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Siege of Gaza is a sign of victory for the Muslims

In part three of three, Abdul Hai shares an inspiring message from previous sieges against the Muslims and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

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Thank you, Gaza!

We salute the noble Gazans from all walks of life, be they mothers, fathers, elders, children, doctors, nurses, or journalists.

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Imams across the world defend al-Aqsa from the pulpit

From minarets to city centres, imams worldwide are joining in a harmonious chorus to peacefully advocate for al-Aqsa.

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Israel using white phosphorus and vacuum bombs in Gaza?

In repeat of Gaza Massacre 14 years earlier, Israel is reportedly using white phosphorus in heavily populated civilian areas.

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Israel declares war on Gaza: a call for Muslim unity and action

Following Israel's declaration of war on Gaza, we call for unity and action throughout the Muslim world.

It is time to put the Mawlid debate to rest

This is a call to have a different type of “celebration” of the birth of the Prophet ﷺ.

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Shaykh al-Qaradawi’s Advice to Scholars & Preachers of the Ummah

Taken from the last pieces of advice as published in his works, Shaykh al-Qaradawi gives ten gems of advice to scholars and imams.

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How to Unify a Fractured Nation

There are only a limited number of individuals who truly grasp the extent of the Shariah’s emphasis on achieving Muslim unity, let alone the fewer persons who actively strive towards it with all their might, wisdom, and patience.

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In this brand new series, we look for the most senior Muslims we can find on the global stage, from as wide a variety of backgrounds and regions as possible, to ask them one question...

Has the Time Not Come for Muslims to Unite?

The time has come for all Islamically inclined people—preachers, scholars, and all others working towards the interests of the Ummah and Allah’s Law—to realise that the real battle is the conflict between kufr and Islam.