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The Prophecy of Islam Liberating Europe

Muhammad Fāti: The Man that RasulAllāh (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam) Prophesised

The month of February is one which stands out in history as one which witnessed Muḥammad al-Fātiḥ’s ascension to the throne in the house of Uthmān, ‘The Ottomans’, following the death of his father Sultan Murad II in Muharram 852 A.H., February 1451A.C. At the age of 19 he became the 7th Sultan of the Ottomans.

The Early Years

Sultan Muḥammad was born on 27th Rajab 835A.H, 30th March 1432. He was brought up under the close supervision of his father, Sultan Murad II who prepared and trained him to shoulder the responsibilities of the position of a Sultan. It is stated that Sultan Muḥammad memorised the entire Qur’ān, learnt the Prophetic narrations, Islamic jurisprudence, mathematics, astronomy and the skills required for war. He was multi-lingual being fluent in Arabic, Persian, Latin and Greek. He joined his father in his battles and conquests.

He was raised with an Islamic upbringing under the tutelage of a number of scholars of his age such as Shaykh Aḥmad b. Ismāʿīl al-Kourani and Shaykh Ak Shamsuddin, one of the scholars who played a role in developing the personality of Sultan Muḥammad and who is attributed as instilling in his heart the spirit of Jihād and the desire to be a person with high ambition.

At the age of 12, a young Muḥammad was driven by a particular ḥadīth of the Messenger of Allāh (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) that profoundly affected him and impacted his life, changing his destination and that of the course of history. The ḥadīth was as follows:

“Verily, Constantinople shall be opened. Its commander shall be the best commander ever, and his army shall be the best army ever.”[1]

Much like Salāh ad-Dīn before him in his quest to liberate Jerusalem, his ambition overwhelmed him to the extent that he would not talk about any subject except for the conquest of Constantinople. Having now become the Sultan on the death of his father at the age of 22, Muḥammad set about fulfilling his ambition in liberating and conquering Constantinople and seeking to be the one whom the Messenger of Allāh (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) had prophesied about.

Constantinople is a very unique city in Europe as it is located in a very strategic geographic location, between two major continents, Asia and Europe. At the North, it is bordered with the Black Sea while Russia and Iran are at the South. From the East side, it is bordered with Syria and the Mediterranean Sea whereas at the West sit Bulgaria, Greece and Aegean Sea. Constantinople was of course the capital city for the Roman Empire (753-476) and the Byzantine Empire (610-1453). Napoleon was quoted as saying, “If the Earth were a single state, then Constantinople would be its capital”. It was at that time regarded as one of the most fortified cities in the world.

The Masterful Strategy

Sultan Muḥammad realised that the attempt to open Constantinople was not an easy task as Muslim armies from as early as the time of Muawiyyah (radiyAllāhu ‘anhu) had attempted to besiege this city but it consistently failed on each occasion – the closest to achieving the aim was Sultan Beyazid but, qadralllāh, his attention was forced elsewhere with the emergence of the Mongols. Hence, Sultan Muḥammad knew that his attempt needed to be well-planned and meticulously strategised.

One such strategy was to build the navy. He put together a formidable armada of more than 100 ships for the conquest of Constantinople. To ensure victory, he sought to equip his army with the latest artillery in warfare – a new technology which had not been owned by any other country was bought from a Hungarian engineer, Orban. The technology came in the form of giant cannons capable of tearing down the wall of fortresses surrounding Constantinople.

As a further preparation for war, Sultan Muḥammad ordered the building of fortresses close to the region about to be attacked. The function of this was clear: to station the army and, at the same time, provide logistical sites for uninterrupted war supplies. These fortresses were built in a few months. He knew that Emperor Constantine XI would have noted his movements and it was rumoured that the Hungarians and Venetians were on their way to support Byzantine, as such, Sultan Muḥammad was in a hurry.

