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Abu Zakariya works as an IT Consultant. He lives in the UK with is wife and three children. He has had a lifelong interst in comparative religion. Abu Zakariya authored the comparative religion blog www.manyprophetsonemessage.com where he shares his knowledge and experiences of dawah with a focus on Islam and Christianity.


  1. I confess to you that I am a Christian. But I do not know this “no-strings-attached religion” you speak of. I am just as against such nonsense as you are, probably more for it distorts the message of the Cross and Jesus’ triumph over the grave that are essential parts of God’s story to reconcile humanity to himself and cause it to be focused more on humanity than on God himself. As such it misses the point and creates a pseudo-Christianity. If you say that there are supposed missionaries “boast[ing] about this, putting forth scenarios of drowning Jews, Christians and Muslims with only a Christian being certain of salvation,” then I have to take your word for it. But if I ever find out about it regarding any of those sent out from my church they’re fired — and my church, the United Methodist Church, happens to be one of the largest Protestant denomination in the world. We are about lifting God up, not putting other religions down.

    • Abu Zakaria, I think you should go and focus on zeros and ones. That seems more of an area you understand than Christian teachings. Let me explain he Christian salvation issues, it’s like having your debt paid for in a bank, the fact that you have money in the bank does not mean the person you owe that money will stop asking you to pay his money, but when he asks, you simply go to the bank and withdraw the money. We have guaranteed forgiveness because the debt we owe to Allah has been paid for! Jesus died on Chross for your sins and mine! I wish I could meet you to explain this!

  2. God knows if people are true at heart. Do you believe that Mohammed went straight to paradise, or I’ll he be purified by “hellfire” like many other sinners. Surely he is being purified now because he murdered people, stole, raped women lied and did many bad things.

    • Rot in hell kaffir. He is in the highest rank in Paradise and liars(and you are a liar) burn in hell forever.

  3. With regards to reference 9.

    As muslims we believe Jesus is a Prophet & a messenger of God. Further, Allah (God) does not beget neither is he begotten. Why have you used an example that opposes this?

    Clarification would help ?

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