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The Subtleties of Gnosis

(The poem is fromLataa’if al Ma’aarif (The Subtleties of Gnosis/) by Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali. The main aim of the translation is to deliver the power behind the poet’s message along with some of its spirit rather than to perform a direct rendition of the Arabic into English.)

Awaken O’ You who was not satisfied with sinning throughout Rajab.Your rebellion against your Lord had to continue the duration of Sha’ban.The month of fasting has now arrived to provide you shelter,So transform it not too into a month of sinning.

Recite the Qur’an and sanctify [God] with diligent declaration.

Surely! It is a month for the Qur’an and Glorification.

Hold back your bodily appetites, seeking the salvation of your soul.

For with time, the earth will consume the body whole.

How many fasting people have you known – now deceased they lie?

Amongst your family, neighbours, and not brothers alone.

Death has removed them leaving you behind.

Be serious in your Faith, for indeed the living are quite close to the dead!

You take delight in the attires of ‘Eid being stitched for the festival now.

But soon they will be your burial wrap.

How long will a person be content with his worldly home?

Knowing the grave as his ultimate abode.

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