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Do You Want Good For Others?

Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said, “None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”[1]

In another narration it is reported that he said, “By the One in whose hand is my soul, a servant does not [truly] believe until he loves for his brother – or his neighbour – what he loves for himself.”[2]

And another still as, “By the One in whose hand is my soul, a servant does not [truly] believe until he loves for his brother the good that he loves for himself.”[3]

A fourth narration states, “None of you [truly] believe until he loves for other people what he loves for himself, and until he loves a person only for the sake of Allāh.”[4]

There are two more authentic narrations of this ḥadīth which shed additional light on its meaning:

1) “A person will not attain the reality of faith until he loves for his brother the good that he loves for himself.”[5]

2) “A believer will not be a [true] believer until he loves for the believers what he loves for himself.”[6]

Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) asked Yazīd b. Asad, “Do you want Paradise?” He replied, ‘Yes.’ He (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said, “Then love for your brother what you love for yourself.”[7]

Muʿādh once asked Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) about the best qualities of faith and he (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) replied, “That you love and hate for Allāh’s sake, you keep your tongue busy with the remembrance of Allāh, and that you love for people what you love for yourself, and hate for them what you hate for yourself.”[8]

Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) enjoined the great Companion, Abū Hurayrah (raḍiy Allāhu ʿanhu), “Avoid the proscribed and you will become the most devout of people. Be content with what Allāh has apportioned for you and you will become the richest of people. Be good to your neighbour and you will become a [true] believer. Love for people what you love for yourself and you will become a [true] Muslim. And do not laugh too much because excessive laughter kills the heart.’[9]

Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said, “The Muslim has six duties of righteousness towards another Muslim: greeting him with the salām when meeting him, responding to his invitation, responding to his sneeze, visiting him when ill, following his funeral after his death, and loving for him what he loves for himself.”[10]

Points of Benefit

The aforementioned aḥādīth show that a person will not perfect his faith until he loves the good that he loves for himself for his brother. This has been declared as attaining the pinnacle or reality of faith as can be seen in the narration of Ibn Ḥibbān.

ʿĪsā b. Maryam said. ‘The faith of a person is not complete until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.’[11]

The believer should also want good for everyone as proven by the narration of Aḥmad. This quality is one of the obligatory qualities of faith.[12] “Good”, here, refers to all things that are obligatory, recommended and permissible.[13]

Part and parcel of faith is also to hate for a person’s brother the evil that he hates for himself. This has not been explicitly mentioned in the title ḥadīth since it is implied: loving something means to hate its opposite.[14] It is explicitly mentioned, however, in the ḥadīth of Muʿādh which was previously mentioned.

A person should deal with others as he himself would want to be dealt with. Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said, “Whoever wants to be delivered from the Fire and enter Paradise must die while believing in Allāh and the Last Day, and he must deal with people the way he wants to be dealt with.”[15]

Aḥnaf b. Qays was once asked how he had learned his knowledge. He replied, ‘From my self.’ ‘How so?’ He replied, ‘Whenever I saw something in another I disliked, I made sure not to do that same thing to another.’[16]

The Muslim is humble and modest. He does not think of himself better than others. Rather, he wants good for them and this can only come about by abandoning envy, hatred and rancour.[17] A true Muslim is generous of spirit and does not want good just for himself but also for others.[18] A Muslim is sincere to another, and advises him accordingly since he only wants the good for him.[19] A Muslim is solicitous of others and concerned about them.[20] A Muslim is aggrieved by what grieves his brothers and sisters.[21]

These characteristics of magnanimity, solicitousness and sincerity with fellow Muslims are encompassed in a hadith. Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said, “The example of the believers in their love, mercy and compassion for one another is like that of the body: if one of its limbs is hurting, the entire body is afflicted with sleeplessness and fever.”[22]

This ḥadīth and those previously highlighted emphasise the importance of brotherhood in Islām as the believer, to another believer, is like one soul.[23] As such, just as we make duʿā’ for ourselves and seek Allāh’s aid for our own affairs, supplicating for our brothers is important. Further to this, as Muslims we are recommended to supplicate for the guidance of a non-Muslim as well.[24]

The ḥadīth does not mean that a person who does not have this quality is devoid of faith altogether. Faith is of different levels and deeds are part and parcel of īmān.[25] However, when a person is devoid of this quality, he becomes open prey to envy.[26]

