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Europe’s Problem With Turkey

As if the Netherlands’ juvenile decision to bar Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from entering the country were not enough of a slump of its boisterous championing of freedom of speech and democracy, it went on to expel Turkey’s Diplomat, Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya back to Germany, declaring the female Family Minister who sports the Muslim Hijab “an unwanted alien.”[1] A customary rally, in support of Turkey’s planned referendum on the 16th of April on whether to turn the country from a parliamentary to a presidential republic, ‘akin to the United States,’[2] and attended by senior Turkish Diplomats has become Europe’s biggest security threat. It is a pivotal transformation in Turkish Governance, relinquished to the verdict of the Turkish population off the back of a purely democratic process. A process, rather than celebrated, described as a “dictatorship” by the infamous Dutch populist, Geert Wilders, who hypocritically hailed Trump’s victory as head of another, whiter presidential republic, as instead the ‘Patriotic Spring’[3]. The hypocrisy extends to the same Dutch government that banned the rally under the pretext of it being unable to ‘cooperate in the public political campaigning of Turkish ministers in the Netherlands,’[4] who allowed Kurdish protestors to occupy the Dutch parliamentary building in October 2014. But perhaps even more absurdly, its Embassy in London hosted an election campaign on January 16th for its own upcoming elections![5]

This satirical excuse only mimicked those emerging from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, with Germany leading the comedy, apparently identifying “serious fire safety deficiencies” ahead of a rally supposed to take place on March 7th in Hamburg.[6] Remarkably it was the fourth German city to call off a rally by a Turkish minister on similar grounds, which makes us wonder how many other Turkish ministers have doused their suits in gasoline, or intended on lighting a bonfire as opposed to addressing their European minority community. Local authorities in Switzerland then banned a rally outside Zurich on the 10th of March, for again, no prizes for guessing: “security reasons”; whilst the Zurich Hotel cancelled a meeting room booked by Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, sure enough, on the grounds of ‘safety’.[7] A minister of a single NATO member apparently unsafe. Recall with me the Celtic Manor in 2014, off the M4 motorway leading to Cardiff, unreservedly hosting 60 world leaders at the NATO summit, including Obama and Erdogan,[8] quite safely I recall. A similar event was then banned in the Austrian town of Hoerbranz on those bleak and notorious ‘security-grounds’ despite the police arguing: “there are no concerns that public order might be disturbed or criminal acts committed.”[9]

Why is this happening?

Ultimately, the impulse behind such bans and Euro-wide antipathy being constantly levelled at the Turkish Government obviously has nothing to do with Erdogan’s alleged move to some kind of ‘authoritarian’ system. After all, the proposed constitutional change, if passed will give the president the power to appoint cabinet ministers, propose budgets and appoint members of the nation’s highest judicial body, “dissolve the national assembly” and impose states of emergency.[10] On the off chance that no one has noticed for the last few hundred years, our Prime Minister enjoys the power of appointing cabinet ministers, too. The PM enjoys “determining with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chief Secretary of the Treasury…” all effectively appointed by the PM in the first place, to determine “…detailed contents of the Budget.”[11] As for the dissolution of the national assembly or parliament, according to Article 116 of the Turkish Government’s proposed bill, presidential elections will be renewed alongside any such dissolution, as opposed to Erdogan’s 2015 dissolution of parliament when it failed to form a coalition, unlike what many mouthpieces claim.[12] This again follows in the norms of most democratic countries.

The one thing both spectrums of English media agree on is Erdogan-bashing. And banking on their customers not reviewing the constitutional changes themselves, how easy is this? Few, if any, will note that the spirit of the constitutional change is to dislodge a system designed in effect for coups, to a more civil one. Few will mention the removal of compulsory military service, or the prohibition of military men to run for election (article 76). Few will mention the need for parliamentary approval before declaring a state of emergency, a concept abused by all military regimes (article 119), the acts of the President now subject to judicial review (article 125) and the abolishment of military courts (article 142).[13]

As such, it would be naïve to suppose that such rhetoric leading to public sentiment or diplomatic manoeuvres by the German Government or any of the above countries, arise out of frustration with Turkey’s constitutional reform in isolation from their age-old bitterness towards the AK Party. After all, Angela Merkel, about a week before banning Turkey’s Foreign Minister inaugurated an industrial ‘megaproject’,[14] with a real democrat and Human Rights titleholder (maybe by its standards): Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. A GM-Free, pure Organic despot who is not a stranger to banning, or even entirely decimating political rallies. Chancellor Merkel has historically been a staunch opponent of Turkish membership of the European Union, and typically justifies its position using any transient event that helps it justify procrastinating ‘accession negotiations’.

