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Close Down Guantanamo: 20 Years of GITMO

Maira Mirza 6 Min Read

Yesterday marked 20 years since the opening of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Prison, which is the world’s “infamous symbol of kidnap, torture, and indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial”.

Airbnb slammed for perceived inaction on Uyghur genocide while hosting XPCC property listings

Shaheer Choudhury 7 Min Read

Just weeks before the 2022 Beijing Olympics get underway, a major sponsor has once again been condemned for its property listings in the Xinjiang region of China.

China hysterically labels pro-Uyghur US law “economic bullying”

Shaheer Choudhury 5 Min Read

China has reacted desperately to the passage and enactment of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, referring to the new piece of pro-Uyghur legislation as “economic bullying” by the US.

Biden to sign Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act into law

Shaheer Choudhury 8 Min Read

H.R.6210 – which is better known as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act – has finally been passed by Congress.

US House passes unprecedented Islamophobia bill

Shaheer Choudhury 8 Min Read

The United States House of Representatives has narrowly passed a groundbreaking bill that – if approved in the Senate – will see the establishment of a State Department anti-Islamophobia office.

US edges perilously close to securing extradition of Julian Assange

Shaheer Choudhury 9 Min Read

Whilst currently within the lavish confines of Belmarsh prison, the Australian human rights activist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been dealt a devastating blow in his ongoing legal proceedings.