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The Prophet Adam and Human Evolution

Praise be to Allah, the supreme Creator, Fashioner of mankind, Sustainer of the universe. All is His divine will, and his command is executed immediately. May peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, who came from the noble Adam, created and fashioned from clay, and preceded by none.

The theory of human evolution, namely that man descended from apes, is widely accepted amongst non-Muslims although there have been many non-Muslim scientists, atheists included, who argue that it is flawed. As an opinion, it was wholly rejected by all Muslims as it goes against their basic knowledge that Allah created Adam with his own hands, from clay, in the physical form of a human being, and then breathed life into it. Even so, there have been a few Muslims over the years that have endorsed the theory attempting to initiate a discussion on the topic, whilst there are non-Muslims who criticise us for being ‘simple-minded’ and ‘scientifically inconsistent’.

Due to such attacks, some Muslims felt inferior and thought that the problem could be rectified by an acceptance of the evolution theory, or at least accepting it as a valid alternative. However, the decisive verses of the Qur’an as well as the ahadith (Prophetic narrations) provide a problem for such an undertaking, and so we find that there are mistakes and random misinterpretations. Of course, those of truth will always oppose such heresy, to which these Muslim evolutionists, if there ever was such a term (!), respond that “we believe in the existence of Allah, the initial Creator, yet what is wrong in concluding that the way in which God created all human beings, including the first human, Adam, was by means of evolution, and namely, non-human parents who descended from apes?” Such people insist that this latest version of the theory is compatible with revelation given that there is no unequivocal scriptural text to deny it!

In order to deal with such unfounded claims, I would like to approach the issue in a scholastic and systematic manner so as to demonstrate how theological deviancy comes about through incompetence in systematically and rationally deriving meaning from the scriptural texts. It is due to this incompetence (that we should all be aware of so we save ourselves) that some attempt to legitimise the theory of human evolution and others unrecognised views that accompany it.

It is commonly believed that the Qur’an and the ahadith (Prophetic traditions) are the only sources of Islamic authority, yet we find that one of the primary causes of an individual’s theological (and legal) deviancy is the attempt to fully understand the divine texts by his/herself, with complete disregard for the profound understandings and well-substantiated views of hundreds of thousands of Muslim scholars from around the world who have contributed to the vast corpus of Islamic scholarship over the last 1400 years. The irony of such disregard is that Muslim proponents of the evolution process completely brush aside Islamic scholarly consensus yet are the first to advocate the (supposed) consensus of non-Muslim scientists!

It is clear that priorities are misplaced, for in glorifying western scientists the proponents of human evolution neglect the intellectual aptitude of Muslim scholars, particularly, the early scholars who were extremely astute and would, with all dedication, intensely scrutinise each and every aspect of the Islamic religion prior to any form of endorsement or inclination towards a given view – in fact, it is only very recently that scientists have adopted the same level of rigour. Given such a profound analysis, none of Islam’s scholars, let alone the greatest amongst them, ever articulated the view that Adam came into existence as a result of some evolutionary process. In fact, none of Islam’s early scholars ever even considered the possibility of Adam being created in stages of existence, or that he experienced childhood at some time of his life.

In adopting a religious opinion which is counter to a scholarly consensus made up of thousands of Muslim scholars over a long period of time, the proponents of human evolution expose their distorted outlook on Islamic knowledge and the Muslims scholars (as a collective) whom Allah has appointed as trustees of the faith. Such an attitude implies that Allah, may he be free from such an implication, has allowed the entire Muslim ummah, over a period spanning more than a millennium, to deviate from the truth whilst the correct view is uncovered by (theological) laymen in recent times!

Disregarding the binding legacy of scholastic consensus goes against plain old common sense and a number of verses and Prophetic traditions that state that scholars, not as individuals but as a collective, are the trustees of the faith. The explicit statements are numerous, such as Allah’s statement, “And We sent not before you but men to whom We inspired, so ask the people of the Reminder if you do not know”[1], and the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) saying, “the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.”

To believe that Adam had monkey-like parents (despite the fact that overwhelming evidences go against it) and to completely abandon the consensus of Muslims is indicative of deep-rooted arrogance, a rejection of the clear evidences, or ignoring the correct methodology in understanding the divine texts. For example, the first step of a sound methodology would be to analyse whether the conclusion is consistent with the Arabic language, since Arabic is the primary tool used in interpreting divine revelation, and so, any interpretation that fails to fall within the framework of the Arabic language is one that is redundant. For example, the Arabs did not consider the phrase kun fa yakun (be! And it is/was) to be an indefinite period of time, for indeed, the phrase illustrates the power and might of God that His will is manifested immediately and decisively, without delay. Even the phrase “be! And it is/was” in English implies it (whatever it is) happens instantaneously, and to argue otherwise would be a distortion of the English language!

Another key principle that must be established when dealing with scripture is the inter-contextualisation of the entire divine text – in order to correctly interpret the Qur’an and ahadith we must approach them, not as solitary verses, but as one coherent and homogeneous unit that affords a holistic interpretation, and not an interpretation based on preconceived ideas that singles out isolated verses so as to misconstrue them. Indeed, to approach the divine scriptures having already decided the matter is an insincere attempt to justify one’s belief, and to approach them enquiring into what Allah has ordained, in an open an unbiased way, is to demonstrate the sincere intention to receive guidance.

Another irony is the fact that the evolutionists try to place a theory (evolution) over fact (the Qur’an and ahadith). Do we not ponder why it is still considered a theory despite the fact that the idea has been around, in some popular form, since Darwin and is promoted so fanatically by its protagonists? It is truly unfortunate to see those who ascribe to Islam promote the theory of human evolution, and then do so by relying on mutashabih (ambiguous) verses of the Qur’an, some of which are clear kinaya[2] (metonyms), and leave off muhkam (explicit) verses. This is precisely what Allah warns us against, saying,

“Those with deviation in their hearts follow what is undefined in it, desiring conflict, seeking its (false) interpretation.”[3]

Evolution, in relating to man, is such an unfounded concept that to engage with it on par with academic and intellectual standards is to afford it credence, it being deserving of nothing but aversion. I could perhaps list all of the scientific inaccuracies of claiming that Adam came from apes, but as a Muslim it is more than sufficient to adopt the understanding of the scholars rather than derive a misconstrued meaning from a lone verse or hadith. This should be the case with any Muslim who believes that Allah has ordained certain measures to guard Islam against innovation, and hence, I shall, very limitedly, mention a small number of proofs which, for the benefit of the Muslim masses, simply expose the foolishness of this supposition.

The Qur’an clearly states that Adam was created by Allah, and with His own hands, “He said, ‘Iblis, what prevented you prostrating to what I created with My own two hands?”[4] In addition, the famous Companion, Abdullah ibn Umar, said, “Allah created four things with His hand: the Throne, the Pen, the Garden of Eden and Adam. To the rest of His creation He said, ‘Be!’ and it was.”[5] This narration clearly shows that the Companions believed that these four things, Adam included, were created in a way different to other animals and creatures. The authenticated ahadith furnish us with further examples that leave no doubt whatsoever that this was an actual act performed by Allah. For example, the Messenger of Allah said that on the Last Day, mankind would go from Prophet to Prophet requesting intercession; they would go to Adam and say, “You are the father of mankind, Allah created you with His hands, had the angels prostrate to you, and taught you the names of all things.”[6] If Adam was created from a ‘despised drop’ and like all other human beings, then what is the point of singling him out as being created by Allah’s hands?

“The likeness of Jesus, to Allah, is the same as Adam. He created him from earth and then He said to him, ‘Be!’ and he was.”[7]

This verse is often quoted in isolation from the reasons for which it was revealed, thus, some evolutionists claim that the verse asserts that Jesus and Adam were born in the same way – through the womb of a female. Such an interpretation is deceptive as a brief look into the sabab al-nuzul (causes for revelation) quickly makes clear that the verse was revealed to repudiate the Christian argument that proof of Jesus’ divinity is his having no earthly father. The verse states that Adam had no parents whatsoever, being created instead from earth, yet this did not make him divine; the comparison then was between the single parent of Jesus and the absence of parents in regards to Adam.

The Qur’an informs us that Allah “taught Adam the names of all things”[8] and so, we resolutely know that Allah engaged Adam directly. Allah also says,

“O mankind! Be mindful of your Lord who created you from a single soul and created its mate from it and then disseminated many men and women from the two of them.”[9]

“It is He who created you from a single soul and made from him his spouse so that he might find repose in her.”[10]

“O mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other.”[11]

If we were to ignorantly suppose that Adam was born of evolved apes, we would then be positing, according to the verses above, that the creation of Hawwa’ was ever so more significant than that of Adam as she was not born but actually fashioned, by God, from Adam. Thus, in negating the instantaneous creation of Adam, the evolutionist is still left having to affirm the instantaneous creation of Hawwa’! And it is this fact, from amongst the many, that exposes the nonsense spewed by evolutionists, for in striving to negate a miracle of God (the creation of Adam), they resort to having to affirm it elsewhere (the creation of Hawwa’), that is, if they can resist the urge to deny the book of God outrightly.

The story of the Sabbath-breakers is well known whereby Allah cursed the disobedient and turned them into monkeys and pigs.[12] How then, can the honoured sons of Adam[13] actually come from that which is considered a curse? Of course, in being honoured, it is only logical to conclude that either humans haven’t come from apes, or that we negate the maskh itself and claim that the Sabbath-breakers did not turn into apes and pigs. Even if we were to state, for the sake of argument, that the transformation was metaphorical, the essential point still remains that they were cursed by taking on qualities of monkeys and apes. Correspondingly, there are various contradictions that arise in relation to Adam and Hawwa’ when attempting to scripturally justify human evolution. There are various mutawatir texts that confirm that Adam and Hawwa’ lived as spouses and that mankind came from the two, indeed the textual evidences regarding this point are particularly decisive. Furthermore, it seems quite an irrational interpretation that Allah mentions Hawwa’ as being brought into existence through Allah’s direct involvement, yet Adam, the first human being receives no such honour! It is extremely clear that the evolutionists and their deviant ideas refuse to acknowledge the entire textual discourse surrounding the creation of Adam, instead using solitary verses as a justification for evolutionist beliefs. Thus, in order to attempt some form of reconciliation between the two accounts, the evolutionist must adapt the Qur’an to fit the theory, or the theory to fit the Qur’an, or transform both equally, and in every case, each possibility is as preposterous as the others, all serving as evil paths to heresy.