Turkish-Cypriot trade relations, crackdowns on protests or riots and most recently Turkey’s reaction to the July 2016 coup attempt, are just some of Merkels alleged blockers. Europe’s preferential view towards burdening economies, such as Cyprus and Greece being members of the EU club over Turkey proves that its concerns are of identity and assimilation.[15] The Cypriot Government is indebted by more than the country’s GDP, and Greece by almost two-times its GDP (which I wonder how is even possible).[16] This is not to mention the ‘rise of the right’ throughout Europe, spearheaded in the Netherlands by the fascist Geert Wilders who describes President Erdogan as a ‘dangerous Islamist who is raising the Islamic flag…’ and that ‘an Islamic state like Turkey doesn’t belong in Europe.’[17]

The traction such groups have gained is to the extent that all of the Netherlands’ electoral contenders sit on the right of the political spectrum, and Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) narrowly trails the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). Obviously the incumbent government will do anything to appease the anti-Islamic sentiment to claw back some support. Marine le Pen’s far-right Front National Party in France, with eyes on the coming 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections, has found nothing else apart from Islam bashing with which to ‘expand her appeal and show her clout,’[18] and has never been closer to power. In fact, anti-Islamic remarks and stigmatisation of prodigious Muslim communities, be they of Turkish origin or another, the gradual shedding of their identity, their right to expression, rally and demonstrate, worship and practice their religion, are becoming the most effective tools in political campaigns. There remains almost nothing to prop the dismally deteriorated quality of US and European politicians, drowned in women groping, tax evasion and appropriation of public funds,[19] but to point a finger at migrants and Muslim citizens, and the religion itself, sparing no thrust at Islam.

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So the ‘right is rising’, characterised by the ever-normalised anti-Muslim narrative and protected by a white-supremacist prerogative dubiously dubbed ‘freedom of speech’. A concept clearly not for the Turks, their elected politicians or for most Muslims. That is now a given, and forever should it already have been. For Allah has forever said:

“The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion…”[20]

The Turkish Government is empowered by Islam and dignified by it. And as ‘Umar rady Allahu ‘anhu said: “If we seek honour from other than Islam, then Allah will humiliate us.”[21] We have been given, and attempt to follow, the best, most upright and objective religious and moral code, communal value system and the most eminent standard of manners and character possible. So, if the worst are harboured and welcomed, then our reality as European Muslims, following the best value-system is more than welcome.

For the Turkish Government and people in specific, such an unwelcoming reception by the Germans or the Dutch authorities or the European club, now busied by its own members’ ruin and absconding, austerity, fascism, and an uncertain future should far from cause them any grief. No nation in or near Europe has a people quite like the Turks; so protective over their leadership, zealous for its success and ready to sacrifice for its legitimacy. So, while the future of the US and Europe is being sketched out by the disenfranchised, the disgruntled and the outright fed-up, you, the proud and engaged Turkish people should go on to choose your own. To vote in your referendum as a successful Muslim nation to whom the Muslims of the world look up to, and Allah is with you.

“If Allah helps you, no one can vanquish you. If He forsakes you, who can help you after that?”

Source: www.islam21c.com


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Ahmed Hammuda is a regular contributor at Islam21c. His interests lie in Qur'anic Tafsir and the field of Middle East Affairs and how they reflect on Muslims living in the West. He is an Electrical Engineer by trade and has been involved in various Da'wah activities over the course of his education and working life. He has transferred the same analytical approach required in engineering into a careful and measured approach in his views and positions.


  1. Not all Israelis are the same. Some have seen through the veil and are speaking out.

    How hypocritical can you get? All we ever hear is Israel whining away year after year that Iran is making a bomb and how they must be stopped. Yet as you’ll see in the video Israel did EXACTLY that when they SECRETLY, and AGAINST the wishes of the world, developed nuclear weapons. Also Israel refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or have inspections by the IAEA.

  2. Since Turkey (AKA The Ottoman Empire) was defeated by Britain during WWI, most of it’s previous subjects have independent countries. Unfortunately one race within the old empire was denied independence by the British and French officials who drew up the new borders, and remains the largest race in the world to not have an independent territory.
    Up to 30 million Kurds remain divided between several countries, viz. Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey, where they have never enjoyed independence or complete control of their own destiny.
    Where is the campaign in the Middle East to allow these Sunni Muslims their independence?

    They have de facto independence in Iraq, (after being gassed by Saddam Hussein, the forerunner of Isil)due to the protection of Nato planes, but about 20 million of them, 20-25% of the population of Turkey, a so-called democratic nation, have been persecuted and discriminated against since the creation of modern Turkey. At the moment thousands are being ethnically cleansed and whole towns and villages are being razed to the ground. The Press and journalists are refused entry, but satellite pictures and witnesses tell what is happening. In view of these facts, what right should Turkish officials have to campaign in democratic countries to get approval for tightening control for the murderous regime in Ankara? I say to the Turks living in Europe, don’t fall for Erdogan’s promises; he is not a democrat.