Sultan Muḥammad personally supervised the training of the huge army for the conquest to ensure that they were of the highest standard physically and, more importantly, spiritually. He would often remind them of the ḥadīth about the liberating of Constantinople hoping that they might be the ones referred to. Also, it is reported that on one occasion Sultan Muḥammad entered the markets in disguise to purchase a number of items. He went to one of stalls whose owner, not knowing who the buyer was, informed him that, praise be to Allāh, he had made enough sales for the day and the remaining items should be purchased from another stall nearby. When Sultan Muḥammad went to the stall nearby, having purchased one of the items he needed, again the owner informed him that he too had made enough sales and therefore his remaining item should be purchased from the stall near to him. On seeing this, Sultan Muḥammad knew that he had amongst him a righteous group of believers with which to undertake the momentous task, much like Salāh ad-Dīn before him who once stated that he knew the time had arrived to liberate Al-Aqsa when he witnessed that the size of the congregation for the morning prayer was as large as the Friday prayer.

With his ships all prepared and fortresses built, Sultan Muḥammad set off with a force of 250,000 mujāhids to Constantinople on 6 April 1453 (875 AH). Sultan Muḥammad had terms of surrender sent to Emperor Constantine XI as per Islāmic custom before engaging in battle. He invited him to surrender peacefully and be spared everyone’s life and property, with the security that whoever wanted to remain would be safe. However, the Emperor refused and with this began the siege of Constantinople.

The Muslims became frustrated however with Byzantine’s famous barrier chain in the sea. Made of giant wooden links that were joined by immense nails and heavy iron shackles, the chain could be deployed in an emergency by means of a ship hauling it across the Golden Horn. Securely anchored on both ends, with its length guarded by Byzantine warships at anchor in the harbour, the great chain was a formidable obstacle and a vital element of the city’s defences. The Ottoman fleet tried many times to get into the city by sea, but they faced numerous failures. The soldiers even tried to secretly break the chain which was 4 to 5 feet below sea level, but they were killed in the process.

Nevertheless, Sultan Muḥammad was one of the great generals who used one of the most outstanding, daring military approaches and strategy in military history. He ordered his army to bring up the naval ships on land and pulled them over the hills at the eastern side of Constantinople. Over 70 ships were pulled on rails made by wood from the trees surrounding the hills and animal grease spread on the wood to facilitate the transport of the ships. This intelligent and seemingly impossible task was completed by his soldiers disguised by the cover of darkness over a lengthy distance in only one night.

The next morning, the people of Constantinople awoke to the sounds of the Takbīr, “Allāhuakbar”, and they were shocked to see the Ottoman ships lined in front of their fortified fortress causing a huge psychological blow. The Muslims now began bombarding the walls day and night with the cannons.

The Conquest and Liberation

On 27 May 1453 (857 AH), Sultan Muḥammad commanded his army to purify themselves and to intensify their worshipping and devotion to Allāh so that He may ease the siege. That night, scholars such as Shaykh Shamsuddin reminded the army of verses from the Qur’ān and reminded them of great men who died trying to liberate the city such as the great Sahābi (Companion), Abū Ayūb al-Ansari (raḍiy Allāhu ʿanhu), who was martyred just outside the city walls at the age of 90. The soldiers spent much of the night uttering the Tahlīl (“Alḥamdulillāh”) and Takbīr (“Allāhuakbar”) and making supplications. Again, there is much parallel with Salāh ad-Dīn who too was known to encourage his soldiers to engage in much worship and to supplicate to Allāh. It is said that on one occasion, Salāh ad-Dīn received news of Crusader ships sailing toward them with reinforcements, he retired to the masjid and spent the night in prayer, beseeching and begging Allāh’s assistance. In the Morning Prayer, he told a pious man to supplicate for them. The person replied, “Don’t fear, O Salāh ad-Dīn, verily the tears of the night have drowned the enemy ships.” A short while later news was received that the ships had indeed sunk.

In the morning (Day 54 of the siege), Sultan Muḥammad delivered his final battle speech in which he instructed the soldiers not to attack the Churches and places of worship, sparing the priests, the weak and those unable to fight in line with the Prophetic injunctions. It is said that the speech had a profound impact on the army as the speech indicated that victory was within their grasps. Later that day, one part of the wall became weak enough for the infantries to rush into the city. The people of Constantinople saw the flag of Islām flag being flown for the first time and the liberation was then completed with Sultan Muḥammad aged 22.

