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Rajab 1444 is here!

We welcome the month of Rajab, as Ramaḍān edges nearer. May Allah allow us all to prepare and reach Ramaḍān.

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Is the 15th of Sha’bān Special in Islam?

This discussion goes back to the earliest generation of Islam, and Sh Dr Sajid Umar explains how Muslims today can navigate it

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Training for Your Ibadah Olympics Has Begun

Sh Dr Sajid Umar shares a pertinent reminder

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Sha’bān: A Month Not to Be Neglected

Sha’bān is a month which many people neglect. Imagine when Allāh looks at His creation during this time, only a few humans are engaging in worship... and you're one of them!

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60 days till Ramadan

There are two months left till the blessed month of Ramadān!

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15th of Sha’bān: is it a Sunnah or a bid’ah?

The merits of the night of the middle of Sha'bān are strongly debated among Muslims. Some say it is Sunnah, others say it is a Bid'ah.

Fasting in Sha’bān

Just as al-Sunan al-Rawātib are better than other kinds of voluntary prayers, so are fasts observed (in the months) before and after Ramadān better than fasts at other times...

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Sha’ban in LOCKDOWN

"I would like to remind you about something very important that we might have forgotten about due to being in lockdown..."

Unlock the barakah of Ramadan NOW

With Ramaḍān around the corner, and Rajab upon us, what better way to begin the preparation for this special guest by welcoming its friend? Like any important life-changing event, whether it be marriage, moving house, even something like running a marathon, it is vital that steps are taken to prepare for