True love for our brother in Islām must go beyond mere lip service and translate into action. So where a person is able to help his brother in good, he should do so. A strong community is one that is built on love, compassion and cooperation. Although the primary focus of this lesson is on Muslims and the brotherhood of Islām, some scholars argued that the ḥadīth also applies to non-Muslims. This understanding is strengthened by the other narrations of this ḥadīth, and the other ḥadīths quoted above that just mention “people.” As such, the Muslim wants good for the non-Muslim just as he wants good for himself. For example, he would want the non-Muslim to accept Islām just as he would want the Muslim to remain on Islām.[27]

May Allāh keep the Muslim Ummah steadfast upon righteousness and guide mankind to Islām. Āmīn.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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About Shaykh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi

Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi was born and brought up in High Wycombe. He currently studies with Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad and, previously, Shaykh Abu AbdiRahman Al-Libee. He graduated from Imperial College from the faculty of Electronic Engineering. He currently works as a Software Engineer and is the chairman of WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society). He is very active in his local community, especially with his Masjid and working with youth. He has translated a number of books such as 'The Criterion between the Friends of Allah and the Friends of Shaytan,' and 'Relief from Distress (the Dua of Yunus 'alayhī al-Salām),' both by Ibn Taymiyyah as well as many others. He has also written an explanation of Surah al-Fatihah called ‘The Spiritual Cure.’ He currently gives weekly circles in High Wycombe on a variety of topics covering aqidah, fiqh, hadith, tafsir and Arabic Language. He is also a Lecturer for MRDF.


  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
    To every community is a direction towards which it turns.
    Therefore, RACE towards goodness.
    *(race toward God by earning Good dead’s on His way)
    Wherever you may be, God will bring you all together.
    God is capable of everything.


  2. Selam, 🙂

    Here is another perly for you ya Abu Mustafa

    2/269. He gives wisdom to whomever He wills. Whoever is given wisdom has been given much GOOD!

    and here if you open = you will find 99 PEARLS! 🙂



    Al Haqq

  3. Bismillah,

    Ya Abu Mustafa – human kind example!
    The one who felt because of us in disgrace of Allah Almighty, Iblis, is not your brother in Islam any more as we are not too – when he seduced us!!!
    We bought were brothers in Islam in Dzennet, he obeyed God and bound to HIM, and he felt because he did not wanted to bound to us! Here he will bound only to “sincere believers and confident slaves of Allah!!!” The rest he does not respect! And can seduce them again, as he is seducing you!!! Not to understand the message or knowledge that Adam prayed for after he felt too!!!
    So AGAIN!!! If we want Dzennet! WE MUST LOVE OUR ENEMIES!
    And it is valid for him too!
    He felt because of us, we , because of him= so we have same positions here on earth!


  4. To valentino, Can you write that in English please so I can understand it. I’ve heard of talking in tongues but writing in jibberish is another thing.

  5. In the name of Allah Almighty

    I LOVE Isa, Iblis and all Allah’s creations from all the worlds!

    Because loving Isa (brother in species and in faith) is OBLIGATORY for every human bean and is understandable!


    Loving Iblis (if you treat him as an “infidel” or “not your brother in islam”) is
    Iblis loves his followers as well! So if i or we (as human race) do just that, than we are same like him!
    So, if you do not want to be like him “infidel” = than DO SOME MORE GOOD on Allahs way, BY SHOWING LOVE TO YOUR “ENEMIES”, as The One who created them = ZUL DZELALI VEL IKRAM, HAVE MERCY, PITTY AND LOVE for all His creations!
    And if you, me or everyone else, want to be close to Him – than respect His perfect laws!

    El Hak!

  6. “None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”
    And what if they like different things?

    • What it means is in goodnes and well being. I.e. if you want the best in you car\house\job\family you also want another person to have the best and wish it for them to.
      Imagine all of humanity did this. We would love in a near perfect world as a world can get.

      • …but – as I said – other people may have different ideas of “goodnes and well being.”

        • Then one can be happy for him to have that in line with Sunnah.

          • “Then one can be happy for him to have that in line with Sunnah” …whether they want it or not.

            • Hector the Troll op, why are you so islamophobic and anti semetic?
              Is something wrong with you? You’ve never answered and each time I’ve asked you start insulting as the truth hurts you?
              Answer the question for once?

