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Is Radicalisation Real? – Big Discussion Panel – Coming Soon

Editor 1 Min Read

- Click here to view this BIG Discussion - The Muslim community has been diagnosed with the problem of “radicalisation” by those outside of it, with David Cameron calling it “the greatest struggle

Calamities are the time for Qunūt

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 9 Min Read

During atrocities and calamities, we need to engage in Qunūt (collectively supplicating to Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla).

The bittersweet departure of Ramadan

Saleem Chagtai 11 Min Read

'Eid al Fitr and the Departure of an Old Friend The end of Ramadan can be a bitter-sweet experience. On one hand there is the satisfaction that we have completed our obligation

Lionhearted diplomacy: the remarkable reign of Alp Arslan

Z A Rahman 21 Min Read

Sultan Alp Arslan was a just, generous, and pious leader; the lion of Manzikert, he was a warrior who performed a key role in overcoming Byzantine attacks on Muslim lands.

On the Road to Makkah

Hedieh Ansari-Shirazi 11 Min Read

There are numerous benefits to preparing for Hajj; for this reason, we should really live with this mindset in our daily lives.

Live Each Day as if You’re Preparing for Hajj

Hedieh Ansari-Shirazi 15 Min Read

As Muslims, we ought to live in this temporary world by remembering that we are travellers on a greater journey to the final destination.