In going beyond the Qur’an, we find that the ahadith are full with authentic narrations concerning the creation of Adam, and in keeping with deceitful intent we find that many liberals and evolutionists completely ignore the existence of such ahadith. Indeed they have to, for the shari’ah of Allah is preserved through the Prophetic narrations and so the evolutionists will do anything to maintain their secular outlook on the Islamic faith. In fact, the notion of evolution is deeply secular as it divorces the involvement of God in creation and attempts to posit Nietzsche’s opinion that if there is a god, then he merely initiated creation (which grew on its own) and that god is now non-existent or dead – we seek protection from Allah from such profanity.

We find that Anas ibn Malik relates from the Prophet,

“When Allah fashioned Adam in Paradise, He left him as He willed. Iblis then wandered around him examining him. Upon seeing him as hollow from within, he recognised that Adam had been created with a disposition that he would not have control over himself.”[14]

I have not seen any scholar, past or present, who affords science the authority to determine how Adam was created. In cases where scholars do refer to science (in a limited capacity), they tend to provide their conclusions and then either explicitly/implicitly mention that this matter should be dealt with through science. In numerous verses the Qur’an commands mankind to reflect on the various types of creation, the alternation of day and night, and the celestial orbit of planets, but there is no indication whatsoever of an evolved Adam. In fact, the Qur’an describes the process of human creation in the womb but discounts the evolution of humans from monkey-like beings. If it is argued that the lack of evolutionary descriptions in the Qur’an is due to evolution’s complex nature, then we retort with the fact that so too is the process of foetal development, yet revelation informs us of it and to its fullest extent.

There are countless texts that can be analysed, but to do so would make this article voluminous. However, even light analysis of the Qur’an and Sunnah makes it exceedingly evident that such heretical beliefs have no place within Islamic thought – the Companions and early Muslims all understood the manner in which Adam was created by Allah and it is preposterous to claim that Allah revealed scripture that was misunderstood by all of the aforementioned, yet the Most High did not rectify their misreading!

Is the creation of Adam a scientific or religious matter?

In reality, there is no disparity between religious creed and science, and if there seems to be so, it inevitably implies that there has been some form of misunderstanding, either in terms of our religious or scientific knowledge. However, a decisive part of being Muslim is to acknowledge that the information related by way of the Qur’an and Sunnah entails certainty, whereas any other knowledge that we acquire is prone to human error. Thus, if the scriptures posit anything related to science and the overwhelming majority of scholars affirm its meaning, then we have to believe in it accordingly as such knowledge is fact-based and not merely human perception. The Qur’an and Sunnah address various disciplines such as science, history, geography, anthropology, politics and others. Whatever is mentioned there should be adopted as an aspect of our faith, “they say: we believe in it, all of it is from our Lord.”[15] Failing to do so suggests either one’s negation of more than half of the Qur’an, or accepting a text which is essentially devoid of meaning as it ends up meaning anything we desire it to, and this is how many of the obdurate fall into disbelief. For example, it has been repeatedly argued that the Qur’an is not a book of history, and so, the heretics argue that we are not obligated to believe historical details which Allah has revealed. Of course, the Qur’an is not a book of many things, but that is not to suggest that various topics are touched upon. Indeed, Allah says,

“There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, and then to their Lord they (all) shall be gathered.”[16]

The ruling concerning the belief in Adam’s primate descendents.

 Restricting the discussion merely to a ruling may be counterproductive as anyone who mistakenly concludes that it is not kufr (disbelief) will assume such profanation is to be tolerated, and so therefore, the main issue is not the ruling of such an immoral belief and whether it is kufr, but instead the gravity of this belief and what it signifies – it is the negation of what the ummah has endorsed as well as being in violation of countless proofs that state otherwise. Endorsing the presumption that humans evolved necessitates accepting reprehensible beliefs about the noble Prophet, Adam, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, and that his parents were either apes or ape-like beings! It is to insult the station of prophethood by claiming that Adam was taken care of by human-like baboons. Were Adam’s parents able to speak or did they merely grunt? Were they obliged to worship Allah or not? What was the extent of Adam’s cognitive faculties? Do human beings now have more advanced faculties than he did – have they evolved since his time on earth? How is it that the Qur’an disregards a significant aspect of Adam’s life although he discusses, in detail, what was before it and what came after.

If we believe that Allah is the Creator and can create anything, then what is wrong in accepting that he created Adam directly from clay, fashioned him, and brought him to life instantaneously? What is it that they negate? Why do we need to distort the meanings of countless Qur’anic verses in favour of a theory that continually changes? Must we negate the numerous and authentic ahadith that clearly establish a non-evolutionist narrative?

In conclusion, to use the theory of Darwin or any other theory that stems from it in order to justify the wicked belief that Adam was born of non-human parents is, in essence, to deny the existence of Allah as supreme creator who creates from nothing by mere command. It is this method of creating (although there are other ways as well) that establishes Allah’s rububiyyah (lordship), for in affirming unjustified theories of human evolution we make chance the creator, since anything that is created exists merely because chance decided so. But Allah says, “Or do they assign to Allah partners who created the like of His creation, so that (both) creations seemed alike to them?’ Say: ‘Allah is the Creator of all things; He is the One, the Irresistible.’”[17]

I call upon those who believe and adhere to Islam to affirm the clear and decisive Qur’anic revelations and lucid ahadith, all of which negate the notion of human evolution, let alone Adam having non-human parents. I also call upon them to make the Islamic texts the primary source of authority in all of their affairs, since (Allah) the One who reveals revelation is most knowledgeable about the affairs of the universe. Let us not allow those of no faith to dictate our readings of scripture, our implementation of the Islamic faith, or our notions of what is to be deemed as being most superior, both in terms of creed and actions.

For those Muslims who endorse the theory of human evolution, contemplate the scripture with a believing and unbiased heart whilst keeping in mind the Sunnah of Allah’s noble Messenger. Strive against egotism and haughtiness and do not fear the criticisms of the disbelievers. Allah says,

“Therefore flee unto Allah; I am a plain warner to you from Him. And set not any other god along with Allah; I am a plain warner to you from Him.”[18]

Allah knows best.
May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, his family, his Companions,
and all those who follow them in righteousness and the correct creed.


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About Shaykh (Dr) Haitham Al-Haddad

Dr. Haitham al-Haddad is a jurist and serves as a judge for the Islamic Council of Europe. He has studied the Islamic sciences for over 20 years under the tutelage of renowned scholars such as the late Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia as well as the retired Head of the Kingdom's Higher Judiciary Council. He specialises in many of the Islamic sciences and submitted his doctoral thesis on Islamic jurisprudence concerning Muslim minorities. Shaikh Haitham is highly respected having specialised knowledge in the field of fiqh, usul al-fiqh, maqasid al-shari'ah, ulum al-Qur’an, tafsir, aqidah, and fiqh al-hadith. He provides complex theories which address the role of Islamic jurisprudence within a western environment whilst also critically re-analysing the approach of Islamic jurists in forming legal rulings (ifta’) within a western socio-political context. He has many well known students most of whom are active in dawah and teaching in the West. The shaikh is an Islamic jurist (faqih) and as such is qualified to deliver verdicts as a judge under Islamic law, a role he undertakes at the Islamic Council of Europe as Islamic judge and treasurer. Dr Haitham al-Haddad also sits on various the boards of advisors for Islamic organisations, mainly in the United Kingdom but also around the world.


  1. If the latest DNA and genetic studies are to be believed (Max Planck Institute) wherein Eurasian Homo Sapien Sapien contain between 4-6 % Homo Neanderthal DNA and further that some Australasian Homo Sapien Sapien contain additional Homo Denisivon DNA and African Homo Sapien Sapien contain no Neanderthal or Denivison DNA at all.

    It therefore follows that Adam and Eve must have existed as a prior species of hominid. In order to be the mother and father of all human beings.

    But that would contradict my understanding of the Torah and the Quran. Could someone please help me understand this potential contradiction.

    • Mohamed Iqbal

      You understanding is incorrect. The most recent common ancestor for all females based on mtDNA is considered to be a Homo Sapien Sapien from Africa circa 200k. This female was not the first female but rather the most recent common mother of all humans alive today.

      • Yes, I read that too. But that leaves me with a bit of a contradiction. If the most recent common female ancestor of all human beings alive today and she can be located to a place in Africa between 60,000 to 200,000 years ago.

        Then she would have been devoid of any Neanderthal or Denivison DNA. Any ancestor that existed before her (male or female) would also have to have been devoid of any Neanderthal or Denivison DNA or else it would exist in Africans today. But it doesn’t.

        The DNA of Neanderthals which shows up in Europeans must have been added after this most recent common female ancestor existed. And for Asians the existence of Neanderthal and Denivison DNA, similarly must have been added after the existence of the most common female ancestor and also after the coupling of Homo Sapien Sapien and Homo Neanderthals which created Europeans as we know them today.

        This conundrum that I can’t understand is that For Europeans and Asians either;

        1) Prophet Adam (PBUH) was of purely African descent and the descendants of Adam copulated with non Homo Sapien Sapiens like Homo Neanderthals and Homo Denivisons.
        2) Only pure Africans are the only true descendants of Prophet Adam (PBUH)
        3) Prophet Adam (PBUH) only came into being after Hawa existed and no Africans are descended from Prophet Adam (PBUH). this would require Prophet Adam (PBUH) of being a Homo Neanderthal. But this does deal with the Homo Denivison DNA issue.
        4) Only Asians are descended from Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Africans and Europeans are not descendants as neither have any Denivison DNA. Prophet Adam (PBUH) would have to be a descendent of Homo Sapien Sapien, Homo Neanderthal and Homo Denivison.

