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News 9 Min Read

Biden offers three-part plan to end Gaza genocide

Is this just an attempt at appealing to domestic voters or a real effort to end the ongoing genocide?

Trials Transformed 4 Min Read

The Battle of Badr — Faith vs. Force

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn about the greatest military engagement in our history, the Battle of Badr.

Editorials 4 Min Read

Islam21c-Mercy to Humanity partnership announcement

We are pleased to share the news of our partnership with Mercy to Humanity and the mutual benefits we expect to reap.

Opinion 14 Min Read

Siege of Gaza is a sign of victory for the Muslims

In part three of three, Abdul Hai shares an inspiring message from previous sieges against the Muslims and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

Opinion 20 Min Read

What made Hiroshima and Nagasaki possible?

In this piece, Dr. Osman Latiff argues that the dehumanisation of those different to us often causes much of the mass destruction in the world.

Editorials 3 Min Read

Islam21c-Human Aid & Advocacy partnership announcement

We are excited to announce a partnership with Human Aid & Advocacy, one of the world's leading humanitarian and advocacy organisations.

Europe Featured Latest Politics 13 Min Read

Russian invasion of Ukraine exposes hypocrisy of Western world

Following the Russian incursion into Ukraine, the entire world is fixated, perhaps obsessively so, on rolling news. Why is this?

America Asia Current Affairs Featured Latest Posts Opinion Politics US 10 Min Read

Adieu Afghanistan! Another shame-faced exit from an unconquerable land

Zimarina Sarwar reminds us why Afghanistan is known as “The Graveyard of Empires”

Khilafah: Yesterday & Tomorrow | Abdul Wahid on Unscripted #78

100 years after the fall of the last caliphate, Abdul Wahid sits down with Dr. Salman Butt for a very special podcast to discuss all things Khilafah.

Current Affairs Featured Latest Islamic Opinion Politics 10 Min Read

Coronavirus: Britain’s call to arms against an unseen enemy – but it isn’t terrorism this time

I’ve experienced living in war zones in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Syria, but I’ve never seen people behave the way they have in Britain following the coronavirus outbreak, writes Moazzam Begg.