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No, Daily Mail, you CAN’T have sex slaves – Ali Hammuda’s response

Bismillah, wal-hamdu lillah, wa al-salatu wa al-salamu ‘ala rasulillah

All media outlets are not the same – the Daily Mail is a special kind of ignorant

Two years ago a spy was caught going around our mosque in Wales. He had been filming secretly, harassing young boys with very personal questions and scaring them, and he tried to entrap everyday Muslims, among other things. Due to his behaviour, he was asked to leave the mosque many times; however, it later transpired that he was collecting “evidence” to cut and paste together to make a film to somehow, anyhow, connect the Muslim community there to ISIS – or something equally ridiculous.

Luckily, the production company then showed some integrity and told this poor, failed attempt at a journalist, that he had absolutely nothing newsworthy—only a few statements read from mainstream classical Islamic books taken wildly out of context. I am aware of this because the production company had the courtesy to contact me at the time and, after I had provided them with a response to the allegations they put to me, they decided to abandon the documentary altogether. They realised that only the most disgraceful media corporations would risk their reputation publishing such organised and obvious defamation, or indeed risk bearing the legal repercussions. Two years later, it seems the spy finally gave up and went to the Daily Mail.

Read the response from the Muslim Council of Wales in defence of Imam Ali Hammuda

The Daily Mail knows very well that they can put the requisite legal disclaimers buried in the text somewhere. So what did they do with the failed spy’s handiwork? Although the Daily Mail rarely deserves a scientific rebuttal, there is an important, insidious deception that has to be corrected, lest a non-idiot fall for the carefully crafted con.

So what did the Daily Mail do? 

The Daily Mail took a short clip of me in a lecture reading Imam Ibn Hajar’s commentary on the prophetic ‘narration of Jibril’—a narration known to pretty much all Muslims verbatim, and arguably the second most famous narration in all of Islam’s collections. The part of the narration we were talking about was one of the Signs of the Hour: “the slave girl will give birth to her master,” along with commentary from mainstream, orthodox scholars such as Ibn Hajar, al-Qurtubi, al-Maaziri, Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, and indeed too many to mention, all discussing various interpretations put forward. This detailed and nuanced discussion was, of course, largely ignored, and a purposely decontextualized snippet of me mentioning a well-known ruling in Islam and other major world religions—that has never been disputed by any credible Muslim reference across the globe—which stated that in principle, should consummation take place after mutual consent and absence of coercion with a female captive, neither of the two parties are considered blameworthy, just as a married couple who engage in conjugal relations are not considered, according to Islamic law, as adulterers or blameworthy.

It is important to note that this discussion nowadays in Islam has more of an academic value than a practical one in an age where the international consensus is on the prohibition of slavery. After all, every Muslim country is a signatory to laws and conventions against slavery, and violations are treated as serious crimes. Addressing it is essential otherwise we leave it for the likes of ISIS (and Islamophobes) to disseminate their skewed narrative.

The topic was only glanced over in the talk whilst quoting classical jurisprudential text and the context applicability of this was clear to the audience.  The idea of there being sex slaves in Islam is entirely fictional and non-existent. It is a concocted, defamatory claim created by the money-making media machine. As you can imagine, however, all of the nuance was ignored, and the usage of the term ‘slave’ and ‘sex’ in the same sentence was cherry-picked and spun to seem as if I am calling people towards the un-Islamic practice of ‘sex slavery’.

I have specifically spoke out against ISIS’s abhorrent act of enslaving Yazidi girls.  On 11 November 2015, I attended a Cardiff public hearing for the Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life at Cardiff University which was organised by Citizens UK. During the course of my contribution at this event I stated the following:

“… in recent years, there were some youth from Cardiff and other cities across the UK who decided to leave the UK and to fight with the condemned group known as ISIS… the Centre is being explicitly and implicitly reported as having radicalised these youth. This allegation we have ardently refuted time and time […] Also we ourselves have challenged the barbaric, vicious ideologies and actions of this so called Islamic State whether it is the recent taking of the Yazidi women and selling them off as slaves in slave markets and to the rest of these abhorrent abominations”.[1]

It is unequivocally clear therefore that I do not approve of sex slaves and consider it to be an abhorrent abomination.

“Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance”

Had they paid attention, asked for or simply anticipated clarification like the rest of the attendees of the class who had done so throughout the 96 weeks of teaching, they would have learnt that the description of “slaves” in the Western sense is a million miles away from the Islamic notion, in the context in which  it was applicable in historical periods.