        Can you help me if there are any other situations that might resolve this DNA conundrum that can be resolved with the teachings of the Torah and/ or Quaran ?

        If I just look around me, it is plain to see the major Homo groupings, It is fairly easy to visually identify Asians, Africans and Europeans without any scientific tests and so I can’t shake my feelings that the DNA evidence has some credence.

        Any help in my understanding would be greatly appreciated

  2. If the latest DNA and genetic studies are to be believed (Max Planck Institute) wherein Eurasian Homo Sapian Sapian contain between 4-6 % Homo Neanderthal DNA and further that some Australasian Homo Sapian Sapien contain additional Homo Denisivon DNA and African Homo Saipan Saipan contain no Neanderthal or Denivison DNA at all.

    It therefore follows that Adam and Eve must have existed as a prior species of hominid. In order to be the mother and father of all human beings.

    But that would contradict my understanding of the Torah and the Quran. Could someone please help me understand this potential contradiction.

  3. I must say that the whole article had more rhetoric than substance. But any way, I will try to answer the Shaykh point by point inshaAllah. The shaykh starts with the following ayah from the Holy Quran,

    The likeness of Jesus, to Allah, is the same as Adam. He created him from earth and then He said to him, ‘Be!’ and he was.”

    To claim that this ayah must indicate an instantaneous creation is mistaken. This becomes obvious when one looks at the other, at least 7 more places where Allah(SWT) mentions “Be and it is”.

    1- “She said: “O my Lord! How shall I have a son when no man hath touched me?” He said: “Even so: Allah createth what He willeth: When He hath decreed a plan, He but saith to it, ‘Be,’ and it is! ” Quran 3:47

    2- “It is not [befitting] for Allah to take a son; exalted is He! When He decrees an affair, He only says to it, “Be,” and it is.” Quran 19:35

    3- “Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, “Be,” and it is.” Quran 2:117

    4- “And it is He who created the heavens and earth in truth. And the day He says, “Be,” and it is, His word is the truth. And His is the dominion [on] the Day the Horn is blown. [He is] Knower of the unseen and the witnessed; and He is the Wise, the Acquainted.” Quran 6:73

    5- “Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, “be”, and it is!” Quran 36:82

    6- “For to anything which We have willed, We but say the word, “Be”, and it is.” Quran 16:40

    7- “It is He Who has created you from dust then from a sperm-drop, then from a leech-like clot; then does he get you out (into the light) as a child: then lets you (grow and) reach your age of full strength; then lets you become old,- though of you there are some who die before;- and lets you reach a Term appointed; in order that ye may learn wisdom. It is He Who gives Life and Death; and when He decides upon an affair, He says to it, “Be”, and it is. ” Quran 40:67-68

    Clearly, the Quran makes it clear that WHATEVER Allah Wills, He just says Be, and it is, كُن فَيَكُونُ . If He decides to create something in an instant, it will be created in an instant, and if He wants to create someting through a process, it will be created through a process, exactly as Allah(SWT) willed it. And for the creation of Adam, may Allah be pleased with him, it is clear that it involved some process. Because Allah (SWT) says ,

    “Who perfected everything which He created and began the creation of man from clay.” Quran 32:7

    وَقَدْ خَلَقَكُمْ أَطْوَارًا

    “While He has created you in stages?” Quran 71:14

    وَاللَّهُ أَنبَتَكُم مِّنَ الْأَرْضِ نَبَاتًا
    “And Allah has produced you from the earth growing (gradually),” Quran 71:17

    The above verses clearly state that the creation of mankind happened in a process, which had a beginning from the earth. Now what that process exactly was? the Quran is silent about it. I am not sure what is the opinion of the respected Shaykh about that process, but if it is that Allah created an effigy, a statue of Adam from mud then breathed His soul into him, then I must point out that this story is completely and absolutely absent in the Quran. The Quran, as I said earlier only indicates the existence of a process, but does not elaborate on what that process was. And looking at the verses above, anyone can see that evolution too could be that process because Allah said “He Has created you in stages” and “Allah Has produced you from the earth growing” .

    Finally, the claim that the verse “The likeness of Jesus, to Allah…….” proves that Adam had no parents, is unnecessary to say the least. The respected shaykh says “The verse states that Adam had no parents whatsoever,…”, we must point out that the verse of the Quran DOES NOT state that. If Allah had wanted to say that, He could have used these words explicitly. But He(SWT) did not, and only said that Allah created Adam from the earth. I must point out that we should not be ascribing our own words and interpretations to God. The shaykh points out that this verse is refuting the Christian doctrine of Jesus’ divinity. This particular interpretation would still be valid even if one assumes that Adam had biological parents. That is, one can still say that “Adam was the the first individual of the human species, and the quran points out that just as Allah created the first man, whose creation began with clay, He also created Jesus. The first creation is obviously far greater and wonderful. The God that can create mankind from clay, can also create one individual human being without a father too”. There is no justification for restricting the meaning of this ayah and claiming that it can only admit those interpretations in which Adam had no parents when it clearly admits both meanings.

    Now, let us come to the following verses from the Holy Quran that the Shaykh quoted:

    “O mankind! Be mindful of your Lord who created you from a single soul and created its mate from it and then disseminated many men and women from the two of them.”[9]
    “It is He who created you from a single soul and made from him his spouse so that he might find repose in her.”[10]
    “O mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other.”

    The Shaykh says “If we were to ignorantly suppose that Adam was born of evolved apes, we would then be positing, according to the verses above, that the creation of Hawwa’ was ever so more significant than that of Adam as she was not born but actually fashioned, by God, from Adam” . The expression “created its mate from it” admits both meanings. It can interpreted to mean that Hawwa was created from the very body of Adam, or it could also mean that Allah created Hawwa of the same species and type as Adam. The 12th century Shafi’i scholar Al-Razi also interpreted these verses in this way, and in recent times, Abdullah Yousuf Ali whose English translation of the Quran is probably the most famous also translates these as “…It is He Who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature…”. I must point out that this is similar to where Allah(SWT) says “And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates …”, certainly we interpret this verse to mean that Allah has created our mates from our own kind, we don’t take it to mean that our very own children are our mates. The point here is that we must accept that these verses admit both of these meanings. Now for comparison let us look at the way Bible narrates this story ,
    “But for Adam[f] no suitable helper was found. 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs[g] and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib[h] he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

    23 The man said,

    “This is now bone of my bones
    and flesh of my flesh;
    she shall be called ‘woman,’
    for she was taken out of man.”
    24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

    25 Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” Genesis 2:21-25

    Notice how explicit the creation of Eve is in the bible. But Allah(SWT) chose not to have this story in the Quran and only mentioned “We created from it its mate”! . We as muslims, must appreciate that the words in the Quran are much more concise, cautious and precise. We must not force our own words on the Quran. If Allah had wanted to tell us that He created Hawwa from Adam’s rib, He could have just said it, but Allah(SWT), in His Divine wisdom chose not to, and we must appreciate this fact.

    So the whole issue boils down to this one point: whether Adam had biological parents or not. As I have explained above, there is nothing in the Quran that would deny the possibility of Adam have biological parents. Now, do we call his parents human? It is completely up to us. As far as evolution is concerned, his parents would have been physically just like him. Just as our parents are like us. But would they have a soul? A ruh?
    Now, it is an established fact that all men alive today are descendants of a single man, Y-Chromosmal Adam who lived in Africa around 200,000 years ago. Simiarly, all people in the world alive today are descendants of a single woman, Mitochondrial Eve who also lived around 200,000 years ago in africa. So we see that evolution and the Quran agree on this point. We also know that life originated in water around 3.5 billion years ago, and again this agrees with what the quran says that all living things were created out of water. However, Eve’s creation from Adam’s rib would disagree with the scientific evidence that we have, but as we saw above, the quran does not say that. Similarly, the children of Adam and Eve marrying each other would also contradict the scientific evidence that we have, but again the Quran does not say that.
    Finally, having understood that as far as the Quran is concerned, evolution is completely possible. So which interpretation should we believe in? an interpretation that contradicts with empirical data and the scientific consensus? Or the one that agrees with empirical data and the scientific consensus? I think the answer is obvious.

    • I think Shahin makes a lot of sense ! Im also getting tired of this mindless unquestioning “belief’. We need to think and reason critically and stop all this arrogance regarding belief

  4. Dr.Ahamed kutty

    I have published a book “Adam,s gene and the Mitochondrial Eve” that addresses the scientific basis for evolution as the only means of Prophet Adam,s arrival on earth. It is fully consistent with what is revealed in Quran.It ia available on Kindle.I request yoy to read it and give your opinion.
    Dr.Ahamed kutty

  5. namukowa martin

    EMAIL ME .

  6. carlos figueira

    Islamic Scholars are so intelligent that we all should follow what they say instead whats in front of our eyes like fossils being discovered for everyone to see in museums. They scholarship disappear to even mention these real former living beings that keep on being uncovered and displayed in museums. They are scared to even mention it, instead they evoke ignorant schoolars like them that lived in ignorance and fantasy world like all tribes in every corner of the world until science taught them basic things. THESE CLEVER PEOPLE RIGHT NOW ARE USING CARS MOBILE PHONES AIR CONDITIONERS TELEVISIONS COMPUTERS YOU NAME IT, THAT SCIENCE (NOT THE IGNORANT SCHOLARS) INVENTED JUST TO LIVE AND TALK NONSENSE. WHERE IS THEIR INTELLIGENCE THAN. JUST TO TALK FANTASY?

    • Ahmed Mahmoud

      On the contrary, the fossil record is a sea of Gaps. Darwin expected the fossils to form a continuum where species merge into one another. The opposite is true with species appearing fully formed and then abruptly disappearing from the scene. There is no continuum or merging.
      In summary, the fossils in no way support the theory of evolution as it is today. Please don’t parrot the groundless conclusions of institutions and media whose aim is to remove any semblance of religion from our societies.

