in the 20th century, and many receiving communities became increasingly alarmed. Then came the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Arab spring, all of which do