For example, the captive was only to be captured in a battle; the captive had the choice to free themselves in a Kitaba contract (which the state must facilitate) or remain under someone else’s protection; harming him or her even by a simple slap, let alone sexual violence, causes them to be set free; and so on. But, did the Daily Mail desire to genuinely present mainstream Islam or merely smear it using the oldest trick in the bigot’s book? I think any reasonable person will agree that if someone in the Daily Mail cannot tell the difference between sexual intimacy between two consenting people and what is effectively rape it is not fitting to force that conflation upon everyone else.

A presentation on the Islamic historical and legal notion of captives of war and “slaves” is found here.[2]

But why does the Daily Mail go to such great lengths to pull a story out of thin air? This revealing quote from the failed spy is perhaps the most insidious part of the whole debacle:

‘It reinforces the idea that what these militant groups are doing, what IS is doing, is legitimised by history.’

He let slip that his desire is essentially the same as that of ISIS: to decontextualize mainstream Islamic jurisprudence in order to somehow create the impression that ISIS—who have been roundly refuted by all orthodox Muslims—is somehow acting according to orthodox Islamic principles or are purportedly a legal re-emergence of the Islamic State that existed in centuries past. Just as ISIS would butcher such historical Islamic rulings, removing nuance in order to justify a unilateral slavery of women without their consent or protection, it appears so too does the Daily Mail.

They then try and cover their tracks—it is not all Muslims we hate, this one in particular is just an extreme one, not like the rest. This is despite the basis for the attack being a clip of me reading one of the most ubiquitous and widely-accepted scholarly Islamic works on earth, and I add, an interpretation recorded and supported by the majority of classical Muslim Scholars. In spite of me favouring the minority opinion that the prophecy was in reference to the predicted mistreatment of parents, they furnished their attempt at painting me as some kind of pariah with quotes from an unknown ‘good Muslim’ condemning the ‘bad Muslim’. I thank them for informing me that I am apparently hated throughout Wales. The countless and continuous invitations to speak in mosques all over the country, to speak with journalists including those from News of the World, and even police forces during the past few years had fooled me into thinking otherwise.

If there is no link with ISIS, just make one up

My suspicions about the purpose of the made-up accusations being to somehow insidiously link orthodox Muslims to ISIS were unfortunately confirmed in the article. The Daily Mail crammed as much irrelevant imagery and mention of ISIS as possible, thinking that their readers would be ignorant enough to make some kind of connection between ISIS and myself. Regrettably, judging by some of the comments, it seems they were right with respect to some of their readership.

They mention the fact that certain individuals who went and joined ISIS visited the centre and school that I used to volunteer at. However, this is wholly false as we understand that Mr Khan did not attend Cathays High School and it would seem from an article from the BBC entitled ‘Cardiff jihadist Reyaad Khan, 21, killed by RAF drone’ dated 7 September 2015, that he attended the Cantonian High School.[3]

To their credit, they did mention, in a watered down understatement, that I have refuted ISIS. But facts don’t really matter, especially if they are sandwiched in the small print between big, angry slogans and pictures, explicitly painting lies which they will probably end up apologising for in small print somewhere that no one will read, once the damage has already been done, as usual.

The Muslim community, as well as pretty much every minority community, knows the Daily Mail methodology very well. They wish to create invisible and imaginary links in the minds of the ill-informed in our society, hoping they were careful enough not to get sued for libel and defamation. It is part of the brainwashing of the dispossessed and angry racists who are being sensitised to take offence and outrage at anything a person from a minority does, and whom they are taught to blame for all their problems.

It does not matter that there is no actual truth in the impression given; it does not matter that we have all been refuting ISIS since before these Neanderthals even knew about them; it does not matter that statements read out of books are twisted and presented to mean something completely other than intended, what matters is how angry you can make the masses to distract them away from the real source of their problems.

The lecture in question would have lasted approximately one hour in length whereas the segment of the lecture that is being scrutinised and misrepresented lasts no more than 56 seconds and it therefore goes without saying that the snippet has been decontextualized from the message and purpose of the overall lecture itself. It is inconceivable to believe that anyone attending would have taken from the lecture the message that the Daily Mail is seeking to portray, namely that ISIS’s enslaving of Yazidi girls is permissible and/or praiseworthy. Moreover, the familiarity with the nature of my lectures, in which I have expended much time speaking out against the evils of ISIS, makes it clear that what the Daily Mail is seeking to attribute to my words would not have been understood as so by the attendees of 96 weeks’ worth of classes. It is clear that an ordinary person, not an enthusiast for scandal and mischief, would not read into the words spoken as the Daily Mail has done.

