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The Unique Literary Form of the Qur’an


The inability of any person to produce anything like the Qur’an, due to its unique literary form is the essence of the Qur’anic miracle. A miracle is defined as “events which lie outside the productive capacity of nature”. The argument posed by Muslim theologians and philosophers is that if, with the finite set of Arabic linguistic tools at humanity’s disposal, there is no effective challenge; then providing a naturalistic explanation for the Qur’an’s uniqueness is incoherent and does not explain its inimitability. This is because the natural capacity of the text producer, or author, is able to produce the known literary forms in the Arabic language. The development of an entirely unique literary form is beyond the scope of the productive nature of any author, hence a supernatural entity, God, is the only sufficient and comprehensive explanation. It is the purpose of this article to explain how the Qur’an achieves this unique literary form, thereby explaining the miracle of its inimitability.

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Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam, a writer, lecturer, instructor and researcher. He is particularly interested in Islam, politics, western and Islamic thought and philosophy. Hamza delivers workshops, seminars and courses on the foundations of Islamic thought. He is an instructor for iERA and AlKauthar Institute. Hamza has also delivered a short course on the intellectual foundations of Islam for the Islamic Online University for their Diploma course. Hamza is one of the main initiators of the contemporary emergence of Muslim public debaters and speakers using western and Islamic philosophy to defend and explain Islam. Hamza heads the research team and Lectures for iERA.


  1. Excellent- Well researched
    Jazakallahu kheyr. Excellent article, and well researched. Something to save and refer to, definitely.

  2. Abu Hamza: Change your comment!
    Slander is haram. I suggest you check out the brothers debates and presentations on his blog, check out the Islam & Secular Liberalism debate and the Does God Exist? debate with the humanists, he talks about Islamic politics and refutes the western ideology. I ask you: Is this the actions of a saudi salafi?!?!?! I dont think so. Your accusations must be removed or at least provide evidence or even better – which is the Islamic etiquette – ask the brother himself! He will undoubtedly clarify your mistake! I know him personally and he rejects the kufr of all the so called Islamic governments. Is this a saudi salafi stance?!?! I dont think so. Furthermore, I have asked him about funding. He funds his site himself which only costs around 5 pounds a month!!! Abu Hamza, please learn to speak – which means thinking before one does so.

  3. Abu Zakariyya

    Selling out rapidly?!?
    What does Allah (swt) say about suspicion? How can Hamza be with the Saudi Salafi’s? He recently refused to attend the JIMAS event due to JIMAS giving platform to Islamic secularists (if there is such a thing!). Hamza constantly challenges so called Islamic governments as they do not defend Islam or the Muslims and fail to implement the sharia. If you attend any of his talks or debates you will always here this mentioend even when he talks about the miracle of the Quran! Additionally he receives no funding by anyone. The only funding he has received is from close brothers who contribute to the hiring of the halls debating Liberalism and Secularism and his forthcoming trip to abroad to deliver presentations on Islam vs Secular Liberalism! How saudi salafi is that?!? Please Brother Abu Hamza, I suggest you remove your doubt and baseless suspicion and email the brother directly he is approachable and will dispel these myths, his email is [email protected] – just to conclude, do you not think it is funny that when a brother wants to be involved with the ummah and support organisations that are doing good work, he gets attacked? It is no wonder the Muslims are disunited. More should follow Hamza’s example of speaking against kufr while trying to link the ummah. I suggest brother Abu Hamza removes his allegation or makes tawba for slander. And Allah guides and indeed He knows best! Salaam.

  4. selling out rapidly
    Yeah I heard Hamza sold out on HT and has now joined the Saudi loving Wahhabhi Salafi’s! I guess it is a matter of time before he starts giving bay’ah! It’s a shame he sold out but I guess he needs some kind of funding for his website

  5. Islamoblogger

    Hey Shehab, look up Qaseedah’s. Those were the pre-Islamic form of Arabic Poetry. Their structure was poetic and specific to that region.

  6. Anyone knows any books that I can study arabic poetry from ?
    I would like to know if anyone knows any books in english via which I can study arabic poetry/prose?I’ve done the grammer but I belive grammer doesn’t give you an appreciation of the uniqueness of the makes you understand whats being said.

  7. Has the brother left HT? I heard that he’s no longer hizb and is now salafi – can anyone canfirm, or maybe the brother can clarify himself.

  8. A good pice of work. May Allah reward the brother.

  9. Mashallah, the brothers work is very inspiring. As a point of interest, is he ex-HT as I heard this to be the case?

  10. Excellent!
    Great research piece! MashAllah. A must read for the serious daees!

  11. Detailed and well researched
    Mashallah. A detailed and well researched piece. No longer can we have people saying that the Qurans language miracle is subjective or is a myth. It is actually real and very convincing. This is a must for non muslims and muslims alike to appreciate that we need to listen to this book for it is definitely from the divine. There was similar piece written in 1999 by but this piece has more detail, more arguments, is more comprehenive and has more references.

  12. amazing
    MashAllah, amazing research; i am sure it will come handy for me when speaking or writing about the Qur’aan and especially when reading and contemplating the Qur’aan. i always wondered about the different styles employed within the sequence of the verses and how they weren’t like poetry nor like normal speech – in truth, it is nothing but the word of Allah. JazakAllah i look forward to more. wasslam

  13. Mashallah, a very well presented piece of research.

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