              • Come, come, Abu mustafa: what makes you think I am islamophobic? I have pointed out that the claim that “None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” suggests that muslims think they have the right to force others to do what muslims think good “in line with Sunnah”.
                Am I wrong? In that case say so. If I am right, then my dislike of he sentiment is entirely reasonable as I do not think that is a good thing to do.
                It’s even more amusing that you think I am “anti semetic”. One of your fellow-muslim commentators here is convinced I am a jew.

  7. “Love your enemies!
    If someone strikes you on one cheek – turn the other one!
    If someone forces you to go one mile with him – you go 2!
    If anyone like your shirt – give him your coat!
    Do good to those who hates you!
    Bless those who curse you!
    Pray for those who mistreats you!

    “Love your enemies and do good to them as Your God do to them as He is good with ungreatfull and to the weaked!
    Judge none and you will be not judged!
    Be merciful as your Father is!
    Forgive and you will be forgiven!
    Do for other what you want others to do for you!”
    If you love only those who loves you – why schould you receive the blessings?”
    even sinners do that.

    The one who said that = Isa a.s peace be upon Him, who on this likely similar day that christians “celebrate” as (Great Friday) was the best example of how to treat the enemies = with prayer, and probably the best example of sacrifice for everyone = even for his enemies praying while being on the cross :(:(:(
    So let us celebrate it on the proper way = with prayer!
    Pray today on Friday – when the dua is accepted as Isa a.s did!

    Pray for your enemies!!!
    ”God forgive them as they do not know what they are doing”!!!

    • ISA alyhi Salaam def did not die on a cross. This is incorrect. Due to his high rank and Allah’s ta’alla promise, Allah swt raised Isa so he will be sent again at the end of time.

      • Ya Abu mustafa! 🙂

        Are you following me or Isa a.s 🙂 ?
        Who said that he died?
        Man you have stereotypes about Christians!
        Follow Isa a.s and if you want good for others (as the subject is) – say something that will be useful, don’t alienate from subject by showing how you “want good for others” by commenting other peoples opinion!
        Do something good man! = Judge none and you will be not judged! at least respect one of Isa a.s. examples for your own good – if you do not wish good for others!


        • You said ISA prayed for his enemies while on the Cross.
          I’m saying nearly 2 billion Muslims the world over do not accept this even one atoms worth!
          He was taken to the heavens before any Cross situation happened.
          You need to be clear we can’t accept one of our all time greatest prophets was tortured on a Cross!
          I’m not following you or ISA alayhi Salaam. I’m following Allah.

          I def want good for you my sister as I want it for myself.

          Become a Muslim and you will get good in this life and the next.
          We believe in ISA his miraculous birth. The virtue of Maryam AS. We believe in his amazing powers from Allah.

          • Peace! (one of Isa a.s salutation for his disciples!) or
            (to all of those 2 mil Muslims that do not recognize his message!)
            Those who accept Isa a.s miracles, salute themselves on this day with salutation “Jesus resurrected” and the other one respond : “Verily he did resurrected!”

            Jesus is one of the prophets as you Muslim “believe and acknowledge” but do not admit his special mission and miracles that no other prophet was gifted with and you consider yourself as believers and deny his special mission on earth!
            Why is hard for Muslims to understand his miraculous and sacrificial for humanity leaving of this world, that after 3 days of being in Hadd after being crucified and “passed away” from this world in another form of spiritual existence, on 40th day (Exaltation = we call it, you call it raising in heaven ) – he was exalted and settled on right side of the ONE who send him and will come back again on clouds on day of Judgement!!!- at least you admit that 🙂
            Which one of the Prophets was exalted so much by God Almighty? 🙂

            You recognize him but do not understand his words!!!
            Those words and messages that he transferred to the humanity are not so easy to understand or to obey!
            As they are so PERFECT as THE ONE WHO SEND HIM IS!

            “Love your enemies and do good to them as Your God do to them as He is GOOD with ungrateful and to the wicked!

            If you love only those who loves you – why should you receive the blessings?” even sinners do that!!!

            (that was the point of my first message as comment here – as i thought i understood those words and try to respect them, so DO SOME GOOD THING man = do not stay on my way of serving Almighty God! and of my trying at least to be
            “a believer in attempt”)


            • The religion is Islam.

              Just as I thought you can’t answer the question in plain English forget anything else!

              Another cut and paste job with a web link are you for real. Your a Christian so at least write from the heart? All your doing is copy and paste from xtian web sites!