I would like to reiterate that not all media outlets are the same. I commend all of the news channels and production companies that refused to run such an outrageous and deliberately malicious disinformation campaign over the last two years. And, as a result, I feel proud that the only paper in the British press low enough to stoop to such a level was the Daily Mail. It is an honour to be smeared by the same paper that allied itself with Adolf Hitler in its smearing of Jews during the Holocaust. I just hope that we all realise the parallels before it is too late.

Source: www.islam21c.com


[2] https://youtu.be/pR50Lw_16zo?t=30m39s

[3] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/Jihadist-who-wanted-to-be-Brit…


About Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Shaykh Ali Ihsan Hammuda is a UK national of Palestinian origin. He gained bachelors and masters’ degrees in Architecture & Planning from the University of the West of England, before achieving a BA in Shari'ah from al-Azhar University in Egypt. He is currently based in Wales and is a visiting Imām at Al-Manar Centre in Cardiff, and also a senior researcher and lecturer for the Muslim Research & Development Foundation in London. Ustādh Ali is the author of several books including 'The Daily Revivals' and 'The Ten Lanterns", and continues to deliver sermons, lectures and regular classes across the country.


  1. born and bred yob....not proud to go to a pro-i never have

    I’m British . But just to quote Ghandi ” if even in the sea two fish were disputing/fighting then blame the british because they are behind it one we or the other ”…..

    Amazing when we had the empire it was common globalisation notion and excuse back then to go and civilize the uncivilized…..India and how afluent and prosperous it was but now still recovering but progressively getting better.

    Off the subject above. As onto.y not ask Yvonne ridley and get her story that is dedicated to civilized commentators…….and one question what is the definition of civilization?….are we civilized?

  2. Nevertheless. do you sometimes doubt, reflect and think?

  3. Does this mean some parts of the Koran be ignored or even rejected?

  4. There never would be consensual sex between a prisoner of war and their ‘master’. You’d have to be a seventh century goat f**ker to even think such a thing. Islam is sadism and violence rationalized for the pleasure of the criminals that do it.

    • I suppose we can’t really blame you for letting your own shameful history and savage values paint the way your interpret other people’s words. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of you though!

    • The only reason non-Muslims are so interested in Islam and have made it a newsworthy topic every day in the last two/three decades is because their human instinct and their hearts are calling them to it; i.e. to Truth. Otherwise they wouldn’t bother to read such articles and spend hours posting useless comments.The only thing stopping anyone from believing is their own ego.

      • “The only thing stopping anyone from believing is their own ego.”…not to menyion the complete lack of rvidence for the truth of islam and the things it teaches.

  5. The owners of this site could easily remove your comments. There is a reason they don’t. #youranobody #epictrollfail

  6. Bism Allah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

    sallam alaikom,

    Apologies!! this is not really a comment on this article but at the same time it is….

    Fireman sam…..just wanted to re-correct a few things my little self mentioned….I mentioned eid was 9-10-11 days away…sorry…my mind must have been elsewhere…..its only August now!…..may be if I have any IQ..it must have dropped…but I’m mad, so that is my plea…i’ll try not to drink the water next time..so do not offer me it miss….may you may have forgot..

    even though the media has dismantled or trying to do that to the fabric in societies in many ways….as quoted there another paraphrased quotation I would like to mention of our beloved Jesus p.b.u.h and I’m not sure where it is in the current bible today..”i have not come for peace, but a sword and to (cut the story short) separate..”…..this is all off the subject..sorry again….!! life teaches I suppose, and as I know nothing I still do aim to qualify with a phd in life once I am gone..but that’s hard…because and twist this as much as you want …but it is not my death wish…but a death seek…I.e. it is ever lasting life I beseech for and seek….and it comes in many forms…..get a confused minion to do it..thats directed at satan..the one has many phds, especially in psychology…..ultra Naomi..?? let it benefit…..the real winners are….

    oh you thought….smirck/laugh…last..who?….you wish..deep down satan knows his end…..he calls …we all respond…some time to time some follow through all the time…with his suggestions and what not….

