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Israel under soaring global pressure for Gaza ceasefire

Faraz Khan Dr. Anas Altikriti 14 Min Read

More and more pressure is being applied on Israel to end its genocide, but what are the stumbling blocks?

Biden offers three-part plan to end Gaza genocide

Faraz Khan Shaheer Choudhury 9 Min Read

Is this just an attempt at appealing to domestic voters or a real effort to end the ongoing genocide?

Israel using AI and bots to twist narratives

Shaheer Choudhury Zishan Khan 7 Min Read

The Zionist state is utilising artificial intelligence against innocent people, both in Gaza and around the world.

US army officer resigns amid country’s support for Israel

Faraz Khan Dr. Salman Butt 7 Min Read

In condemning American "unqualified support" of the Zionist state, Major Harrison Mann's resignation has left Washington red-faced.

Student sit-ins spread in US and UK over Gaza genocide

Ustadh Faizaan Mahmood Abu Hayyan 6 Min Read

Peaceful protests in support of Palestine have been met by violence; this is a microcosm of the situation in Gaza.

Biden upset with Israel over Gaza aid worker deaths

Ustadh Faizaan Mahmood Dr. Salman Butt 8 Min Read

US President saves harshest criticism of Zionist aggression against Gaza for tragic deaths of seven, while 33,137 have already gone.