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Has Imran Khan played his last innings for Pakistan?

Jahangir Mohammed

Following Imran Khan's jail sentence, Jahangir Mohammed, Director of think-tank Ayaan Institute, explains what's happening in Pakistan.

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Leaked Government Documents Expose Xi Jinping’s Role in East Turkestan Genocide

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The virtual Uyghur Tribunal hearing concentrated on the so-called Xinjiang Papers, which are also known as “Absolutely No Mercy”.

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Last week, our stand for the Uyghur Muslims culminated with a list of our demands to the Chinese embassy. Now, we need you to make this message go viral.

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British Government apologises to Dr Salman Butt following defamation case

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“It has been a very long battle to clear my name. I thank firstly Allah and secondly the world-class legal experts at Bindman’s and Maxtrix Chambers who represented me out of a

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Join Dr Salman Butt, Hamza Tzortzis and Arslan Hidayat as they talk about the upcoming #stand4uyghurs demonstration.

Disgraced illustrator who insulted the Prophet ﷺ killed in car crash

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The dishonourable Swedish cartoonist Lars Endel Roger Vilks has returned to his Lord after a fatal crash-turned-inferno that occurred on Sunday.