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ISIS Crisis Debate – Sh Haitham Al Haddad Vs The Fake IS

Watch (above) the panel debate with Sh. Haitham al-Haddad Vs The Fake Islamic State organised by Islam Net in which a ‘fake/pretend’ set of Pro-ISIS panelist argue for the legitimacy of IS posing some of the most common questions including:

Has the Islamic State been established?

Are ISIS the real Mujahideen fighting in the way of Allah?

Is there a real Jihad?

Why is no one helping the Ummah?

Who are the real Mujahideen on the Haq?

For complete coverage on the Islamic position towards the legitimacy of ISIS and its actions please visit https://www.islam21c.com/tag/isis/ [archive for all ISIS articles]

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Source; www.islam21c.com

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  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    A few question to the brothers/sisters that support “ISIS” (or any of the deviant, misguided so-called “SJ” (sic) groups such as Boko Haraam, and others that were around before “ISIS”).

    How can you justify their actions Islamically??!! How??!!

    It is 100% HARAAM, and TOTALLY Un-Islamic and against ALL of the rules of the Shariah of Allah (swt), PERIOD, let alone despicable, heinous, and extremely barbaric, to intentionally target and kill kaafir non-combatants (women, babies, children, the elderly, laborers/workers, monks, priests, etc., etc.)


    There are so many Ahadeeth from the Sunnah of the Prophet (saws) that clearly state that these things are TOTALLY Haraam and TOTALLY Un-Islamic and not from the Deen of Allah (swt) in any way, that one would have to be pretty much semi-retarded and/or extremely jahil NOT to know this! There are no “ifs, ands, or buts.”

    And yet “ISIS” apologists are ALWAYS defending these evil, despicable, 100% Un-Islamic acts!

    These misguided deviants are doing things that the Yahood would do and have been doing in Falasteen and elsewhere (just look at their corrupted Torah/The Old Testament and their “Talmud”).

    Of course for years now, they have been committing many, many crimes, and not just killing kaafir non-combatants (i.e. Intentionally killing non-combatants in Syria, Iraq, Mali, North Africa, and Nigeria, etc., and of course the more recent acts such as alleged Paris attacks and shooting down the Russian non-military plane, etc.), but of course killing of many Scholars of the mujahideen, and mujahideen/fighters (and not just in Syria but also in Afghanistan). And BTW, al-Nusrsa also praised the Paris attacks!

    Also one last thing, and I’m sorry to digress, but why basically no Sunni Muslims believe in the concept of False Flags/Psy Ops by the deep state (i.e. Intel Agencies such as the Mossad, etc.), things that have been happening for hundreds/thousands of years, really boggles the mind, but I guess that’s a another subject for a another post…

  2. Sad stuff really. The Jordanian Air Force is burning innocent muslim civilians alive in Raqqa on behalf of Hatham’s beloved Crusaders. The pilot is a murtad. An apostate. Since when does burning a kafir pilot as an ‘eye for an eye’ punishment take one out of Islam? May ALLAH seal the hearts of all the ulema & supporters like this website who promote falsehood to please the kafir & consign them to hell. Ameen.

    • What ulema??? Isis are a fake pseudo caliphate, no authority, no recognition, just khawarij muslims. Dogs of hellfire, period. Anyone who follows them also are khawarij. A deviant sect out of Islam.

  3. Is the most the Dr can come up with against Isis to say that they’re ‘misguided’ and quibble over semantics.
    Why won’t he tell it like it is? Isis is an abominable, corrupt, ultra-violent, extremist, fatalist cult that is doing more to promote hatred, fear and misunderstanding of Islam than any group or individual in history.
    Why keep saying that their behaviour is only ‘alleged’? Is there really any serious doubt that Isis is beheading people or running sex slave markets (just to mention just a few of its atrocities)?
    Alan Henning is not sitting at home with his family right now or enjoying some banter at the rank with his Muslim taxi-driving friends.
    It’s all too convenient to simply blame foreign policy, the western media and claim Muslims are being oppressed. Yes it must be immensely tough and frustrating for many young Muslims, especially young Muslim men in Britain today. But suggesting society is against them and that they’re being made welcome because Britain is intrinsically opposed to Islam is not only untrue but terribly destructive.
    People in general are naturally opposed to supremacism from other groups. Nobody likes to be told they are inferior – Muslims included. So when the supremacist nature of Islam is brought to the fore it is naturally going to make some people start to dislike Islam.
    You can’t expect the media not to report what is happening in the world. If the actions of some Muslims reflect badly on other Muslims who is really to blame? – Are you asking that the media does not report what’s going on in Syria and Iraq because it makes Islam look bad?
    And what foreign policy is he referring to? Specifically post Arab spring – what is the West doing or not doing that should provoke such hysteria?
    People judge others as individuals not simply members of a particular religion.
    And to the guy posting as Lol:
    I’m guessing you smoked a lot of cannabis in your youth. You are frustrated and angry at your own personal failures but you seek to take the easy way out and blame society. This leads you seize on the notion that Muslims in general are being oppressed. To an Isis pimp this makes you easy meat. But really it’s all about yourself.
    Get your act together, stop blaming others, dig out a life for yourself no matter how tough, make a family become a inspiration not a reason for others to unfavourably judge the religion you profess to love so much.

  4. Learn Arabic and proper sunnah before you take to your keyboard – fastest way to discredit someone is to call them khwarij – I challenge you to read the actual definition of khwarij and those who take allies in the west over Muslims – learn wala and baraa – this ilhwanji has no problem getting torched alive in rabia or elsewhere but has problem with punishment that fits the crime and holding the transgressors accountable – ikhwanji with a concocted religion that loves wailing but doesn’t love fighting for what’s right one that loves usury and debauchery and yes men rallying around their puppet govt. so long as they’re not afflicted personally — ikhwanji with 80 years in power but no closer to freeing al quads or any other consecrate that has been defiled! may Allah gather you with the Satan you’re fighting for!

  5. لو ال
    كل يتفكر في قول الله (وقفوهم إنهم مسؤولون ) لبكى على نفسه ,ولم يلتفت لأحد.

  6. Why doesn’t the good doctor sheikh scholar go fight with the real vs the fakes in lieu of passing fatwas all day. Scholars who are bridges to hell truly mum at cluster bombs and white phosphorous and 60 kaffir nations fighting a hand full of soldiers from his luxury London home. May Allah damn you and expose you scholars in the liege of Satan!
    Allah knows whom his true soldiers are ya munafiq!

    • Problem with you khawarij lovers is, the mercy of Allah and the merciful tolerance of our beloved perfect Messenger, Muhammad sallahu alayhi wasallam – has been denied from your black rotten hearts. Fi qulubihim maradun fazadahumu Allahu maradan wa-lahum ‘adhabun “alimunm bima kanu yakdhibuna…

    • Take your medication!

    • Fight who exactly? Watching this video judt showed how knowledge is decreasing and these Ustath’s seemed like uneducated brothers…

      We are living in the days of confusion and deception…Isis is only making way for Zion Greater Israel….You do have Shaikh’s and Mujahideen’s of the Hell-Fire…I was going to go to Sham…Done Istikharaah(Wonder how many uneducated brothers do before going).AlhamdulilLaah Allah closed the door for it as my link got in to a bit of trouble.Allah set.opened the doors to Hajj for me last year..3 months before it was like a dream away from reality to go Hajj…..

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