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Unscripted #11 | Sh Sajid Umar & Social Media Dramas

Join us this week on a special Unscripted podcast with Sh Sajid Umar.

He talks about various topics including social media ills, celebrity and scholar isms, Instagram stars, pornography, Liverpool F.C, and much more.


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One comment

  1. Julie Amal Rashid

    Maa’sha’Allah another interesting podcast.

    I liked what the Shaykh said regarding harm vs benefit, from a shari’ah point of view. In terms of social media, it’s obvious that the bad outweighs the good especially for young people. Seeking external validation from strangers on Instagram is highly unhealthy. Even the IG trends are not in accordance with Islam. False eyelashes Islamically come under the ruling of hair extensions, then the huge lips, that would come under the ruling of changing Allah’s creation, buttock inserts do you need a ruling?! I mean could it get anymore absurd?! But this is part and package of IG the whole “influencers” trend young girls want to look like Kim Kardashian etc.

    You can see Shaytans promise, I will make them change their very creation! And that is without the trend of gender fluidity……

    It’s crazy times and I do think you lead by example, you don’t want your kids on FB, don’t be on FB, same with other platforms. I remember Shaykh Jibaly saying his children grew up without a TV and would read instead, and when they got older they thanked him and said they realised they were much more well read/informed than other people their age. Same with social media, has to be controlled especially with young minds. And parents need to be on the ball constantly.

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