Tariq Huq

Tariq Huq is currently a student in the Prophets Mosque, Madinah, KSA after having graduated from Madinah University in the year 2017 with a BA in sharia. He is a hafiz of the Quran and also holds a degree in economics from University of Madras, India. During his vacations he conducts lectures and workshops in Chennai, India and was recently in London to lead tarawih prayers in the month of Ramadan 1439. His interests include writing and reading on various topics such as Islam, politics, cricket and other issues affecting society.
5 Articles

India is at a Crossroads

17 Min Read

Ustadh Tariq Huq says India is at a critical juncture

Kashmir Requires Statesmanship Not Showmanship

13 Min Read

Ironically by being captured, Wing Commander Abhinandan may well have averted a war fuelled by jingoism and irresponsible rhetoric.

Pulwama: the most important question no one is asking

12 Min Read

Why are young Kashmiri men turning to militancy?

From Watchdog to Lapdog: How Sections of Indian Media are Failing Democracy

14 Min Read

“Freedom of the press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose.” - George Orwell

Questioning the Indian Diaspora’s Support of Narendra Modi

9 Min Read

"It is sheer irony that while living in multi-cultural societies they push for a fascist agenda in their motherland."