  7. Mr.Haddad states: “If we believe that Allah is the Creator and can create anything, then what is wrong in accepting that he created Adam directly from clay, fashioned him, and brought him to life instantaneously?”

    My comment: I am Muslim. What you say is that Muslims must not use your reason but believe what ever medieval scholars said. If faith is unquestionable with the use of intellect, why do you question Christian faith in Trinity. If you believe that Allah “can create anything, then what is wrong in accepting” Trinity, Allah appearing in three form. What about Allah coming to earth in thousands of Hindu Gods shapes. Any argument must be internally consistent.

    • No offence, but your comment shows a poor grasping of Dr Haddad’s statement and a worrying level of unawareness of the intellectual foundations of science. I may have misinterpreted you of course, but consider the following:
      – the original quote is merely highlighting an a priori argument – if you believe X then anything under X should surely not be an issue
      – your interpreting the use of a argument based on rational deduction as “Muslims must not use your [sic] reason” is therefore quite odd.
      – your definition of ‘faith’ and ‘intellect’ are interesting, please explain why you interpret faith as ‘unquestionable with the use of intellect’.
      – the notion of trinity etc. are of logical impossibilities and irrational absurdities – which is why we reject them. The BELIEF one way or another concerning an event (the origin of the first humans) that would have happened hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago has absolutely nothing in common with trinity, etc. since they are contingent/possible realities not necessary/impossible.

  8. A Question
    Asalaam aleiukum,

    While it is true that Adam was created by Allah’s own hand. But who’s to say that when Adam and Eve were sent to Earth by Allah, that they were not born of the link between modern humans and apes?

  9. Stephen Hawkings

    You will have seen an article in this week’s Guardian newspaper in respect of an interview with Stephen Hawkings (Stephen Hawking: ‘There is no heaven; it’s a fairy story’). Can I recommend to the respected Shaikhs that a suitably worded response or letter to the editor is sent to The Guardian to defend the Qur’anic (and no doubt also the Toranic and Biblical) position.



  10. Think about it..
    Imagine, it is the year 650 and God wishes to tell the world through his scripture that humans were created from clay (dirt, soil). Ah wait he actually does do that! Consider God telling through his scripture how EVERY LIVING THING (including man) was created from water? Wait he does that too!!!

    The scripture is clear – evolution is a concept mentioned in the Quran. Hardcore backwards so-calld “religious” zealots just can’t see the wood from the trees. The term “we fashined man out of clay” is as about as complicated as 7th Century Pagan Arabs were goiong to understand and is not meant to be taken literally. Arab language is full of metaphors. Human minds were not developed enough to understand the most basic of scientific concepts, so how could’ve a God explained to them that their forefathers were once sea organisms as wide as they’re finger nails???

    Wise up Muslims, we have the upper hand when it comes to claiming we have “God’s word”, yet we read glorious book like Children.

  11. evolution
    How can anybody deny life when its happening in front of our eyes.
    You discuss things that dont exist end are blind of what is in front of your eyes.
    What is reality? What is fantasy? What is faith? What is believe?
    I believe on what is real.

  12. You say that it is insulting to say that Adam (pbuh) parents were ape-like yet so accept that Prophet Muhammad’s parents will go to Hell cuz they did not accept Islam? Great! Who is your last Prophet? Adam or Muhammad? Whose parents should you respect more?

  13. WOW
    You say that it is insulting to say that Adam (pbuh) parents were ape-like yet so accept that Prophet Muhammad’s parents will go to Hell cuz they did not accept Islam? Great! Who is your last Prophet? Adam or Muhammad? Whose parents should you respect more?

  14. for those MUSLIMS who believe in Evolution

    for those MUSLIMS who believe in Evolution
    read the followong statement carefully and read the history on what happened to those who disobeyed Allah

    “Allah cursed the disobedient and turned them into monkeys and pigs. How then, can the honored sons of Adam actually come from that which is considered a curse?

  15. Very detailed and beneficial
    Whilst good, articles like these provide a suitable general response but don’t really satisfy in terms of addressing the detailed doubts that might be persisting in people’s minds about this topic and which people like Usama believe have not been addressed. A lot of the comments here suggest this. The following articles would cater more for an in-depth academic discussion of the topic, and found I them to be very detailed and beneficial, I hope other Muslims can benefit, especially the one on fitrah and science:

    Refuting Usamah Hasan’s Evidence, One by One

    About Fitrah, Reason and Science

    General Observations on Usamah Hasan’s Position

    Analyzing Usamah’s attempts to merge the Qur’an with Darwinism

    Usamah Hasan’s Lecture of 22nd January


    Firstly i find that it is a well informed and very structured article Mashallah. Those who keep on sayin the author has not researched the scientific evidence are really missing the point. He is not trying to debate the issue using scientific evidence he is clearly using Islamic text and scholarly opinion to refute the theory of Evolution. Refuting evolution from a scientific angle has been done many times and is also done by many of the people commenting on the article within the blog itself. The issue is Usama Hasan tried to “prove” evolution using islamic text and so the Shyakh has used those very evidences and sources against usamas statements with the consensus of the islamic scholars of the past and present. Please understand the context of this article as many people have missed that point. As i stated others within this blog have already spoken about the scientific inconsistencies of the theory and have also spoken about the interpretation of the data to be skewed towards a certain paradigm (the one of evolution and not the latter idea of similar environment). Either could have been propogated by the scientific field however one has been chosen when they have similar weight as interpretations. Why is another debate in and of itself. READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS.

  17. Dont you read

    Firstly i find that it is a well informed and very structured article Mashallah. Those who keep on sayin the author has not researched the scientific evidence are really missing the point. He is not trying to debate the issue using scientific evidence he is clearly using Islamic text and scholarly opinion to refute the theory of Evolution. Refuting evolution from a scientific angle has been done many times and is also done by many of the people commenting on the article within the blog itself. The issue is Usama Hasan tried to “prove” evolution using islamic text and so the Shyakh has used those very evidences and sources against usamas statements with the consensus of the islamic scholars of the past and present. Please understand the context of this article as many people have missed that point. As i stated others within this blog have already spoken about the scientific inconsistencies of the theory and have also spoken about the interpretation of the data to be skewed towards a certain paradigm (the one of evolution and not the latter idea of similar environment). Either could have been propogated by the scientific field however one has been chosen when they have similar weight as interpretations. Why is another debate in and of itself. READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS.

  18. homo sapiens
    I read the Quran and I am a Muslim.

    Adam and his wife existed in Paradise before they were put on Earth. In Paradise, their forms ‘could’ have been a bit different because the conditions of the environment [i.e. Paradise]. Then, they were placed on Earth.

    But, I also believe that in order for Adam and his wife to be able to SURVIVE the conditions of a new environment [i.e. Earth], that the ‘human’ form we have on this planet is a hybrid one. God specially designed our form…and science can prove that our human form is 95%-98% ‘monkey’. What is the other 5%-3%? That is the work of God.

    In my Islamic studies, I read a verse in the Quran that basically said that there were some men arguing and they were turned into ‘monkeys and pigs’. And I remember reading at least 2 verses that men were turned into monkeys because of something [bad] that they have done. I also have read that some things are not mentioned to us ‘out of mercy’. And let’s not forget the verse that says not to eat the flesh of swine.

    COULD it be possible that the 3%-5% of our DNA is ‘pig’? Pig skin is used in forensics because it is so similar to human skin. I also remember reading a verse in the Quran mentioning that we were to lay with each other ‘skin-on-skin’. Cavemen did not have that much exposed skin due to their hairy bodies.

    If this indeed a possibility, no one else, but God, could do that type of gene-splicing…PROOF of The Divine.

    When I was studying Islam, I read where God challenges a person to try and interpret the scriptures and the Hadith, despite what ‘scholars’ may say. So, that being said, I have a right to this opinion.

    Please don’t forget, this Earth is NOT some glamorous place for us to be. We were kicked out of Paradise because of our negative actions and BANISHED to Earth. We ALL eventually return to Him and in Paradise we will have new forms.

  19. jazakallahu khair for the article.

    what i dont understand is instead of indirectly adrressing the issue, why dont the scholars like shaykh haytham come out openly and specifically state his name(usama hassan).

  20. MAshallah- But how can you lead the prayerin masjid tahweed but you dont warn the people to not pray behind him
    ASalamu alaikum. I pray the Sheikh is rewarded for his efforts.

    However, why doesn’t he explain weather prayer is valid behind usama or not?

    Thats alll the masses are asking him for

  21. Will he break ties with Suhaib and Usamah Hasan?
    Assalamu alaikum. This is too little, too late. Aqidah.com has addressed this already and in a more comprehensive manner whilst understanding UH’s pseudo-science. Moreover, they are not afraid to name UH and his father because why else do we care about this issue at this point in time? The truth is Haitham Haddad is gagged by his disgraceful pact of cooperation with Ahl ul Bid’ah so he does not want to name UH. The real test of his conviction and sincerity will be whether he now cuts off his links with Suhaib Hasan and UH. If he truly believes they don’t have a valid opinion then he will not give them credibility by continuing to work alongside them. Will his face remained plastered across Masjid Tawhid’s website? Time will tell but Haitham Haddad does not have a good track record when it comes to abandoning the people of bid’ah.

  22. Slave of the ALMIGHTY ONE

    FAO Darwin, the author has a good attempt, but his assumptions are totally wrong. He is saying that ‘God’ should be used as an explanantion for how things arise, and that the ‘secular narrative’ devoids God as an explantory factor. He is extremely wrong.

    When a scienctist conducts a project, he can never add God in his thesis. The reason being is that natural events require natural causes, scientists deal with the natural, not the metaphysical. So its not the case if you went to ‘non western scientists’ that their research papers would include God, for instance, if they wanted to know how a camels digestive system works, they wont say’ There is no natural process, God makes it work’!

