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Israeli blockade of Gaza causing untold famine

The world must castigate the Zionist regime as its genocide is causing famine and disease to take hold of Gaza.

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OCD: Destigmatising by addressing behaviours

In part three of three, we learn how to tackle scrupulosity (religious OCD) by addressing behavioural aspects.

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OCD: Demystifying by addressing the mind

In part two of three, we learn how to tackle scrupulosity (religious OCD) by addressing matters of the mind.

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OCD: Defining, Demystifying, & Destigmatising

In part one of three, we learn about religious OCD or scrupulosity, and how it can seriously harm you if left unaddressed.

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Islam21c joins you in marking World Mental Health Day 2022

We mark World Mental Health Day by reflecting on some positive messages to get us through the day.

My Same-Sex Attraction: Understanding & Healing

“Why doesn’t Allah take these feelings away?” Ali Jeffry shares his personal story of understanding and recovering from unwanted same-sex attraction.

Ten Tips To Help With Anxiety

Therapist Ahmed Tomal gives ten tips from psychology and Islam to deal with anxiety

The Problem With “Mental Health” | Imam Abdullah Hasan on Unscripted #85

In today's Unscripted episode, Imam Abdullah Hasan talks about his mission to get Muslims to unlearn colonial psychology.

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The Inked Remedy

What started as an article by Sh Ali Hammuda has now transformed into a full blown production to tackle the fast growing pandemic of sadness and depression in our times.

Opinion Poetry 3 Min Read

An Artist’s Life: Through A Dusty Lens

A poem by dedicated to #mentalhealthweek