Sultan Muḥammad entered the city on his horse along with his army – his commanders congratulated him whilst he said to them: “You have become the liberators of Constantinople, about whom the Messenger of Allāh (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) informed us”. He then dismounted his horse and fell in prostration praising Allāh for this prestigious honour and supplicated for the brave Mujāhidīn who were martyred along the way.

He then headed towards the one of the greatest churches in all of Christendom, the Aya Sofia. Inside were many priests to whom Sultan Muḥammad showed kindness and mercy and gave reassurances for the lives and possessions of all in the city on account of which many were said to have become Muslim from witnessing the justice and tolerance of Islām. Sultan Muḥammad gave instructions for Aya Sofia to be transformed into a Mosque as soon as possible in preparation for the Jummuʿah (Friday prayer) that was approaching in the coming days. Accordingly, Aya Sofia was cleansed of any crucifixes and idols, all images were covered up and a mimbar (pulpit) was built. When the blessed day of Jummuʿah arrived, Shaykh Shamsuddin was honoured with delivering the first sermon in what was now and forever from that day forward, the Aya Sofia Mosque. Again, this is very similar to the liberation of Al-Aqsa by Salāh ad-Dīn who entered the city on a Friday and immediately began the cleaning of the Mosque in readiness for the prayer and he too showed justice to the Christians where no house was exposed to plunder and no individual was harmed. His soldiers, acting on instructions, patrolled the streets and gates, preventing any aggression to which the Christians might be exposed and the release of his captives, even at his own expense.

In the meantime, Sultan Muḥammad continued to meet the heads of the various religions and sects reassuring them all that they would each receive their religious rights with each having their appointed leader, own schools and places of worship – such was the tolerance of Islām in contrast to the barbaric Crusaders and their treatment of Jews and Muslims in Palestine and Al-Andalus, Spain. Sultan Muḥammad also sent letters and gifts to all the rulers of the Islamic World, in Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Persia and India to inform them of the great victory which he claimed not just for himself and the Ottomans, but for all of Islām and Muslims.

His Death

Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ continued to spread Islām in the Conquest of Serbia (1454–1459); Conquest of Morea (1458–1460); Conquests on the Black Sea coast (1460–1461) Conquest of Wallachia (1459–1462) wherein he famously defeated the Dracula; Conquest of Bosnia (1463); Conquest of Karaman (1464–1473); Conquest of Albania (1466–1478); Conquest of Genoese Crimea and the alliance with Crimean Khanate (1475).

Not being content on fulfilling one of the sayings of the Prophet (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam), Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ sought to now conquer the heart of Christendom, Rome for indeed the Messenger of Allāh (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said that the Muslims would liberate Rome.[2] However, whilst marching with the Ottoman army to the campaign, he became ill. After some days, he died on 3 May 1481, at the age of 49 – Allāh has destined this to be achieved at the hands of another great noble individual.

Points to Note

The liberation of Constantinople paved the way for Islām to enter Europe. The conquest remains one of the great events in not just Islamic history, but that of world history. The liberated city was from here on forever to be referred to as ‘Islāmbul’, meaning the “City of Islām”. It should be noted that it was only during the secularisation process of Ataturk where it took on the name of ‘Istanbul’ which has no relevant meaning. Incidentally, there are coins in the British Museum from 1730 where the name of the city, Islambul is clearly imprinted.[3]

Many factors played into the hands of the Muslims which made the liberation of Constantinople ripe, for example, crusading nations such as France and England were exhausted from ‘The Hundred Year War’, Germany had internal affairs to deal with whilst Spain were busy waging war against the Muslims in Andalusia.

I have made many references to the similarities between Sultan Muḥammad al-Fātiḥ and Salāh ad-Dīn to highlight that what they achieved was not just by mere chance but that there is a similar thread with respect to their noble characteristics as a result of which Allāh enabled victory and honour to be achieved at their hands.

We also learn that neither god-conscious leader, nor brave liberator emerges, except that there is a group of pious scholars around him to teach and guide him and to also themselves participate in the battles leading by example. There are many such examples in history such as the role played by Shaykh Bahā’ ad-Dīn b. Shaddād with Salāh ad-Dīn, Shaykh Shamsuddin with Muḥammad al-Fātiḥ as seen here, as well as the ‘Shaykh of Scholars’, Al-`Izz b, Abdis-Salām alongside Saif-ad-Din Qutuz.