    mighty thing they said back then and what they are doing now and plotting to do and what they will be trying to do……coo coo who did/done it? and yes I will be amongst the 15% again,,until I can say stop that train I am leaving….I hope no pus enters anybodys stomach..please forgive me yet again!!!! albeit,.i’d better getting packing or will there be nothing to take….question time is on tv tomorrow..just a reminder….

    some spark the match, and as LK said they fear the flame…..albeit as he also said, we will fight the fire with water…….cho cho…do tracks go over water….when peace comes it comes..no matter what….but none of us have a say in the matter…..who does..?…

    GOD obviously, who gave YOU your daily bread today (just to mention one blessing we all take for granted in this ….?…suppose we as humans are all knowing and seeing and self sufficient.and what not…?!..

    sorry again and to consume too much of anyones time…that’s if anybody else apart from the over seers are reading this….OMG..my madness I can’t stop….walking the plank is all being hand made it seems…..WHO SEES ALL?….lord of the rings….abra cadabara…..let your astrologists and magicians help you….

    ”is it true barthsheba is jesus great great on and on great grand mother…?….true or not..and only Allah knows may be Nabi Daud had a license to do what he did…..anyway it is all for xtians to figure out….o”mr pope…can we have access….to missing parts of history that you hold?..just a kind request..whether you hear it or not….there is a time that is fast approaching…..

    just to end …Nuremberg…..defence = following orders…!..ok!….at least how is the conscious doing?

    one correction I would like to make to the comment here/there…..I forgot to add to the dua…Allah is the one who is swift to bring to account…..sareea al-hisaab………

    …..zion…I sincere

    and I am not sure if I did correct what I meant about the takkibirat of eid..sorry/sincere apologies yet again…it’s my mind you see……!..but I meant the following:

    Translation Of Takbeer-Ul-Eid
    Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Great, There is no Deity but Allah
    Allah is Great, Allah is Great, and praise is due to Him.
    Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Great, There is no Deity but Allah
    Allah is Great, Allah is Great, and praise is due to Him.
    Allah is the Greatest, and an abundance of praise is due to Him,
    and glory and praise be to him morning and evening.
    There is no Deity but Allah, Alone, He was True to His promise,
    and He granted victory to His Worshipper, and He supported His troops,
    and He conquered the allied parties of the enemies all by Himself.
    There is no Deity but Allah, and we worship no one but Him,
    and we will sincerely follow the religion for Him, even against the wishes of the disbelievers.
    May Allah pray upon Sayyidina Mohammad, and upon his Family,
    and upon his Companions, and upon his Supporters,
    and upon his Wives,
    and upon his Descendants, and grant an abundance of peace on him

    sallam alaikom w rahamtu Allah w Baraktu

  7. You are all fools. What makes you think we are not all slaves now. It’s the iniquity of our masters that troubles us. The unfairness that you feel the reasons why we lash out now. The Kings and rulers that we have now they are Godless they do not fear the Lord and we all are punished for it. we are in great distress.

  8. You Christians are all the same. You do realize that if I recorded one of your church sermons and cherry picked 55 seconds of it I could make you sound 100x worse than this, right? Let’s take a snippet from the Old Testament and present it to a part of the world that knows very little about Christian beliefs to see what they think. Maybe let’s use parts where it talks about what Christians should do to homosexuals or prostitutes. Maybe use the part where your imaginary God was ok with 900 year old men screwing their child daughters. You’re all stupid.

    • So the Christian imaginary God is a different imaginary God to the Islamic one. Not heard that before even in a mosque !!
      I would suggest you listen to a few Sermons in Church. All rather moralising and sometimes uplifting but the things you refer to went out with the reformation 500 years ago & which is what Islam is going through now..Better late than never

  9. So the editor of Islam21c calls Jews the offspring of apes and pigs.
    One writer was caught using the Astley Maisonette adultery website. And now we have this sorry excuse for a human being telling 13 year old boys it’s permissable to take sex slaves and suggesting they should disobey their parents. (all in line with his own warped ‘end times’ philosophy)
    And they try to present themselves as honorable Muslims.
    Forget it… we know what you are, we know exactly what you’re about.
    ‘articulating’ Islam in the 21St century? What a joke. More like disgracing it.
    You’ll get your rightful rewards and your scumbag Saudi paymasters too.

