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Unscripted #34 | Building a better world | Dr. Anas Altikriti

Join us this week on our Unscripted Podcast #34 with Dr. Anas Altikriti, the CEO and Founder of The Cordoba Foundation.⁣

They speak about the various ways to impact local and international politics, the revival and thriving of Muslims locally and globally, the recent Kuala Lumpur Summit, the evolution of immigrant communities, and why being labelled as an “extremist” can be a good thing!


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About Dr Anas Altikriti

Dr Altikriti is the CEO and Founder of The Cordoba Foundation, a think-tank specialising in Muslim world-West relations. His PhD was in Political Science from the University of Westminster. He has been chairman of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and Vice President & Patron of Stop the War Coalition. He co-chaired the historic 2-Million March against the Iraq War in London in February 2003 and is a leading figure in the global Anti-War movement.

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