Today our youth are motivated to become footballers or celebrities which is in sharp contrast to the young Sultan Muḥammad who desired to be a blessed leader mentioned by the Prophet of Allāh.

Perhaps the greatest accolade with respect to this noble warrior is that for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, he was forever to be known and remembered as Muḥammad al-Fāti (Muḥammad the Conqueror) – establishing a direct link to the one prophesised by the Messenger of Allāh (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) – liberator of Constantinople and defeater of the Romans. Finally, his army should also not be forgotten as they too were prophesised about as the best army ever.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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[2] Muslim

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Sultan Muḥammad al-Fātiḥ, Dr ʿAli Muḥammad al-Salābi;

The Ottomans in History and Civilisation, Muhammad Harb

About Z A Rahman

Z.A Rahman is a community activist and a member of a large Mosque in the UK. He has a keen interest in politics and history, particularly Islamic history. He also enjoys traveling and has visited numerous countries in the Middle East and North Africa.


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    I thought ISLAM21C was about now and the future place of Islam within the world as it now is.

    Huge areas of the world have been invaded and populated by both Islam and non-Islamic societies.
    The guilt game is fruitless, but guilt should not be denied on the grounds of religious privilege.

    What we should be discussing is how mutually incompatible political and religious systems can find a way of living together in a world which is tired of endless wars. Many of the wars are caused by Western fear of Muslim instability threatening our supplies of oil, our lifeblood.

    If westerners go to live in Muslim countries they are expected to obey the laws of those countries, even if they don’t like them.
    Likewise, Muslims coming to live in or visit non-Muslim countries must obey their laws.
    They are perfectly entitled to seek (but not demand) changes to be made through the democratically elected assemblies, when they have lived here long enough.

    There is not enough rational, objective, honest, factual, realistic discussion of how these objectives can be achieved. I suspect that some do not want to achieve them.

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      You will do well to remember the atrocities that christians and zionists have perpetrated (and continue to do so) upon ethnic minorities. Look through history as you will find that the most heinous war criminals, mass murderers, terrorists and despots have always been christians and zionists. Historically, masonic-christianity has been synonymous with illegal invasions, forced conversions, rape, pillage, brutal genocide, grand theft of other people’s land and natural resources, slavery, racism and white supremacism. Consider the following:

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    Aren’t you so happy with all you liberation?
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      In fact, given muslims’ general poverty and enthusiasm for killing each other, there probably isn’t much cause for the rest of the world to worry.
      In the UK, the Guardian says “around 5,000 British people convert to Islam every year”. So, leaving aside dereversions and deaths, there will be a million British converts in all of….two hundred years. As for the increase in population, that is partly because of immigration, partly the comparative youth of the muslim population and partly the high birthrate, all of which will change over time. Muslims aren’t often killed for abandoning islam in the UK, but other pressures can be and are used. I wouldn’t guess numbers, but many muslims probably identify as muslims culturally – my MP is supposedly muslim, but I’d be entertained to see his response – and Sadiq Khan’s – if they were asked for which of the “normative”beliefs of islam they actually accepted. The 2001 Scottisc census found that about as many people abandon islam as join it every year. How sincere the rest are is another question.

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      Oh and those who have an AK-47 shoved in their faces and told they’ll get a bullet if they don’t.
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      And if a religion needs to force people to follow it with threats of violence then clearly it is not a religion worthy of following, if a religion at all.
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        Maybe English isn’t your first language. As I said Islam or Muslims have nothing to prove to you and don’t need to answer any of your prejudice, resenment filled rants due to inadequacies in your own life.
        If you want the answers read the Quran and understand what it’s telling you.
        Your on a blog by your own free will that propogates Islam !

        • Sorry for typos! Typed this on a tiny old school phone screen so hard to see what I’ve already writen!

    • Mehmed (II) saw the ravages,the destruction and the deserted houses and all that had perished and become ruins a great sadness took possession of him and he repented the pillage and the destruction. Tears came to his eyes and sobbing he expressed his sadness. “What a town this was! And we have allowed it to be destroyed. His soul was full of sorrow. And in truth it was natural, so much did the horror of the situation exceed all limits”.- Eyewitness account of the sacking , 1453 A.D.

      • No website reference given!!!!