    So science is not about using God as an explanantion and evolution is NOT UNIQUE in that.
    God cannot be used as a scientific explanantion because :
    1. Its a science stopper
    2. It presupposes that evolution and atheism go hand in hand and beliefs in God and evolution are mutually exclusive.
    3. To *scientifically* prove that God created Adam would be impossible because a) no scientific evidence exists of adam, b) no scientific evidence exists of God let alone him creating Adam with his own two hands.

    Besides which where is the scientific evidence? And what they accept that God is a scientific theory liable of being falsfied

  23. Obsession with Science
    For those who write that the Sheikh missed the point… well you’ve missed the point.
    We seem to have become so obsessed wit having to prove ‘scientifically’ that we forget as Muslims our only 100% true source is the Quran and then that as recorded through Hadiths.
    It’s like those who’s debates around proof of Islam is ‘Science in the Quran’. Was this the Prophet’s SAW approach or his companions? I am not saying it is wrong nor that it is a good for of dawa, but the point is science changes and it was never the core for of proof.

    The point for me is that from a pure Islamic point of view Evolution of Adam is incorrect. This then gives me the basis from which to look for ‘scientific’ proofs to accompany this because it is a means of dawa that appeals to some.
    I don’t believe this article is meant for a non Muslim scientist looking to see the Muslims proof of why evolution in it’s completeness is wrong. It’s for Muslims to have a basis from which they then work and build a stance.
    Lets not get embarrassed about being called backwards or unscientific because we hold firm to our true source of guidance and use it as the basis from which we derive all our world views.
    I’m off to search for the Boson-Higgs particle 🙂

  24. shame on us muslims
    Salam, how could this happen, such a fitnah taking place is a shame for us muslims, our own people turning away to a silly evolution theory?
    Muslims…make lots of du’a for our muslim ummah..insha’allah…

    Wasalam, Umm’Ibrahim

  25. Defining Evolution [PART 1]
    [PART 1]

    Written by one of the brothers who refuted Usama Hasan during the meeting hosted at Leyton…

    * * * * * * * * * *

    In the name of Allah, the Bestower of Mercy, the Most Merciful

    First lets get some definitions out of the way. Evolution of a species is broadly defined as a phenotypic change in a species over time arising from genetic mutations. Where these mutations are beneficial, they give rise to a selective adaptation for organisms in that species. Micro Evolution is defined as genetic changes within a species that can give rise to adaptations with that species. Macro Evolution is defined as the compounded effects of microevolution that leads to speciation. Speciation is defined as the emergence of a new species that is reproductively viable and distinct from the parental organism. Science according to the conditions outlined by Karl Popper are concepts and observations that can be falsified and validaded.

    The process of Macro evolution can briefly be described in the following way: Life started with a universal common ancestor, the accumulation of mutations of many years led to the emergence of distinct species. The theory of speciation thus postulates that all life on earth is related by common ancestors so for example Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes (chimps) were descended from a common primate ancestor. Homo sapiens and Canis lupus familiaris (modern dog) are also related to a common ancestor but more distant. Even humans and Cucumis sativus (Cucumbers) are related to an even more distant relative and so on. Eventually all organisms are related to a universal common ancestor and so the theory states.

    Sir, before I respond to your comments I would like to outline briefly what are the main evidences for different species sharing a universal common ancestor and what are the underlying assumptions behind them. The main evidences for speciation is primarily genetic but to a lesser degree because of the fossil records. The latter is actually a primitive reflection of the former. Fossils with similar anatomical features such as humans and chimpanzees are thought to share a more closely related ancestor then say a human and a frog, which must share a common ancestor albeit much more distant.

    The genetic evidence is viewed as more compelling by scientists and now overtakes the fossil argument. When scientists sequenced the human genome (draft completed in 2003) and the genomes of many species they discovered that some species share similar genetic sequences. For example species between primates (and humans are included) or within birds etc… There were some genes that are conserved across many species and some only within a smaller group of species. Humans and chimpanzees share 96% of their genomes.

    Scientists looked at the genetic evidence above and interpreted with the following assumption: two species with similar genetic sequences means that these species arose from a common ancestor. This assumption itself is just an interpretation and in fact it can not be falsified in the same way the alternative interpretation can not be falsified: The alternative assumption would have been that species with a similar genetic sequences means that these species have a shared environment. For example, monkeys and human share similar land based environments therefore primates and humans have similar genomes.

  26. Defining Evolution [PART 2]
    [PART 2]

    So why did scientists today accept the first assumptions over the second even though both assumptions are just interpretations of the data. The main reason is because the first assumption fits into the secular narrative whereas the second assumption is rejected by scientists because it implies that the different species did not emerge in a process but their differences were pre-existent. To accept the second narrative scientists would have had to accept a Creator who is an interventionist. And as atheists like Richard Dawkins would tell you science does not do God.

    Now there are scientists and thinkers such as the late Andrew Flew who would fit in the “intelligent design” camp meaning they would accept the existence of a God but that God cannot be an interventionist God. So we have the same data (genetics and fossil records) but the interpretation was skewed towards the secular assumption because scientists would rather deal with an explanation devoid of the interference of a God. The secular assumption has no more evidence than the theistic assumption. In fact it is driven by just as much ideology as the theistic assumption – albeit an atheistic one.

    As a Muslim in the scientific field I accept the data (genetics and fossil records) but my interpretation of that data is that the similarity of the different species on Earth is reflective of a shared environment and by implication a common creator. In the same way, a person may write two very similar dissertations (analogous to a genome) and with similar phrases and words (analogous to homologous genes), yet these writings are not similar because they have a common ancestor but because they serve a similar function (analogous to similar environment) and are created by the same creator.

    It is also true that the vast majority of scientists today accept the first assumption, however that does not validate or falsify a theory because scientific orthodoxy is a consensus of a particular interpretation (laden with certain assumptions) of the data. In fact, scientific orthodoxy has often got it wrong before. For example, there was once a time that scientific consensus viewed the Earth as flat and positioned at the centre of the universe because scientists of the time interpreted the data based upon certain preconceptions about the status of the Earth. You are also forgetting an important aspect that has always influenced scientific orthodoxy, which is the threat to a scientist in terms of his life, his career, or lack of funding should the individual go against the assumptions of the time.

    [Source] (Post No. 428) http://forums.islamicawakening.com/f17/call-save-masjid-tawhid-41162/index43.html

  27. To Ahmed11111
    I do not know where atoms came from, I am not a physicist. The thing is, if we do not know how something originated or which genes created Mozart (or is he ‘haram’?), we should say ‘I don’t know’, not someone or something we cannot see, hear, sense, smell or detect in any way created it. We are talking about science here, and science deals in proof, there is a lot more proof for evolution than for God.

  28. Confusing adaptation with evolution
    Almost all life has been created with amazing amount of programmed capabilities. When these abilities are switched on, adaptation takes place.
    For example, if you took blonde haired, blue eyed people from Norway and placed them in central Africa, over a number generations, with mating with local people, their offspring would start developing dark hair and eye pupil colour. This is adaptation.

    Where as evolution is still a theory. Darwins linear theory cannot be proved by Palaeontologists because fossil finds dont show linear progression of species. So the latest theory is a step theory. Species just happen to appear along the time line.

    So bear in mind, adaptation is a fact, evolution is a theory.

  29. Good Article!

    Have some Muslims lost their akl (sense)? We will follow our Deen , not the atheists beliefs. So Shukran. May Allah guide the lost, ameen.

  30. I agree with Malik
    To quote the late great Biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, “Nothing in Biology makes sense except in the light of Evolution.” I read this article hoping that it would actually be beneficial to my understanding of Evolution in context of Islam; however, I realized half way through I was wrong. Why don’t people actually study what they write about?… I found this whole page with its ignorant accusations of kufr and misguidance not only unhelpful, but also could be possibly detrimental to the faith of some (educated) Muslims who have attained formal knowledge in the subject and are looking to rectify two parallel realities. And FYI, try to be less Pharisaical in your conclusions, brother Haitham; self righteousness is not going to get you points outside those who already agree with you. Salam and Gig ’em.

  31. Slave of the ALMIGHTY ONE

    I dont think Sh Haytham has understood the issue correctly or in much depth, the article seems sort of reactionary to Usamama Hasan’s view. Usama Hasan’s views are wrong and Sheikh Salman al Awda’s views are correct.

    There is however more then one way to understand evolution whilst mainating that Adam AS was without parents etc and this is what the sheikh does not touch upon.

    As the Islamtoday article states that is permissible to believe that Allah had inserted Adam on earth whilst there were pre existent human-like beings, extremely similar to humans if not classed as fully homo themselves. Whether these beings existed is a matter of scientific scrutiny, not one of Deen, much like the existence of UFO’s, dinosaurs etc.

    Before we delve further, its important to understand that science deals with repeatable and general events, it does not deal (by definition) with ad hoc miracles. Science narratives dont deal with religious ones and apparent contradictions are not contradictions in truth. For example, no one would say its kufr to say ‘scientifically speaking rocks do not speak and the dead do not come back to life’ YET we know that a rock said Salam to nabi SAW AND Isa AS raise dthe dead. One is a miracle act, and the other is a general scientific one. It would be madness tos ay that geology and biology is now kufr. Likewise a Muslim scientist can hold belief in evolution but he can only hold it *scientifically speaking* whilst mainting that the MIRACLE OF ADAM is unique and distinct from what any scientific data would show. When a scientist makes a statement i.e that descent took place, then one should not think that every scientific statement is at all discussing any creedal point. scientists just discuss general data, they do NOT discuss religious figures and miracles.

