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Police chief avoids HJS event after public pressure

Editor 3 Min Read

We reported yesterday that a senior Metropolitan Police Chief Mark Rowley came under criticism for initially agreeing to attend an event by the infamous Henry Jackson Society. However, due to campaigning by

Muslim Council of Britain slams Met Police chief for supporting Islamophobic organisation

Editor 4 Min Read

UPDATE: The police chief is reported to have avoided the event after pressure - read more The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the country’s leading Muslim representative body, has criticised a top

Sexual harassment “epidemic” at universities

Editor 8 Min Read

An investigation carried out by The Guardian has uncovered what it calls ‘epidemic levels’ of sexual harassment at UK universities. It reports almost 300 claims against staff being made in six years,

Erdogan slams German authorities, comparing them to Nazis

Editor 2 Min Read

Turkish president Recep Tayyib Erdogan has made western media headlines today for likening the German government’s actions to Nazis. This was in response to Germany blocking several rallies on its soil in

New resources released for schools to tackle Islamophobia

Editor 1 Min Read

Muslim community and advocacy group MEND (Muslim Engagement & Development) has recently made public a wealth of high quality resources to be used in schools to teach about and tackle Islamophobia. The

Trump learns from Arab regimes how to ban Muslim organisations

Editor 7 Min Read

The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act bill, currently sitting at the US Congress, will designate the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and all its “affiliates”, terrorist organisations. This is a worrying prospect for Muslim