        • The website is eyewitnesstohistory.com
          It has many historical accounts on history and isn’t biased to anyone’s religion as far as I can see. Unless you think providing an account of the Spanish Inquistion is biased?

          • Dedicated History websites are always always biased!

            It’s called His – Story for a reason!

  11. It is amazing how this article has riled so many of those who subscribe to the world view of western imperialists, the inheritors of the Crusaders who continue to plunder the Muslim lands, and continue to impoverish the land of other nations.

    Anyone who read the article would see that the taking of Constantinople was a conquest, there is no doubting about that – it was THE very thing that was prophesied i.e. “You will conquer…”. But it too was a liberation – a liberation from the acestors and heroes of many of the trolls on this site, the barbaric crusaders. It is rather ironic that those here speaking about the alleged destruction of Constantinople by the Muslims, fail to mention the fact that the city had already been destroyed in 1204 by Western forces of the Fourth Crusade who had plundered its wealth and then occupied it for 57 years (a symptom of Western policy up to this very day). the crusader sacked the city, looting Aya Sofia and various other Orthodox Holy sites, and converting them to Catholic worship. They also destroyed the Imperial Library of Constantinople. Various holy artifacts from these Orthodox holy places were taken to the West. When the Byzantines reconquered their capital in 1261, they attempted to restore its past glory but could never recreate its former strength.

    We also know that this was the city that was used as a launchpad by the Crusaders into the Muslim lands – after Muhammad Fatih’s conquest, never would the crusaders be able to launch any further attacks from here – this was therefore a liberation of those barbaric people from this land. It was also a liberation in that the Muslim allowed people of all faiths the right to practice their faiths, Catholics as well as the Greek Orthodox and of course the Jews, unlike during the reign of the Byzantines who rejected the Catholics and often treated Jews with much brutality.

    As usual, these trolls fail to realise that it is their history that is soaked in bloodshed, oppression and tyranny. These trolls are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality. So my advice to them is a statement you will find in the bible:

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” [Matthew 7:1-5]

    • If I wanted to be a hypocrite, I would tell you all about how my Norse ancestors were kind and benevolent “liberators”. I know they were cruel and vicious barbarians who were mainly interested in plunder and destruction. But I understand this fact and do not make any claims otherwise. You sir are indeed the hypocrite ,because you are claiming that the Ottomans were any different. Enough of your Islamic history revision! At least my people finally understood the error of their ways.

    • Takbir

    • Very well said.

    • That’s for the post by ZA Rahman ! You summed it up.

    • No-one mentioned the crusaders’ sack of Constantinople for a simple reason: no-one was stupid and arrogant enough to call it a “liberation”. It takes a truly islamic chutzpah to describe the siege and sack of Constaninople 1453, nearly two centuries after the Byzantines regained control of it as “a liberation of those barbaric people from this land.” You immediately follow with the claim that “It was also a liberation in that the Muslim allowed people of all faiths the right to practice their faiths”. Tell that to the pagans. It’s also amusing that you condemn the crusaders for using “Aya Sofia and various other Orthodox Holy sites” for roman catholic worship. What happened to Aya Sofia after the Ottomans took over?

      As for the claim that “the city that was used as a launchpad by the Crusaders into the Muslim lands”, there was no need to. The muslim lands were expanded into Eastern Europe for a couple of centuries afterwards, and the natives, after centuries of islamic liberation, liked it so much that they expelled most of the muslim inhabitants. Elsewhere, the Spaniards and Portuguese had no difficulty in launching crusades into muslim lands.

  12. In collective memory of Balkan infidels Ottoman’s are remembered as sadistic criminals. They kidnapped girls for tournantes and boys for jannisars.
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    They created famous janisar Dracula as weapon against Europe but he turned against them and impaled thousands of them. Some other feudal masters accepted Islam to maintain power and wealth. Ottomans opposed light of Enlightenment to maintain darkness of Islam.
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    And for romanticism orientalist and today’s antienlightenment Cultural Marxist West they are liberators and champions in human right industry ! Dhimmi Merkel bring more than million of them into Europe just last year.
    West Europeans must watch ISIS videos to prepare self mentally for Eurabia.
    Our history is your future !

