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In this brand new series, we look for the most senior Muslims we can find on the global stage, from as wide a variety of backgrounds and regions as possible, to ask them one question...

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Egypt: Glad Tidings of the Executions

These 12 legends of today prefer death and torture to renouncing what they have declared.

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How to Unite Despite Differences

We all know social media thrives on dispute and drama, but fear not! Ahmed Hammuda brings you 7 usūli tips we desperately need today for dealing with disagreements, to kick off our #SocialMediaWeek

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The Ingredients To Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Success

As the dust settles on the retirement of the most dominant athlete to ever set foot into the mixed martial arts arena, we look back at the career of the impregnable Khabib Nurmagomedov and analyse the key ingredients to his success.

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Quranic Community #16 | The Believers are nothing but Brothers

“Your true brother is the one who is with you, harming himself to benefit you. The one who, if the misfortune of time shatters you, will disband himself to gather you.”

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Quranic Community #15 | The Real Foundation of Brotherhood

Those connected by womb are disposed on being merciful towards each other. How then with those Allāh made your brethren through your connection to Him?

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An identity of a brotherhood of suffering

Myanmar, China, and Now India... Is Muslim Dignity Cheap?

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Love for your Brother

Do you truly love for your brother what you love for yourself?

Excelling through the Bond of Brotherhood

"It is evil enough for a man to hold his brother in contempt…”

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Common Sense Prevails: MPs agree with Sh Haitham on ‘Political Islam’

In September this year, newly elected Chairman of the UK Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), Crispin Blunt, ordered an inquiry into the Government’s handling of Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. To the chagrin of many in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), the results of the enquiry­—published in November—were damning