Dealing with Hardship: The Prophetic Approach

Do you want an easy life? That's not what Muslims signed up for...

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The Cure to Black Friday

Today begins the sacred festival of one of the world’s fastest and most aggressively spreading new religions.

How to Overcome Sadness

A few practical steps from the sunnah

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#WorldMentalHealthDay shines a light into the workplace

Today is World Mental Health Day in which people and organisations the world over recognise and promote awareness on mental illnesses and the effects they can have on individuals and society. This year’s theme is Mental Health in the Workplace. Investigations conducted across the NHS reveal that nearly 2 million

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“Moral Injury” and the pre-emptive war without end

If the justifications for military action against Muslim countries seem weak to non-Muslims, what do those encouraging Muslims to join the military imagine they look like to us?