  13. To the two trolls struggling to handle the article, were it not for islam the enlightenment would not have happened. Ask Thomas Aquinas.

    • What does Aquinas, a roman catholic theologian who died some four centuries before the Enlightenment began, have to do with it? How can I ask him anyway when he’s been dead over eight hundred years? Why would the Enlightenment not have happened, were it not for islam? If the enlightenment would not have happened were it not for islam, why did the Enlightenmnet originate in countries – Scotland, England, France, Germany – which did not have the benfit of muslim rule?

    • Aquinas thought that Islam’s founder had perverted both the New and Old Testsments by making them “fabrications of his own”. He also wrote that,”Islam appealed to ignorant, brutish and carnal men and spread not by the power of its arguments or divine grace but by the power of the sword”. He did compliment your prophet’s strategy of forbidding the reading of the Bible. “Lest it prove his falsities”.

      • It’s quite obvious that believers in white male gods and the divine right of kings would be against any expression of enfranchisement of the proletariat (the bay’a system). What’s funny is the simultaneous criticism of the empowerment of the ‘brutish, ignorant and carnal’ masses and some kind of use of force to spread “Islam”. Quite common of the then inferiority complex ridden ungrateful souls at the people who brought them out of their caves, taught them the use of the pen and gave them an epistemology for looking at argument in the first place. But in your creation myth you probably think your gods came down and taught your cavemen ancestors directly.

        • What is the difference between the he divine right of kings and the divine right of caliphs? The only other thing that emerges from Jensk’s gibberish is that he believes in of the empowerment of “the ‘brutish, ignorant and carnal’ masses” as long as they have to join up to enforce the spread of islam. Both he and Mr Rahman believe that it is “liberation” when muslims are free to make slaves of others.
          Incidentally, what colour and sex was/is allah?

          • Don’t bother answering that, I’ve established the proof against this troll on several occasions with peer reviewed research from reputable non-Muslim scholars — it is a confirmed waste of time.

            • Really, Rich? Precisely what proofs have you established? I’m quite certain I haven’t asked anyone here what colour and sex was/is allah? Proofs would be handy too.

              • First work out if YOU are asking was or is?
                You sound utterly confused.
                Typical troll spew

                • Well, Abu Mustafa, what is the difference between the he divine right of kings and the divine right of caliphs?
                  Since you insist on petty detail, what colour and sex was allah? what colour and sex is allah? what colour and sex will allah be?

                  • If you’re not being thick you’re certainly being naughty, as you have been schooled on the difference between a king/western notion of leadership and the caliph/bay’a notion of leadership. Googling it would also help you had you been sincere. A king is a unilateral exercise of authority, a bay’a (with which you become a caliph) is a transaction between two parties.

                    • ” a bay’a … is a transaction between two parties.”
                      as in “an offer you can’t refuse.”

                  • Your using human constructs and imagination which is mortally limited.
                    Allah is far far above any human construct you could imagine. Allah does not fit into male or female!
                    For more Info you need to study Arabic!
                    As Allah mentions in Quran chapter 112 verse 4
                    “And there is none CO equal or comparable to him. ”
                    That’s obviously a English translation however nothing compares to the actual Arabic.

    • The two trolls got such a cussing from me that Hector now calls me Dad. He even said it to me in another post!
      It’s not looking good for you guys is it. Tom hasn’t got much brain cells and no one really answers him anyway as he’s got low IQ as you can see from his posts.

      • It’s true man! lol I’ve been reading comments for months and every time a troll gets totally cussed he gets mysteriously replaced by two others. Reminds me of the mythical Lernaean Hydra — every time the miskeen Hercules cut off one head a few more would grow back lol.

  14. This article is useful, in as much as it is honest. Most Muslims lie and pretend that Islam isn’t an imperialistic political movement that seeks to take over and dominate the non Muslims and take over territory. This racist article highlights how racist and evil Islam is in that it seeks to conquer Europe and subjugate the ‘kuffar’, although, like all racist terrorist imperialisms, it describes subjugation as ‘liberation’. But articles like this are good because they can be used to wake people up to the evil of Islam and the threat it poses, all the better for us to fight back against racist, evil, imperialist Islam.