    • First of all, TERRORIST, Separatis, Killer “kurds” are usa-made, ue-countries backed, leftist, and most of their origins are armenian. We Turks called them pkk-kurds who has to do nothing with Kurds who are in Turkey and good citizen of Turkey.

      I wonder why you didn’t mentioned that those terrorist kurds killed around 40,000 Turks last 30 plus years long in Turkey, while you are mentioning what Turkey did to them.

      Wink, wink! You understand what I mean, don’t you?

      Is not mentioning what pkk terrorist kurds in Turkey NOT biased, My freedom-crier for terrorist pkk kurds brit friend?

      Moreover, why didn’t brit make a country for “kurds” after WWI SHOULD BE question I have to ask while giving man-drawn country to everybody from pieces you cut off from Ottoman Empire with French, Italy after WW1 while giving countries to all Arabs?

      Why? Didn’t you love “kurds” as much as you loves Araps in that time?

      Wink, wink!

      What made England to back terrorist kurds now” What happened?



      As you yourself know well, your crying wolf for terrorist pkk kurds is nothing but for purely brit interest in there.

      You were in Middle East for OIL since the beginning. Period.

      You just plotted, deceived, bought and killed wherever you occupied in Middle East for your interest with “Lawrence of Arabia” and his gay spy’s ilk, with your army and accomplices.

      We all Muslims know that what you ‘brit”, colonizing terrorist, blood sucker, exploiter, did also this: before leaving all those colonized territory, make a conflict zone among them like Kashmir, Palestine and keep Muslims busy with fighting over it.

      You are therefore using kurd-card against Turkey but this time Turkey is not BUYING. This is what makes “brit” so crazy! You need to suck it up this time. No other way around, John, no other way around. You will die in swamp you did with your own hands there this time by Allah.

      John, Little Poor and Biased Brit!

      Better learn your full of colonizations, deceitful and murderous history!

      And then get this: England SHOULD NOT have a SINGLE RIGHT to talk about democracy to anybody or to accuse others not to be a democratic regime.

      Don’t you even know that England is hybrid of Monarchy and Democracy?

      Better keep your disgusting self-center claims to yourself!

  3. a very well written piece.

    agree with all the comments except the general degenerative european one.

    with the comme nt generally, cant disagree.

    but, you just have to give the credit due to few europeans who arenot.

    you do have the born and bred european muslims (alongwith the reverts); though many may not be the ideal or even practising. BUT still muslim

    apologies for nitpicking on words

    alhamuliAllaah, really happy with comments.

    when read originally no comments, so was reluctant and hesitant to be the first and did not know if only one.

  4. Wgat was “juvenile” about the Netherlands’ decision to bar Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya from entering the country? Neither had been invited nor asked permission to go to the Netherlands. Both intended to campaign for a constitutional reform in Turkey and regarded the fact that the build-up for a general election was taking place in the Netherlands as an unimportant and trivial matter that they could happily disregard. They were mistaken.

    • Hector The Skewer of every single article of “Islam21C” shamelessly is here again!

      Do NOT try to sell what NL is doing as if it is UNBIASED!

      Didn’t you read that Netherlands,’[4] who allowed Kurdish protestors to occupy the Dutch parliamentary building in October 2014 and its Embassy in London hosted an election campaign on January 16th for its own upcoming elections![5]?

      While same NL is allowing pro-pkk kurds’ protesters for same subject but preventing Turks and Turkish officials?

      You are shadowing NL’s hypocrisy OPENLY here!

      Somehow you still find time to write your comments here as if any of us is welcoming you. Pal! This is another absurdity about you.

      You still insist to spew your dark, biased, stale pro-west ideas here.

      I wonder whey you start seeing you comments are being DISREGARDED by us HAPPILY since long time.

  5. With the way Trump has brought in all his unelected cronies i was thankful the UK PM can only select from elected MPs. I don’t know the details of the other points but on that one issue i fear it might be short sighted to change. When making a system it shouldn’t be based around the good guy who is in now but more to not make it a disaster when a bad guy gets in 20 years time.

  6. Excellant article. Any one who follows the news and has a memory beyond last week will come the same conclusions.

    The west are still reeling from the failed coup, their man being prepped in the US was ready to take charge, I’m proud of the Turks that this tragedy did not happen. The mainstream media had already written glorious pages praising the coup, they were incenced that they couldn’t publish, then went on to vilify Erdogan, who was the hero of this piece.

  7. Nothing unexpected from Europeans. They are hypocrites and degenerates.

  8. Abdullah Bin al-Haarithah

    A well written piece ما شاء الله تبارك الله

    The irony here is that, the kuffar recognise the Turkish Govt. to be of an Islamic Nature and recognise its’ members to be Muslims, but, Muslims themselves are abandoning it or speaking against it! Only if they could wake up from the slumber, realise the reality, and shoulder support!

    What a pity! What a shame!

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