    Sh Haytham says he can show many flaws in evolution. The problem is most muslim apolgetics cannot do anything but point to holes in theories and and say ‘aha, its not a fact!’ when they misunderstand that science does NOT deal with facts, even neo Darwinists know this…sciene is based on degrees of certainty, NOT facts…there is low degre eof certainty about the multiverse but high degree of certainty when it come sto electrons. Doubt this? Put your finger in an electric socket! And even then electrons existing is not a fact, but mere theory. Some christians have come out with ID theory, which has MANY flaws in but still is a sort of competitor to evolution, what alternatives have Muslims come out with? harun yahya?? Some of his works, with all due respect is laughable. There are holes in every theory, but one must admit that evolution is pretty evidence based, why would Allah create an illusion of evolution only for us to deny it?

    Also the only reason why UH and co address these issues is because there is no one in our community to address such issues, if our Imams dont start reading soon, then people like UH will prevail.

  32. evolution “THEORY”
    There have been too many long winded arguements for and against this “Theory of Evolution” concocted by some one called Darwin.
    The one unanswered question is….where did this ape or chimpanzee evolve from? Theoretically the spider was the first creature on earth. So the ape must have developed from the spider.Good, what did the spider eat if it was the first creature on earth. What happened to the flies this spider was supposed to eat. Do apes actually eat meat?….All this rubbish about evolution is driving people mad. Scientific cloning has taken its toil as well. GM food causing all sorts of problems.
    It is about time people started believing GOD rather than expecting science to relieve them of their burdens.

  33. Slave of Allah

    The ruling concerning the belief in Adam’s primate descendents
    Assalamualaikum, It’s sad to say that the Sheikh didn’t conclude with a clear ruling, I don’t undestand why the muslims dont put their tawakkul in Allaah and state that which is correct, not concluding with a clear ruling could mislead many, I hope in the future our scholars are straight forward and only fear Allaah when it comes to making judgements.

    The ruling for such a belief is Kufr as mentioned by prominent scholars all over the world.

  34. Shadow Caster

    How can you write a whole article about a subject you do not understand? By writing this article you are making a mockery of the Muslims. You make it seem that all Muslims disbelieve in evolution, which is not true.

  35. To Zebigboss
    Dear Zebigboss

    The article was prompted by an ill-informed Muslim who is trying to get Muslims to believe that Adam’s parents were near-human – I know, he doesn’t know what he is talking about…

    So we share 96% (or more) of our genes with chimpanzees (we even have a pair of chromosomes less than them). Do you really believe that that 4% that is different is responsible for our intellectual abilities, languages, ability to build and harnes the environment around us; to write and read; to come up with the works of Plato, Aristoltle, Shakespeare; Einstein; Newton; Huygens. Do you know then what these ‘magic genes ‘ may be? We are different from apes, and chimpanzees. Some of us anyway…one needs to reflect a bit.
    Evolution doesn’t explain the existence and order of the universe. Doesn’t explain the order in an atom.

    Where did all come from Zebigboss?

  36. suhaib n usama


  37. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    “Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” J Haldane

    This article shows everything that is wrong with Islam, and not only this religion, when it comes to discussing scientific matters.
    Firstly, the author adopts a pseudo ‘legal’ and ‘scholarly’ pose, and then attempts to arrive at the conclusion he has already reached in advance by relying on ancient ‘scholars’ and texts. This completely ignores the fact that the original premise of his argument, that God created Adam out of clay, has no other basis than accounts in the Bible and the Koran. It has no scientific basis whatsoever.

    Then he sets up a straw man, ie a false account of Western scientific belief, that Adams parents were apes. No one has ever said that. What evolution says is that, very slowly over millions of years, some apes changed little by little from generation to generation and slowly developed the characteristics that we know as human. By the way, we share over 96% of our DNA with chimpanzees, or don’t Muslims believe in DNA either?

    The author really give the game away when he writes
    ‘However, a decisive part of being Muslim is to acknowledge that the information related by way of the Qur’an and Sunnah entails certainty, whereas any other knowledge that we acquire is prone to human error. Thus, if the scriptures posit anything related to science and the overwhelming majority of scholars affirm its meaning, then we have to believe in it accordingly as such knowledge is fact-based and not merely human perception.’
    This means ‘Disbelieve the evidence of scientific proof and your own eyes; believe the Koran’. This is primitive thinking, harking back to the days when Gallileo was persecuted for saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun because that contradicts the Bible.
    If you believe everything is already known, how can you make progress? Where are the ancient Muslim scientists who invented algebra and made great strides in mathematics? Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Koran? No, yet they existed.

  38. Jazakallaah khair. Its good to see that Muslims at large have responded well against this evil call for belief in evolution. Looks like the callers to evolution got a surprise at how much Muslims rejected them. I’ve found the most comprehensive and in-depth replies against Usama Hasan at http://www.aqidah.com, I strongly recommend Parts 1, 2,3, 6 and 7.

  39. is evolution a fact?
    Evolution is NOT a fact despite the vigorous promotion by the media. Any scientist who writes against it has his or her funding withdrawn. He or she is black listed and not allowed to develope his or her career further and that is a fact.
    Darwin started off by saying that a cell was the basic structure of any living being. He had no idea that a cell is a highly complex and a complicated structure instead of a simple cell that he had envisaged. In his theory of evolution he considered the white european male to be the top of evolution, the irish white was next below this chain. Following the Irish the non white caucasian typically middle eastern and the indian subcontinent followed. The paler skinned ones had thought to have evoloved further than the darker skinned people. The Africans were below the chinese who were below the non white caucasian. Now who believes this nonsense in this day and age? NO ONE.
    A fact that has been hidden is that in the same era as the so called austrolpithicus, intact human bones were found that were no different to the human bones today.
    Another fact is the precise nature of construction of any living body.
    This cannot be simply explained by chance. A statistician has recently calculated that such a chance of evolution from a single celled animal to a human being is NOT possible.
    Just look around you, the number of scientist who have spoken out is far larger than imagined but their voice is not heard because the establishment does not want an alternative view point. Why?
    I would recommend that you borrow a book called “Hidden archaelogy” and seriously look at Haroon Yahyas book for a lucid explanation of why evolution has not taken place.

  40. To Malik
    “Amazing how much this guy lacks knowledge of science. Evolution is a fact and a theory in the same way gravity is a fact and a theory. Evolution is a process that is verified, it is a fact. The theory of evolution explains how it happens. He doesn’t understand the meaning of “theory” in science. Major fail. ”

    Malik, sorry I do not think you have quite grasped the different levels of scientific evidence, demonstrable and empirical sciences, hypotheses and theory. We haven’t unravelled everything yet. 200 years down the line our descendants may well be laughing at our understanding of biological processes .
    Evolution may apply to other living things. As Muslims we believe that was not how Adam came about.I’m a Muslim, I believe in Allah’s words, not Dawkins’ or Darwins’.

  41. Then what will you believe…
    For those who are Muslim and feel they have to believe we came from apes because it is proven scientifically:
    -how about the splitting of the sea
    -the birth of Jesus
    -the descent of angels with revelation
    -a stick turning into a snake and eating other snakes
    – how about heaven, or hell that we can’t see?
    – how do you explain the Isra and Mi’raaj – it seemingly defies Newtoninan laws – yet it is mentioned in the Quran and hadeeth, and we believe even prayers were prescribed in heaven (remember Abubakr and the Muslims were mocked by the non-Muslims for believing in it, yet AbuBakr was cale as-Sideeq for believing what seemed unbelievable because he believed:
    “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah”


    And he warned us that we will be judged for whether we believe in this message or not. For those who believe and submit is everlasting bliss, for those who disbelieve:
    “Every time a Group is cast therein, its Keepers will ask, “Did no Warner come to you?”
    They will reply: “Yea, a warner did indeed come unto us, but we gave him the lie and said, ‘Never has God sent down anything [by way of revelation]! You [self-styled warners] are but lost in a great delusion!”
    67:10 (Asad) And they will add: “Had we but listened [to those warnings], or [at least] used our own reason, we would not [now] be among those who are destined for the blazing flame!”


  42. Biological Evolution 3
    What about other living things, besides the human beings living on the Earth today? What about plants, animals, fungi, and the like?

    When we turn our attention to this question, we find that the Qur’ân and Sunnah do not tell us much about the flora and fauna that was present on the Earth before or at the time of Adam and Eve’s arrived upon it. The sacred texts also do not tell us how long ago Adam and Eve arrived upon the Earth. Therefore, these are things we cannot ascertain from the sacred texts.

    The only thing that the Qur’ân and Sunnah require us to believe about the living things on Earth today is that Allah created them in whatever manner He decided to create them.

    Allah says: “Allah is the Creator of all things and over all things He has authority.” [Sûrah al-Zumar: 62]

    Indeed, Allah states specifically that He created all life forms: “And We made from water all living things.” [Sûrah al-Anbiyâ’: 30]

    We know that “Allah does what He pleases.” Allah can create His creatures in any manner that He chooses.

    Therefore, with respect to other living things, the Qur’ân and Sunnah neither confirm nor deny the theory of biological evolution or the process referred to as natural selection. The question of evolution remains purely a matter of scientific enquiry. The theory of evolution must stand or fall on its own scientific merits – and that means the physical evidence that either confirms the theory or conflicts with it.

    The role of science is only to observe and describe the patterns that Allah places in His creation. If scientific observation shows a pattern in the evolution of species over time that can be described as natural selection, this is not in itself unbelief. It is only unbelief for a person to think that this evolution took place on its own, and not as a creation of Allah. A Muslim who accepts evolution or natural selection as a valid scientific theory must know that the theory is merely an explanation of one of the many observed patterns in Allah’s creation.

    As for the fossil remains of bipedal apes and the tools and artifacts associated with those remains, their existence poses no problem for Islamic teachings. There is nothing in the Qur’ân and Sunnah that either affirms or denies that upright, brainy, tool using apes ever existed or evolved from other apelike ancestors. Such animals may very well have existed on Earth before Adam’s arrival upon it. All we can draw from the Qur’ân and Sunnah is that even if those animals once existed, they were not the forefathers of Adam (peace be upon him).

    And Allah knows best.

  43. Bioogical Evolution 2
    We as Muslims must ask:

    Does the theory of evolution – and likewise the theory of natural selection as a mechanism of evolution – conform to Islamic teachings or conflict with them?