    • What is more useful is your comparison (and that of other Eurocentrics) between the brutal totalitarian white supremacist imperialism and one of the few workable examples in history of libertarian devolution and pluralism praised by their now-worshipped contemporaries from John Locke to Thomas Jefferson. Alas the hegemony of the white man extends to even interpretation of other civilisations given the misnomer of ‘Empires’…

      • Thomas Jefferson did not praise Islam. He and others kept a copy of the Koran in order to understand the “enemy”.

      • No, what is useful is the racist evil imperialistic slavery of Islamic imperialism being described as ‘liberation’, thus alerting and waking us up to the evil tyrannical hate and supremacist bigotry in our midst. Slavery, imperialism, vandals, destruction, death, Islam seeks to subjugate to its tyranny, and articles like this are fantastic for being honest. The evil darkness of Islam that admits its darkness, rather than the cowardly ‘liberal’ ‘moderate’ Muslims who pretend it is benign. The hegemony that Islam seeks is evil, racist, slavery and the road to ISIS is contained in this ‘liberation’. I commend the author for his honesty. The evil of Islam is admitted by him. Well done!

    • So you really want to start with white Western imperialism! This website wont be big enough.
      With all the hatered you trolls spew explain this. Why are more Western white people converting to Islam than any other religion.
      They have everything going for them are born, educated and raised in the West in prosperous countries. Why are they still choosing according to you what’s is a ‘ backward barbaric’ religion?
      Wake up and smell the coffee. You are here because deep down you are searching for the truth and you needed up on an Islamic website.
      The more times you visit and post comments. The more Google and search engines rank these pages. Thisnis how the internet sesrch engines work. This way the higher up they go in results attracting even more views. This will inevetibly lead to a certain percentage of these people to accept the true worship of 1 God so thanks for all the help you guys are giving to those who revert or convert to Islam.
      Please carry on posting and commenting.

      • Many of my ancestors were Norse. I guess they were really good at “liberating people”. Who feeds you guys this crap anyway, you have a North Korean hotline or something?

      • “Why are more Western white people converting to Islam than any other religion[?[”
        What is your evidence for this claim?
        I’ve asked you several times and you merely assert that unspecified websites say it, which isn’t actual evidence.
        Then there is the question of just who converts to islam – criminals, sufferers from OCD and the likes of Dr – ex-Dr, rather – Adam Osborne seem to be the usual recruits. Finally, even of this rabble, how many remain muslims? There’s a thread here discussing just that topic and the contributors https://www.islam21c.com/islamic-thought/5823-why-are-new-muslims-leaving-islam/ It doesn’t take an optimistic view.

      • I like people like the author who are honest about the evil slavery and racist hate of Islam that seeks to describe the subjugation of ‘inferior’ kuffar as ‘liberation’. This guy is honest. Most Muslims are cowards and ‘moderates’. Honest Muslims who admit how Islam is an evil imperialist racist slavery state that is embodied in ISIS and wants to ‘liberate’ Europe with its evil are great. I always respect honest Islamic supremacists, the same way I respect honest Nazis who at least admit what their ideology is.

    • Another Troll post. No one takes troll posts seriously guys.

  15. I’m lost for words, the conquest of Constantinople portrayed as liberation… The entire Kingdom of Byzantium was the centre of the Orthodox Christian world. It was the bulwark against Islams advances into Europe and was preceded by one of the longest and bloodiest resistances in history by the Othordox Balkan states. An eulogy of which you can find in the black lamb and grey falcon so beautifully given to us by Rebecca West. Generations of Orthodox Slavs and Greeks gave their lives to resist this relentless, offensive jihad until it was finally broken centuries later at the gates of Vienna. Greece herself had to wait another 150 years still before it threw of the Ottoman yolk under the banner of ‘Freedom or Death’ which hardly gives the impression of liberated subjects. Your gross revisionism puts the most jingoistic exponent of the British Empire to shame, and at least theirs can claim to be a liberal empire as opposed to the boot heel of Ottoman theocracy

  16. Mashaallah bro, brilliant article, good reminder, hope our parents will learn something from here to grow leadership skills in their child.

