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At least 13 Palestinians killed and 20 injured in Zionist air raid

2 Min Read

After the latest attacks on the people of Gaza, at least 13 have tragically been killed and a further 20 injured in a series of airstrikes carried out by Zionist mercenaries.

Rajab 1444 is here!

2 Min Read

We welcome the month of Rajab, as Ramaḍān edges nearer. May Allah allow us all to prepare and reach Ramaḍān.

Condolences upon the passing of Shaykh Ibrahim Munir

6 Min Read

Shaykh Ibrahim Munir, the acting leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, has passed away in London.

Shaykh al-Qaradawi’s Advice to Scholars & Preachers of the Ummah

8 Min Read

Taken from the last pieces of advice as published in his works, Shaykh al-Qaradawi gives ten gems of advice to scholars and imams.

“Why are they wearing shorts?” – The Question That Shook Pakistan

7 Min Read

Journalist Rafiq Khan faced a fierce backlash for asking about Pakistani women’s football team’s kit

‘Western spy’ trafficked Shamima Begum into Syria, new book claims

5 Min Read

A spy working for Canadian intelligence trafficked Shamima Begum and other children into ISIS, and then conspired with Canadian and British authorities to cover up their role, a new book has claimed. 

Israel Kills 16 Children Whilst the World Looks the Other Way

9 Min Read

Palestine mourns as Israel's three-day attack kills 16 Palestinian children

International Khutbah Day for Uyghurs – 29th July

3 Min Read

This Friday congregations across the world will be united in talking about and making du'a for the Uyghurs suffering genocide in East Turkestan #Stand4Uyghurs

Condolences on the passing of Shaykh Mahmud Effendi (1929-2022)

4 Min Read

Shaykh Mahmud Effendi (1929-2022) The death of an iconic scholar and spiritual guide like is not merely the loss of an individual life – which is tragedy enough for the deceased’s loved ones – but a calamity for the entire Ummah.

Mohamed Morsi: Remembering the Egyptian President three years on

6 Min Read

Today marks three years since the death of Mohamed Morsi (rahimahu Allāh), Egypt’s first and last democratically elected leader in the modern period.