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Ignorant Desire

How it feels for my lonely heart to yearn,
For the love of that which it can never truly earn,

Such love that captures my breath but not my mind,
For it confused, does play with hearing ear the act of blind,
And so my selfish heart with hearing means,
But no ration, sense or any in between
It longs and pines like child for the sweet,
Taste of joy, a fruit it can never eat,
One that it hasn’t tasted but wishes still,
That one day its thirst for it is quenched unto its fill.
Oh heart why is it that you take me so?
To lands where my limbs cannot defeat my foe,
To treacherous terrain you blunder woefully,
Not thinking how be it for the rest of me,
The rest of me that slave to you must learn,
To teach you to only love what you can earn.

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  1. reflecting…
    A very nice reflection of the condition of our hearts desire, truley the pleasure of Allah is what the heart can earn and therefore shows that this is what the heart should yearn.

  2. mashaAllaah, the meaning is felt..

  3. mashaAllaah, the meaning is felt..

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