  17. Almost complete history revision here. But it is true that they were formidable warriors. The only reason that the Ottomans didn’t kill everyone ,was because they knew only war. They had no skills in science , practical arts, administration or commerce. Had the Ottomans killed everyone, the entire region would have failed. They also needed people to pay taxes, it’s hard to obtain taxes when everyone is dead. The Ottomans were not a compassionate lot, please spare us of this fallacy.

    • [Attenborough voice] “Notice how the fledgeling Troll Pup in its naturalised habitat studiously avoids giving any evidence to furnish its received/made up propositions, but is not yet experienced enough to mask this glaring, embarrassing need…


      • Do your own research on your biased Islamic sites. The truth of the matter is that Islam poisons the advancement of civilization by it’s very nature. Asia Minor, Persia, and India were all centers of learning until the disgusting hand of Islam touched them. Islam is great if you like the 7th century.

        • LOOOOOL
          Please, please, my sides are hurting.

          Always a joy when another troll-child turns up with the same old, thoroughly refuted script.

          • You can refute nothing you 7th century retard. Islam is not responsible for any noteworthy advancements to mankind. Islam invaded many nations and gets the credit for the accomplishments of their victims. Eat more crisps you clown

        • Tom, stop worshiping Satan!!!

        • According to CNN 1/3 people will be Muslim by 2050.
          Remember to give the Salaam greeting to the guy on your left and on your right as out of the 3 of yiu the other 2 will be Muslims.
          Unless of you’ve accepted Islam by then as well.
          Aren’t you just loving it!!!

  18. …and the liberated Europeans were so enthusiastic about it that they spent the next few hundred years getting rid of their liberators.

    • There is a great deal of difference between the actual people and the few elite barons (and their servile peasants—ahem…—) you refer to—those who actually stood to lose from liberating systems. That itself speaks volumes.

      • To Tom and Hector,these two trolls have been thrown out from their own communities and ostracised and totally rejected.
        The have to come into islamic websites to feel wanted and have someone to talk to.
        They’re entertaining in a funny way as you know exactly what they will say before even getting to the comments.
        In reality they are lost and seeking the truth. They want to follow Islam deep down.
        As I asked both of you already accept Islam and have an easy live (s)!!

        • @ Abu Mustafa
          “In reality they are lost and seeking the truth. They want to follow Islam deep down.”

          Nah, they just don’t have a life……
          Bet their own interactions in life is with Google. #BillyNoMates #Yawn

        • “Believe that and you’ll believe anything.” doesn’t just apply to your religious beliefs, Abu Mustafa.

      • As the actual people (and what is the difference between “actual people ” and “servile peasants” anyway, escept who they revolt against?) were the ones that repeatedly revolted it looks like they didn’t share your view of what was “liberation”.

        • Do you think I’m here to answer your troll questions. Everyone knows you guys are trolls so we know the comments you will make. You make it so obvious.
          No one takes you seriously.
          As I said keep the comments coming you don’t know the good they do to the rankings for Islam21c.
          We keep you commenting for a reason!
          Wake up and smell the coffee

          • “Why are more Western white people converting to Islam than any other religion[?[”
            What is your evidence for this claim?
            I’ve asked you several times and you merely assert that unspecified websites say it, which isn’t actual evidence.
            Then there is the question of just who converts to islam – criminals, sufferers from OCD and the likes of Dr – ex-Dr, rather – Adam Osborne seem to be the usual recruits. Finally, even of this rabble, how many remain muslims? There’s a thread here discussing just that topic and the contributors https://www.islam21c.com/islamic-thought/5823-why-are-new-muslims-leaving-islam/ It doesn’t take an optimistic view.

            • I already said no one takes trolls seriously!!! Move on already.

              • “Why are more Western white people converting to Islam than any other religion[?[”
                What is your evidence for this claim?
                I’ve asked you several times and you merely assert that unspecified websites say it, which isn’t actual evidence.
                Then there is the question of just who converts to islam – criminals, sufferers from OCD and the likes of Dr – ex-Dr, rather – Adam Osborne seem to be the usual recruits. Finally, even of this rabble, how many remain muslims? There’s a thread here discussing just that topic and the contributors https://www.islam21c.com/islamic-thought/5823-why-are-new-muslims-leaving-islam/ It doesn’t take an optimistic view.

  19. I’m British and Muslim and support BRexit( exit from the EU). Please share your thoughts.

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