Morsi Smiles: what can my enemies do to me?

Decree whatever you wish to Decree When they saw the miracle of Musa's staff, the magicians of the Pharaoh unanimously believed. Indifferent to what followed of Pharaoh's threats, they exclaimed: "...So decree whatever you wish to decree, for you can only decree (regarding) this life of the world." In Egypt,

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President Morsi, We Salute You…Again

Note; this article has been updated following today's breaking news President Morsi, we salute you, because prison in Egypt without justice was for Yūsuf (ʿalayhi al-Salām) when: "He said: "O my Lord! Prison is dearer to me than that to which they invite me." Prison in Egypt without justice was for

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The Waged War on Islam in Egypt Part 3

Using Islām to Justify Crime and Oppression Egyptians are notorious for their love of Islām and their particular love of the Prophet sala Allāhu ‘alayh wasalam, commonly attaching ‘Mohammad’ to the beginning of a person’s formal name. It is difficult to believe that al-Sisi and his sponsor’s malicious scheme in

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The Waged War on Islam in Egypt Part 2

The ‘authorisation’ that the crook al-Sisi sought was to light a green beacon before his actions and to doom them unquestionable in light of his ‘democracy’. A more Inclusive Transition? Or a Waged War on the Majority? Classified a ‘transition’, no indication has suggested that this Egyptian ‘government’ is intending

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The Waged War on Islam in Egypt Part 1

(It was said to prophet Nuh alayhisalam) “...nor do we see any follow you but the meanest among us and they (too) followed you without thinking. And we do not see in you any merit above us, in fact we think you are liars." It is remarkable to think that