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How many years are you going to keep chase,
Of this life and its strife so that you can get a taste,
Of the bounties, the wealth, the experiences you treasure,
Was it for these things that you spent your life in leisure?

Was it for these things that you turned a blind eye,
To the sick, the oppressed and the poor passer-by?
Was it for these things that you left your salaah,
For the late nights out and the big flashy car?

For the nice new clothes and the long holiday?
Was it for these things that you wasted life away?
For the hotshot job and the 5 bedroom house,
The cute little kids and the beautiful spouse,

Was it for these things that you forgot about Allah?
That you didn’t fast the month and you never paid Zakaah,
Was it for these things you exchanged your Eeman,
Replaced it with kufr and befriended Shaytaan

I need to say something, it may not sound nice,
But I think it’s high time you heard truthful advice,
These temporary things end as quickly as they start,
They can satisfy your senses, but they can’t trick your heart.

Only through Allah will the hearts find ease,
Only through Islam will you ever be pleased,
How long have you got? How much longer will you last?
You will meet death, like the people gone past.

When this moment comes, I’m sure that you will find,
Your deeds will stay with you, but the rest is left behind,
Your exit from this world, it is coming, it’s a must,
Nailed up in your coffin will you then turn to dust,

And where are those things that you used to race for?
Their time has expired, they’ve become no more.
From Allah did you come and to him you shall return,
Now judgement will be passed on what your hands used to earn

On the day when no man will have a care for another,
When you won’t give a thought for your father nor your mother,
Now you understand how little you did do,
Now, when it’s too late will the message get through,

As paradise leaves and hellfire draws near,
Now is the time when it’s all crystal clear
The life that you chased will this day not defend,
You or your family, what a tragic end!

People! This world is a fool’s paradise,
Don’t sell your hereafter for a miserable price,
Worship your lord in the way you’ve been asked,
Think about your actions, make sure they last.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, you must understand,
Time won’t wait for you, so do good while you can,
Aim for paradise, and let Allah compensate,
For a life of good works, before it’s too late!

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  1. where is the humilty? where is the love?
    Salaams,to the writer: JazakAllahu Khayrun.

    To Abul Layth: have to agree with Umm. Dear brother, speak good or keep silent, InshaAllah, and perhaps get off your high horse and try being nice, just because it wasn’t enough for your high intellect or ‘cultured’ pallate, doesn’t mean others didn’t benefit or enjoy it. You should be more concerned with denting the feelings of your fellow Muslims than the so-called ‘arts’.

    People should make their criticsms privately and such criticsm should be constructive.
    May Allah guide us all. Ameen

  2. Did it not remind you?
    As salaam alaikum

    Even though I have to agree that there is much like this on the net at the moment it doesn’t mean that it can’t also appear here – its main objective is achieved and that is to be a reminder, and that is of benefit to a believer. Try reading it from that perspective and not as literary work which all would fall short on as perfection is for Allah s.w.t only to achieve.

  3. Hmm
    Sorry, this is just a bunch of rhyming couplets and is barely poetic. There is a massive amount of this type of ‘poetry’ circulating the net and whilst it may be good fun and interesting enough for those undertaking such amateurish endeavours, I really cannot understand why this type of web site is publishing this type of thing. It really is not ‘excellent’ and I say this refuting that it is merely a matter of taste. Relativity enters when proper endeavours are encountered – some sentences are not proper English, not due to any ‘poetic licence’; where is the imagination, the beautiful image, the emotional push or pull? I could go on but instead must state categorically that this is a poor effort indeed. It is the publishing of this type of thing that dents the integrity of the Arts more generally and lends ammunition to those who would belittle it. May Allah guide us all.

  4. Mashallah, that is excellent

  5. Ma’sha Allah
    Baraka Allah feek bro, somtimes it nice to hear a word of advice through different mean Nasheed, poem etc.

    keep it up

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