    Is a Muslim allowed to believe in evolution as a scientific theory as long as he or she accepts that Allah is behind it?

    Is a Muslim allowed to believe in human evolution? If not, how can we explain the fossils of upright, bipedal, tool-using apes with large brains that have been discovered?

    We wish to re-emphasize that our concern here is not with examining the scientific merits of the theory of evolution. What we want to know is what Islamic teachings have to say about the idea. Whether evolution is true or false scientifically is another matter altogether.

    When we look at the sources of Islam – the Qur’ân and Sunnah – we see that, with respect to human beings living on the Earth today, they are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

    Allah also says: “O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is the one who is the most God-fearing.” [Sûrah al-Hujûrât:13]

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) identified the “male” mentioned in this verse as being Adam. He said: “Human beings are the children of Adam and Adam was created from Earth. Allah says: ‘O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is the one who is the most God-fearing’.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî (3270)]

    We also see that Allah created Adam directly without the agency of parents.

    Allah says: “The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: ‘Be’ and he was.” [Sûrah Al `Imrân: 59]

    We also know that Eve was created from Adam without the agency of parents.

    In the Qur’ân, Allah states clearly: “O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women.” [Sûrah al-Nisâ’: 1]

    Therefore, the Qur’ân tells us that Adam and his wife were the father and mother of all human beings living on the Earth today. We know about this by way of direct revelation from Allah.

    The direct creation of Adam (peace be upon him) can neither be confirmed nor denied by science in any way. This is because the creation of Adam (peace be upon him) was a unique and singular historical event. It is a matter of the Unseen and something that science does not have the power to confirm or deny. As a matter of the Unseen, we believe it because Allah informs us about it. We say the same for the miracles mentioned in the Qur’ân. Miraculous events, by their very nature, do not conform to scientific laws and their occurrence can neither be confirmed nor denied by science.

  44. Biological Evolution
    Biological Evolution – An Islamic Perspective Research Committee of IslamToday under the supervision of Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-Turayrî
    Thu, 09/22/2005

    Many Muslims wonder about the theory of biological evolution – the theory that living species on Earth today are descended from others in the past, and that the present diversity of living species we see is a result of descent with modification over the course of numerous generations.

    Muslims also wonder about one of the main processes that evolutionary theory proposes to explain how evolution takes place – the process of natural selection. This is the idea that the individuals within a populations of living organism vary in their individual traits – they are not exactly alike – and that the organisms which are most successful at leaving descendants will pass on their unique traits to the next generation at the expense of the traits possessed by less successful organisms in the population, thereby contributing to a long-term gradual change in the suite of traits found within the population.

    To start with, it is not our intention in this article to discuss the scientific implications of evolutionary theory. We wish to explore the issue from the perspective of Islamic teachings.

  45. Blind following…
    People actually blindly follow/believe in evolution withou even knowing about it.

    There are secular / scientific bullies that bully you if you do not believe in it…then mock you for believing in God.

    So most people believe BLINDLY in it…because they believe that scientists must be right.

    Why isn’t there so much debate about all the other scientific theories? Because this theory and the debate is a proxy war for those who believe in God vs those who don’t.

    Scientists CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY HUMANS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE, and so different from all other animals. They can’t explain the universe . This can’t be put down to a question of biology – it needs more insight, wisdom intellect and philosophical thought and reflection than many a nerdy biologist in his lab can muster.

  46. To Malik -Think
    Note the shaikh says, “evolution, in relation to man”

    I’m a physician, I am involved in clinical research and genetic mutations that lead to cancer. We know about ‘natural selection’ – where mutations render an organism more likely to survive and pass their genes on in a given environment – which is why our GPs don’t give us antibiotics all the time and why cancers become resistent to chemotherapy (my interest is leukemia).

    I can tell you this – we share more than 97% of our DNA with chimps and babboons. A tunnel-visioned biologist cannot tell me that it is that 3 % that allows us to learn and read, have an intelligent (or near intelligent) conversation, build, fill the libraries of the world with literature, build civilisations and cultures.

    If anything this is a sign : do you not see, do you not reflect, do you not ponder – there are animals who have the same make up as you, yet is there a comaprison in the achievements and intellect of man vs a chimp.

    This is what Professor Rees said in a Reith lecture – get it on BBC
    “The different sciences are sometimes likened to successive levels of a tall building; physics on the ground floor; then chemistry, then cell biology, all the way up to psychology , and the economists in the penthouse. There is a corresponding hierarchy of complexity – atoms molecules cells organisms and so forth. But the anlogy fails in a crucial respect. In a building, insecure foundations imperil everything above. But the higher level sciences dealing with complex systems , aren’t imperilled by an insecure base. The uncertainties of subatomic physics are irrelevant to biologists. .. ”

    tunnel vision.They don’t step back, look at this whole building and ask themselves – Why? How? what explains ALL of this?
    That is why Alah says: “Verily in the creation of the heaven and the earth and the alternation of night and day are signs for the people of understanding.”

    There are some idiots out there when asked about how they explain the universe its complexity – everything from the complexity of the atom and quanta, to why DNA has to replicate and pass itself on, to why we are as we are, to why planets and galaxies rotate in orbits and order? They say, yeeah evolution explains it al.

    People – the masses – are blind followers of the theory of evolution without even knowing what it says or understanding it, the different levels of evidence for different stages -what has hard scientific evidence, what is plain theory and nothing else and what is in between.. The most recent proponent of it in London is a case in point as one who tells people to adopt it wiothout even understanding it himself.

    I’m not sure if you are Muslim. If you are:
    You can never scientifically prove the birth of Eesa.
    Can you prove the splitting of the moon?
    We believe the angel revealed the Quran upon a man from Allah.

    No one can prove that Allah did not create Adam in the form that He did. It was a miracle that He said He did. Can you prove that He didn’t?

  47. muhammad umar(previously hrishikesh)

    jazak Allah khair
    salam alequm sheikh…a well-written article…i m a revert and this aticle helped clearing up many aspects of evolution and creation…may Allah increase ur knowledge…and all the muslim brothers and sisters who read this…please make dua to give hidayah to my loved ones, may parents, friends and family…Allah hafiz

  48. Even science proves we all come from Eve

    Scientists took DNA samples from every race on the earth and applied DNA lineage tracing to these samples. They found that all the people of the planet are related to each other, as the DNA lineage traces all our hereditary line back to one ancient mother.

    Those who believe in evolution, say that in the past mankind existed in small groups of hunter gatherers, that we can from one or many of these groups. Now if that was the case then we would have more than one root mother. However, science tells us differently, DNA lineage reveals that we come from one root mother (hence the family connection for every human on the planet) and not 2 or 3 or 7 or 53 mothers – just one.

    So what does this mean to the hunter gatherer theory? Facts state we come from one mother. If there was gradual evolution then we would have multiple root mothers. So science shows that at some point in time a human mother just appeared and created all of us in time.

    In human reproduction, a male is required for procreation (exception was Adam and Jesus). This is where Adam comes into the equation. If he had a mother, then the root mother would go backwards to root – 1.

    Science proves that we come from a root mother, we call her Eve. She procreated with a man who didn’t have a mother, we call him Adam.

    Allah knows best.

  49. Fallacy upon fallacy…
    The person who says that Adam had ‘human-like’ parents not only goes against the Quran, the sunnah and the ijma of the Muslims, early and late, but also Darwin’s theory itself ! (proof that he doesn’t know what he is talking about)

    Just for sake of argument, no scientist would says that one ‘human-like’ species gives birth to another species – that of humans. Even Darwin would have honoured Adam more – at least he would have said that his parents would have to be humans like him – the same species as him, not apes! Then Adam would not have been the first man!
    Na’oodhu billahi!

  50. The misguidance of those who claim knowledge of the creation of Adam…
    Assalam alaikum wa RahmatUllahi wa baraktuh

    The late Shaikh Syed Mutawalli Asha’rawi of Egypt was a respected scholar throughout the masses of the Arab world (he wasn’t ‘Wahhabi’, and he lived in our age, and he was a linguist), and he says the following in the explanation of Sura A’raaf with regards the creation of Adam:
    وهكذا نرى أن مسألة الخلق والإِيجاد، كان يجب على العقل البشري أن يبحث فيها، ليعلم مهمته في الوجود. وحين يبحث فيها ليعلم مهمته في الوجود. يجب عليه أن يترك كل تخمين وظنٍ؛ لأن هذه المسألة لا يمكن أن تأتي فيها بمقدمات موجودة لتدلنا على كيفية خلقنا ولا لأي شيء ومهمة خلقنا! فكيفية الخلق كانت أمراً غيبيًّا وليس أمامنا ما نستقرئه لنصل إلى ذلك. وقد حكم الله في قضية الخلق، سواء أكان الأمر بالنسبة للسموات والأرض وما بينهما أم للإِنسان، وقد حكم سبحانه في هاتين القضيتين، ولا مصدر لعلم الأمر فيهما إلا من الله سبحانه، وأغلق باب الاجتهاد فيها، وكذلك باب التخمين، وسمى القائمين بكل بحث بشري في هذا المجال بأنهم ضالون مضللون، ولذلك قال ليحكم هذه القضية ويحسمها، ويريح العقول من أن تبحث فيها؛ قال:
    { مَّآ أَشْهَدتُّهُمْ خَلْقَ ٱلسَّمَاوَاتِ وَٱلأَرْضِ وَلاَ خَلْقَ أَنْفُسِهِمْ وَمَا كُنتُ مُتَّخِذَ ٱلْمُضِلِّينَ عَضُداً }

    “And so we see that the issue of creation and inception, it is inevitable that the human mind will question regarding it; so he understangs the significance of his existence. And when he does question regarding this to understand his place in creation, he should abandon conjecture and speculation. Because there isn’t anything perceptible with which we can reach a conclusion about our creation. So the nature of our creation is of the matters of the unseen, and we have no other way of of knowing about it. And Allah has decreed as regards the issue of creation, whether it is with regards to the creation of the heavens and the earth, or with regards to the human being – that there is no source as to the knowledge of the issues other than from Allah; and He closed the door of ijtihad in this matter, and also the door of theorising. And he referred to all those who seek to explain this by human research as misguided and misguiding other. And that is why He said, to close this matter, and so the mind is relieved of having to search for the answer, He said:

    18:51 I called them not to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor (even) their own creation: nor is it for Me to take as helpers such as lead (men) astray!

