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Muslim Governments Are Aiding & Abetting Oppression

Dr Suraina Pasha 6 Min Read

Muslim Governments support China’s Human Rights violations against the Uyghurs

The UN has confirmed China’s war on Islam – how long will the Islamic world remain silent?

Abdulhakim Idris 11 Min Read

Uyghur leader Abdulhakim Idris says the conscience of the Islamic nation worldwide continues to bleed with the Uyghur Genocide, but how long will its leaders stay silent?

Chinese embassy shamefully barricades entrance during Stand4Uyghurs art demo

Maira Mirza 7 Min Read

Acclaimed artist Shams took to the street armed with his paint cans alongside Sh Haitham, Hamza Tzortzis, Sh Abu Anas and others

5th July: Acclaimed artist to lead live art protest outside Chinese Embassy in London in support of Uyghurs on The Anniversary of The Urumqi Massacre

Maira Mirza 4 Min Read

Stand4Uyghurs Campaign Paints an Image of China's Genocide Against Uyghur Muslims Outside the Chinese Embassy on The Anniversary of The Urumqi Massacre On the 5th of July which marks 13 years since

Massive Chinese data hack: faces of 5000 detained Uyghurs revealed in unprecedented leak

Maira Mirza 7 Min Read

Unprecedented hacked 'Xinjiang Police Files' expose the draconian measures Chinese authorities have taken to detain millions of Uyghurs in East Turkestan.

Another Ramadan Without Ramadan

Arslan Hidayat 6 Min Read

This is a month of beer drinking competitions, force-feeding pork, watching dancing imams, getting closer to the Chinese Communist Party and worshipping their "lord and saviour" Xi Jinping for giving them daily