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More Ofsted discrimination against Muslim pupils

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London Schools: Brace Yourselves for another round of Oftsed Discrimination under the guise of "Extremism" Brace yourselves for round two of forced assimilation in schools, twists, lies and distortions to maintain the fear-mongering around the most dreaded of all people, Islam and Muslims. This time a Church of England school has been placed into measures because there was inadequate protection from “Islamist extremism” due to lack of oversight of an Islamic Society run by Muslim students. The school has many accolades, including rapid improvement, outstanding performance and a committed team leading the school.  However, the neocon-compromised and biased, agenda-driven Ofsted felt it necessary to place

Narendra Modi: a Fascist Complicit in Genocide?

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The victory of Narendra Modi in the last Indian elections sent shockwaves through the world, not only because of his close ties to the fascist-inspired RSS but also because of his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots which left thousands of Muslim dead in what is widely believed to have been state-sponsored mass murder and rape. The RSS To understand why Narendra Modi is such a controversial figure it is important to look into his political background. Narendra Modi began his political career in a group called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), National Volunteer Organisation. The RSS was founded in 1925 as

Hoax Trojans and hoax WMDs: call to Ofsted – don’t wage this neocon war

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Originally posted on Coolness of Hind - read here

Telegraph caught colluding with anti-Islam fanatics

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“HATE-EVANGELISING” TELEGRAPH USES EXTREMIST MATERIAL IN ITS REPORT ON IERA The latest attack on an Islamic organisation in the Telegraph is a demonstration of the seething hatred that characterises the neocon media, coupled with the assistance of compromised government organs , towards those who propound Islam. This is an exposition of an example of where impartiality has been forfeited in order to support and propagate the neocon narrative against Islam and Muslims. Referencing a network of anti-Muslim extremists, the Telegraph (or rather, the Torygraph) has done a spread  on iERA, wrapping highly specious anti-Muslim rhetoric as a “report”, and in the process, smearing a Muslim

“Happy Muslims” and the Muslim Minority Need for Political Maturity

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Cross-posted from CoolnessofHind I did not wish to write about this for the last thing the Muslim minority needs is an object of discussion which creates a rift. I refused to comment on everyone in the happy Muslim video. Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad  among others was the reason why. My personal position is strong on the actions in the video, however what concerned me more and compelled me to write was the way in which video ended up being used and the fact that it is starting to be picked up mainstream media . It was saddening to see opportunists jump at the chance to use the