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#Stand4Uyghurs Twitter Storm

Editor 7 Min Read

On Wednesday #Stand4Uyghurs trend everywhere!

Mass protest in London demanding to stop the “impending genocide” against Muslims in India.

PP Jaseem 3 Min Read

Sunday 3rd July 2022: Diaspora groups called for a mass protest in London demanding to stop the impending genocide against Muslims in India.

Idrissa Gueye – European Football Wants Black & Brown Bodies With White Cultural Norms & Beliefs

Dr. Salman Butt 8 Min Read

We want your superior speed, strength and discipline, but you must adopt our beliefs and cultural norms—which we inherited by complete historical accident, by the way. 

Have Charity Appeals made us War Photographers?

Dr. Osman Latiff 8 Min Read

You have been seeing so many charity appeals... Have you become desensitised? Do you change the channel and forget? Have you become a War Photographer?

Another Ramadan Without Ramadan

Arslan Hidayat 6 Min Read

This is a month of beer drinking competitions, force-feeding pork, watching dancing imams, getting closer to the Chinese Communist Party and worshipping their "lord and saviour" Xi Jinping for giving them daily

The World Is Witnessing the Mistake Made at the 1936 Berlin Olympics Once Again

Abdulhakim Idris 10 Min Read

86 years ago, the Olympics in Nazi Germany gave legitimacy to the Third Reich, ultimately culminating in the holocaust. Today they are doing the same to China’s genocide of Uyghurs.