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10 Possible Wisdoms Behind Final Message Coming to Arab Nomads

In this opinion piece, Dr. Najmuddin Hasan offers his take on some of the possible wisdoms behind the last revelation being sent to the Arabs.

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Why did Allah cause the earthquakes and suffering in Turkey and Syria?

Eclipses, floods, earthquakes – these "natural disasters" all occur by the will of Allah. Do you need to change the way you perceive such events?

Unscripted #12 | Joined this time by Abdul Wahid

Join us this week on a special Unscripted podcast with Abdul Wahid.

Unscripted #11 | Sh Sajid Umar & Social Media Dramas

Join us this week on a special Unscripted podcast with Sh Sajid Umar.

Unscripted #10 | We join HT

For today’s episode of the Unscripted podcast by Islam21c, Umer and Salman join HT...

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What I learnt from Arsene Wenger

Imam Ashraf Dabous on what today's Muslims can learn from the career of one of football's most famous figures, Arsene Wenger

A Letter from Shaikh Ibn ʿUthaymīn

You requested from me, Allāh bless you, a plan for you to follow throughout the course of your life...

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Start this new Islamic year with introspection, reflection, and critical planning for what lies ahead.

“Know that the Messenger of Allah is among you”

"...if he were to follow your wishes in many things, you would suffer from it."

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Revelation is the only source of true wisdom

  It is safe to say the word "wisdom" is a little enigmatic but to define it by thinking about when we use the words "wise" or "wiser" we can unravel what it means. When we say "that was a wise decision" it is always comparative, we mean it was