  51. You don’t know what you’re talking about Sheikh
    I’m not a supporter of evolution and fully believe that Adam was created by the hands of Allah without descending from the apes. But, we have to be fair in our dealings with everyone, and I believe Haitham you have not been fair with nonsensical claims such as, “many non-Muslim scientists, atheists included, who argue that it is flawed”. Who are these “many”?
    The fact is that only a very small number question this theory whilst the vast majority of scientists accept it.
    That’s what’s scary. People like you who have very little grounding in science make claims without having done ANY research into this matter whatsoever. No wonder the non-Muslims laugh at us and our dishonest claims.
    We have to represent their claims accurately and be brutally honest with ourselves that we are not in a any position to attempt to scientifically debunk their claims.
    The best we can say is that we have FAITH that Adam did not descend from any animal, and that’s it.

    • … in defence of the Shaikh,
      If you don’t agree with scientists and agree with revelation, you will not be called a ‘scientist’ … will you?

      So by saying all scientists agree, it is like saying all those who disagree with revelation disagree with revelation .. lol

      or like saying all those who drive cars do not say that they don’t drive cars.

      Many actually means a big massive body of thinker, professors and scientists who are call so by the ENGLISH definition of their abilities and level of studies.

      Whereas other group of scientist that claim ‘unity’ about the idea of the evolution constantly try to disqualify the previous group as being part of the science circle, because they reject or TRY to reject something in favour of revelation or something similar.

      If you take the history of human you will see that the quantity of those who don’t believe in God is actually a very tiny tiny minority compared to the vast majority of people who do.

      • I like to believe in a god, but not a personal god, it seems to local in truth aim agnostic that is the scientific way. .. and people this is what aim talking about muslims denying the facts. I simply can’t believe the stories that are made up, at a time in arabia, where they were fluent in speeches, and mysteries, seriously? Because they seem to be too simple to connected, to local,WE CAME TO THE EARTH, What? ONE, of gods aspects came to the earth? really? Look at what is out there, just yesterday, 16 light years away, a planet was found, like earth, orbiting a red dwarf,the stars life time of trillions of years, 100 and hundreds double of our stars lifetime, the sun, imagine what life forms there could be?

        ALL religion seems to simplistic. It is out of proportion with what is out there in the universe. Religion is made up.
        I tell you why now listen carefully, the scientific method, is asuming theory is wrong, so you do everything possible to prove it wrong, when you can’t well that model seems fit.

        DO the same thing with religion, start with doubt, and you find yourself, doubting more and more. Not the other way around with science.
        Doubting is a fundamental part of science. Doubting in religion is its, history, end. That simple idea is why i don’t absolutely believe.
        You can’t test religion. You know it, it is all about faith, blind faith.

        One of the wonders of the universe, i think it is more beautiful to live in doubt, testing the universe theory models, than living in certainty, because living in certainty don’t make you go far enough to the absolute truth of the universe. Iam currently starting a project on the genetic evidence of how we shared a common ancestor with apes, there are real tangible proofs. NO we don’t evolve from chimpanzee, orangoutangs, gorillas, they are our cousins, we share a common ancestor 6 mill years ago. I do my masters, in denmark copenhagen university. I do everything to disprove, because this is the scientific method, what i found is the theory just expand to greater areas of problems, making it more stronger.
        One little aspect my project is about: Sequencing the fusion point:
        Ken Miller on Human Evolution
        Evidence for Evolution – Analysis of Human Chromosome 2 pt1

        Coming to that, the most important point why i don’t believe in religion, is for simply not believing. You expect the most merciful the gracious, and JUST, god, would punish people in fire, i remembered what my father said, of what is coming there, when i was little. I remembered very clearly. He said, muhammed said, when a disbeliever enters hell, just a simple breeze of hell fire air, would make him say, that he is in the worst part of hell, when he is not, he has not even entered hell. The scenes, describing, the brain starts to boil, you flesh starts to melt of your bones, then they give you new flesh,to taste the pain further, for one simple reason.

        To doubt in religion, no matter if the person is kind, helpful, have a moral code. No that doesn’t count.

        Yes i get that people like hitler should taste the fire, yes? for killing, the jews, yes, creating facade, mischief, yes. Absolutely i would love that, if that was the case, allah is just right? But repeating what i said, allah punishes people in eternity for not believing.

        Iam a good person, i don’t like to kill people because of their sects, like the foreign invaders do in syria, like ISIL, Al-Nusra, al-q.

        Im for equality, i give charity to the people of syria who are victims of this endless war.

        But still i deserve hell fire, because i simply don’t believe.

        no wonder why we scientists laugh at you

  52. evolution is empirically sound
    Jzk Shaikh for such an articulate and lucid response.

    Another point I would make is that evolutionary processes clearly exist in the natural world. Both past and present. However man is clearly a being aside from the rest of creation and there is no empirical evidence to support the evolution of man from apes.

  53. Just because a lot of people believe in something does not make it true – so your argument that evolution is flawed because it does not consider the feelings of a huge number of Muslims has nothing to do with its truth.

    And looking at evolution in a strict academic sense means that you MUST include more sources than the Quran and hadith. Just because the Quran says something does not make it true.

    Comments like those by Aisha (above) only indicate the poor understanding and teaching of these concepts and arguments. As does your article – please pick up a variety of books and educate yourself – it is embarassing to see people treat this article as if it is a serious explanation of the topic.

  54. Is this a joke?
    There’s so much ignorance in this article that it’d be funny were it not so sad.

    “Do we not ponder why it is still considered a theory despite the fact that the idea has been around, in some popular form, since Darwin and is promoted so fanatically by its protagonists?”

    Amazing how much this guy lacks knowledge of science. Evolution is a fact and a theory in the same way gravity is a fact and a theory. Evolution is a process that is verified, it is a fact. The theory of evolution explains how it happens. He doesn’t understand the meaning of “theory” in science. Major fail.

    How can you write articles on the internet but not know how to use the internet to educate yourself on a topic before you write about it? Evolution is a fact of life and is the basis of the entire field of biology. There is no question about evolution amongst scientists whatsoever. Why this man claims there is shows his level of ignorance. It is an observed verified fact. It’s how we know how to make antibiotics.

    • Hi..
      Well to put it simply .. evolution is NOT a definite fact.
      However scientist have came up with their own ‘principles’ to decide facts from theories.

      For you and me if something is not real or is still unproven, we call it a theory, and idea, or a thought
      If something is proven correct we call it a fact.

      But what scientists do is have different principles in using a ‘definition’ for their ideas.
      Basically when something is highly likely or may be even extremely likely, they will call it… wait for it: a FACT!!… not highly likely theory, but a fact. so even if evolution is not actually a FACT, but rather just a theory, they still call it a FACT.

      The reason why they consider ‘highly likely’ to be similar to fact is that they simply assume that after many many many … experiments, if the result is still the same therefore it must be the same accross the board.
      So, they were able to prove evolution on so many species, so therefore it must be true for any NEXT species they will study, even if they actually haven’t studied it or were unable to.

      For humans, they have not been able to specifically prove it using physical proof and tests, rather they just deducted it in this manner.

      So Islam doesn’t deny evolution for all the million of species but rather only affirms that Adam was created differently. That’s it

      Reality is:
      Millions of species that exist could come from evolution. but it doesn’t prove that humans did too.

      Perfect match between islam and reality.
      Science will always be behind and flawed if scientist do not adopt more realistic principles rather than a process of deduction… after all how can they study every single animal that ever exist?… actually we only know less than %10 of all animals that are on this planet, we are still discovering new ones everyday.
      It makes it even more ludicrous to adopt such a process of deduction and include every species under its umbrella!

  55. Assalamu ‘alaikum,
    Jazakhallah Khair Sheikh. This is very clear and very helpful to the masses. I pray that this message is published wider and let the truth stand clear from falsehood. Ameen.

  56. Jzk

    I think the sheikh should be more open and name and shame this individual, usama hassan who is creating fitnah and openly going against the kalaam of Allah azza wajal.

    His father suhayb hassan who is covering up his son, should also be called to condemned for allowing his son to be in this position.

  57. Question
    Asalaam aleiukum, may Allah SWT reward you for the good words my question shaykh Suhaib Hassan’s son may Allah give him hidaaya and hiqma is ” is if man evolved from apes, what brough about the end of this evolution ? why are apes not turning into humans any more ? why are humans giving birth to human and apes giing birth to apes , we are told that dinosaurs if they did exist evolved into some other sort of animal which is why they are no longer in existance on this day why hasn’t that happened to the apes ? in order for them to still exist at the same time as the humans who are still multiplying ?” such a situation is an eye opener to us all in regards to who we take our deen from.

  58. typo
    assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    there is a grammer mistake:

    “How then, can THE HONOURED THE SONS of Adam[13] actually come from that which is considered a curse?”

    “…THE HONOURED THE SONS…” shudnt it be “The honoured sons of Adam..”???

  59. JazaakAllaahu khaira
    JazaakAllaahu khaira shaykh. U the [s]man[/s] shaykh! lol

  60. May Allah s.w.t. reward you for this. Someone should advise shaykh Suhaib Hassan to stop making excuses for his son on this issue. It is kufr to believe in evolution, and if someone disagrees, then (s)he then must accept that it is at least an act of heresy, and as such requires refutation.

  61. Alhamdulillah
    Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward the shaykh for this statement on this issue. If only intellectually impoverished Muslims would learn that there can be no conflict between sound intellect and knowledge on the one hand and revelation on the other. Both serve to take a person closer to God.

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