    • OMG I actually had tears in my eyes laughing so much at this—understandably anonymous—imbecile.
      “So the editor of Islam21c calls Jews the offspring of apes and pigs.”
      “One writer was caught using the Astley Maisonette adultery website”
      wrong again
      “And now we have this sorry excuse for a human being telling 13 year old boys it’s permissable to take sex slaves and suggesting they should disobey their parents.”
      this is what made me literally laugh out loud! this idiot (if it is indeed a human being and not some second-rate failed AI spam bot) literally took some of the words in this article and strung them together to mean the EXACT 180° OPPOSITE meaning! bahahaha

      Looks like the filth that gravitates towards the daily mail normally…

      • All 100% true. Anyone not working for Islam 12c who has the slightest doubt can verify it very easily with some quick and basic research.
        I’m won’t name the Ashley Madison user who wrote for Islam 12c, but he was using the adultery site in Australia and was caught bang to rights.
        And it was the Mail on Sunday not the Daily Mail that exposed this latest lying scumbag again bang to rights. He wasn’t simply reading the verses as he claims he was discussing them and offering his own twisted poisonous opinion to young vulnerable minds. And he was caught on tape doing it. There can be no argument. I can’t believe he was stupid enough to draw attention to it but then he is a writer for Islam 12c.
        I’d have tears in my eyes too if I were a Muslim seeing my religion being dragged through the mud by lying hypocrites such as him.
        If you love your religion ibu Ibrahim or whatever you’re calling yourself today, I mean if you really, really love it, then crawl back into your hole and keep your feeble lies to yourself. You’re not fooling anyone anymore.

        Your friendly Ai spambot.

    • #epictrollfail

  10. “But facts don’t really matter…what matters is how angry you can make the masses…” I agree with this statement/accusation/condemnation wholeheartedly. But, I am speaking from the other side of the aisle: the vilification and wholesale disparagement of non-Muslims is just as despicable.

  11. Allah Nasrallah

    As usually,
    a failed attempt to “explain” what was said verbatim.

    And I wonder, why do you still tolerate such primitives in your country? As far as I remeber, Britain was NOT a muslim country, but now?

    Allahu nasrat, allahu snackbar!

  12. Does anyone even think the daily mail write anything that’s true. Most of their articles are lies, propaganda and right wing heavily biased. Brother even if you did not write this we dont beleive the daily mail.
    There job is to do this and we think good of our fellow Muslims.

    • Who's really free next who is not?

      Dear person.

      Simple things affect simple minds.but despite ignorance being a blissful state.there is hope for every body and as God provides for everybody whether a believer in HIM or not …even animals and plants. ….We are all special and still loved

      One thing.islam has no country .as to any country belonging to any set of people …etc.all land is God’s land……but a question the things u may take pride in
      …whether colour race nationality and the likes did u have any choice In that?

  13. So in summary (and reading between the lines to some extent):

    It is permitted to capture women in battle and enslave them.
    “Slave” in an Islamic context does not mean the same as in a Western context, and a better translation would be “prisoner of war”.
    It is permitted to have sex with prisoners of war, but only if they consent.
    Consent cannot be coerced and there is no obligation on the prisoner to consent (as opposed to a wife, who is obliged to obey her husband if he tells her to consent?)
    “Slavery” is illegal in all Muslim-majority countries. (But taking “prisoners of war” is legal?) (This prohibition is man-made law and not based on scripture?)

    Is it correct that scripture does not prohibit slavery, nor does it prevent the government from legislating against slavery, it only regulates slavery in the cases where the government does permit it?

  14. Yet we hear the same old excuses of being taken “out of context” from an extremist Mullah whose been caught out. Than he has the audacity to defend slavery by saying that captured slaves will be “assigned to certain people who must treat them with honour.” More like the booty and spoils will be divided by the jihadists to enjoy and fulfill their sexual desires and lust.

    Where is the honour in belonging to someone it I ask the Sheikh. Slavery is dehumanizing in all forms and no mental gymnastics and linguistic somersaults is going to change the view.

    Women whose husbands have been killed in battle by Muslims, does the Sheikh think that they will willingly sleep with the murderers of their people and family?

    Can a Muslim women be made a sex slave? Why is this honour reserved solely for the women of the infidels?

  15. I can see how women in 7th century arabia were just dying to have sex with the very men who killed their brothers, husbands and fathers. Of course they were consenting left and right.

  16. Daniel B. James

    A very sensible rebuttal. Usual Daily Mail dirty tricks then!

  17. Salaam
    Dear Muslim

    The question now is are you going to sue them.

  18. May Allah SWT protect you & protect us Ameen

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