Zimarina Sarwar

Zimarina is a freelance writer and researcher currently based in London. She holds an MRes in Linguistics from Kings College London and her interests include language, spirituality, social justice and… a bit too much baking.
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Hashtags of Harm: Dissecting Deceptions of Today

21 Min Read

“We've all heard the hashtags 'live your best life’, ‘only God can judge me’ and ‘this is my truth’. Not far below their surface, these hot social media ideas can wreak havoc on our mindset as believers."

So Trump is (almost) gone, but let’s hold the fireworks…

11 Min Read

As Biden begins a contested path towards the White House, what does the post-Trump era really mean for Muslims?

“I’m more spiritual than religious”… and other fables

13 Min Read

We want the perks and benefits that the disciplined practice of a religion traditionally gave us, but without the investment and work it takes.

An Open Letter to Russell Brand From a Muslim Woman

15 Min Read

“I’ve listened to your insights so many times and have found myself asking: how is this guy not a Muslim yet?” writes Zimarina Sarwar

Cuties on Netflix: Twerking towards Corporate Paedophilia

18 Min Read

#CancelNetflix may be trending, but its "Cuties" film is just the tip of the child-sexualisation iceberg, Zimarina Sarwar explains

Metaphors we live by

11 Min Read

An uneventful lunch with an uninspiring cheese and cucumber sandwich forced my six-year-old daughter to point at her offering and confidently declare: "This sandwich is like life."

When NOT to give your Islamic reminders

20 Min Read

When calamity strikes, giving someone an Islamic reminder does not take the place of showing basic compassion. Reminders are important and benefit the believers, yet there are times when a moment of empathy is the more appropriate response.

When moments like the Hagia Sophia come

10 Min Read

When world news overflows with negativity around Islam and Muslims, it is even more important to pause and embrace the moments of celebration.

Sacrifice: Lessons From a Department Store

13 Min Read

She seriously considered sacrificing two ribs for her image. How seriously do we take sacrifice for our creator?

Lost in Translation: The Art of Misunderstanding

8 Min Read

Sharing the same vocabulary doesn’t always mean you’re speaking the same language