              Another point how do you know what Jesus said or how do I know? Can you tell me where I can find what Jesus said?

              • :):):) Man you have a diagnose and i will not copy paste it 🙂 wallahi i understand it by my own heart 🙂 it is
                “ISLAMICUS HERETICUS FANATICUS” :):):)
                You silly man 🙂 of course islam is religion man!
                I asked you, here is with other words, “WHICH RELIGION WAS IBRAHIM (ABRAHAM)? :):):)
                Answer that in English if you can! 🙂
                You really did not understand my question or you pretend!
                What copy – paste job man???
                I already gaved you a link with movie of Jesus (Isaa.s.) :):):) i had to copy that 🙂 – so watch quick you might learn something besides repeating same things as a parrot!!!
                Selam! 🙂

          • Selam,

            As the answer for your suggestion – Become a Muslim and you will get good in this life and the next. consider this Quran quotations:

            Sura 3 Ali Imran:
            In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful
            3. He sent down to you the Book with the Truth, confirming what came before it; and He sent down the Torah and the Gospel.
            4. Aforetime, as guidance for mankind; and He sent down the Criterion. Those who have rejected God’s signs will have a severe punishment. God is Mighty, Able to take revenge.
            and Sura 5 Al Ma’idah
            48. . Had God willed, He could have made you a single nation,(read faith!) but He tests you through what He has given you. So compete in righteousness. To God is your return, all of you;
            then He will inform you of what you had disputed.

            As the answer to your declaration : I’m not following you or ISA alayhi Salaam. I’m following Allah.
            consider this Quran quotations:
            Sura 3 Ali Imran:

            48. And He will teach him the Scripture and wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel.
            49. A messenger to the Children of Israel: “I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. I make for you out of clay the figure of a bird; then I breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by God’s leave. And I heal the blind and the leprous, and I revive the dead, by God’s leave. And I inform you concerning what you eat, and what you store in your homes. In that is a sign for you, if you are believers.”
            50. “And verifying what lies before me of the Torah, and to make lawful for you some of what was forbidden to you. I have come to you with a sign from your Lord; so fear God, and obey me.”
            51. “God is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is a straight path.”


            • Yes we already agreed that ISA AS was one of the greatest prophets and men to have ever been born. Thanks for the cut and paste from a Christian website!!!
              The beauty of it is that you quoted the Quran as you know with so many different versions of the bible which one do you use??? Everyone seems to have their own one.
              We wholeheartedly agree Allah sent the Torah and the injeel and zabur, in its original unchanged form however a we all know it was all changed many many times.
              I already said we believe in the miracles that ISA AS performed. Mary AS his mother is one of the greatest women mentioned in Quran. There is a whole chapter of the Quran named after her!

              As you quoted the Quran it means you must believe it’s the truth. So here is one of the final verses that was sent down in the entire Quran.

              It is also in Surah AL Maidah

              “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.”

  8. ameela momoniat

    Very nice naseeha JazakAllahKhair.

  9. Selam aleykoum,

    Does that means that we, as truly believers should love and wish for Iblis the same way as we like faith for ourselves and for other Almighty Allah creations – as he is also created by Allah?


    • that’s incorrect as iblis is not our brother in Islam!

      • Selam

        Ya Abu Mustafa!

        He is not any more BUT HE WAS! and he felt in Allah’s Almighty disgrace with the act of disobedience!!! – he refused to bound us! And when i see your comment – i understand why he acted like that! i really do!
        We felt in disgrace too – with the act of disobedience when trying the forbidden fruit! So we are again “brothers” here!!! but not still in faith!
        Unless we do the right thing – to be able to get back from where we both felt!
        We are all brothers as Gods Almighty creations! and all Gods commandments are valuable for every creations!

        El Hak!

        • Selam,

          In the name of Allah Almighty

          “This is my way. I call to my Lord, having clear evidence.
          Me and every one who follows me. And blessed be Allah,
          I am not of the polytheists. ”

          “Are you seeking from others to do Good, without being good yourself,
          forgetting the Book from where you learn?
          Do not you thinking? ”

          “O ye who believe! Why you sayone thing and doing the other ?
          Oh, how Allah do not like when you speak words that your works do not follow! ”

          p.s. I hope Ya Abu Mustafa that you will at least understand THIS SHORT INTERESTING MESSAGES!!!
          they come from


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