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Israel taken to World Court over landmark genocide case

Dr. Salman Butt 7 Min Read

South Africa’s landmark genocide case against Israel is heard today at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Nephews of Masjid al-Nabawi imam freed from Guantanamo after 19 years without charge

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

The Rabbani brothers, nephews of the late Masjid al-Nabawi imam, Muhammad Ayub, have been freed from Guantanamo Bay and returned to Pakistan.

Ukrainian arms firms propping up genocidal Myanmar regime

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

Dozens of countries are in cahoots with Myanmar's military regime, despite publicly fractious-seeming diplomatic relationships.

Over 110 Rohingya given jail terms after seeking to flee refugee camps

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

The oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar continue to suffer from state-sanctioned abuses.

International Court of Justice resumes Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar regime

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

"As the Myanmar military continues to commit atrocities against anti-coup protestors and ethnic minorities, it should be put on notice there will be consequences for these actions - past, present, and future."

Smugglers abuse trafficked Rohingya on boat

Shaheer Choudhury 4 Min Read

“They beat us mercilessly – hitting our heads, tearing at our ears, breaking hands.”