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Conclusive scholarly opinions on ISIS

The following are views from various Muslim scholars and individuals on ISIS. The list by no means represents any endorsement of those listed by Islam21c or MRDF.

Some conclusive scholarly opinions concerning ISIS and their actions

The Syrian conflict has raged on, leaving conscious Muslims experiencing an agonising dilemma: to watch helplessly while thousands are oppressed and killed or to help with whatever is in their capacity. A number of Muslim youth have opted to join the revolt, offering their lives to the cause. This has prompted the government to adopt or suggest punitive actions against them citing fear that they would become ‘radicalised’.[1] Years prior to this rather uncertain position assumed by the British government, scholars in Syria and abroad had warned foreigners of travelling to fight in Syria. This was not due to fears of ‘radicalisation’ as these are not substantiated by any empirical evidence, but rather for concerns that the course of the revolution would be hampered since manpower was never required as much as financial and medical resources.[2]

Years into the mass uprising, certain elements sprung up and spread in the revolution, that severely stalled progress against the Syrian regime. In addition to this, certain groups began perpetrating crimes against Syrian fighters through internal provocation and conflict[3] and through targeting aid workers and civilians[4], whilst following a warped reading into Islam unrecognised by countless Syrian and international scholars.[5] [6] Scholars had previously communicated their position to the masses, but their incapacity to take these scholars seriously[7] developed the catastrophe the scholars had warned of. The catastrophe culminated in predominantly misinformed outsiders bolstering the strength of the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIS), duped by the group’s buzz-words (Khilāfah, Bay’ah, Amīr al-Mu’minīn, Hijrah and so on). In reality, if ISIS are not part of Assad’s regime as some claim[8], they have either been severely infiltrated by the regime or their ideology is starkly unrelated to Islam and critically misguided.

ISIS have not only weakened the fighters in Syria against Bashar, but have murdered arbitrators and committed heinous crimes against Muslims. The regime has benefited greatly by the presence of ISIS, even avoiding them in pursuit and attack.[9] ISIS have furthermore shackled the progress of some of the most effective Islamic rebel groups by waging war on them for their refusal to ‘pledge allegiance’ to them and to their warped ideology. The government and media suggest that many of those who have gone to fight in Syria have joined ISIS while recent videos might be seen to confirm these claims.[10] Assuming these claims to be accurate, it becomes binding upon those who are sincere in yearning for an end to the oppression to reveal the unmistakable reality.

Sadly, many eager individuals do not recognise the authority of Syria’s scholars, dismissing their views while accusing others of being “politicised”. Who did they follow and what did they risk? No doubt the scale of the crisis in Syria is unparalleled, thus what is at stake for those who travel there is most probably death. Death will lead to Paradise or the Hellfire. For those who opted to join ISIS, on what basis and through what justification are they willing meet Allāh when this faction has shed the blood of thousands unjustly? The question remains, did these individuals refer to the Book of Allāh, the injunctions of the Messenger salla Allāhu ‘alayh wasalam and the guidance of our leaders in understanding and faith, the recognised scholars of Islam, before embarking on this ākhirah-focused risk? Those who truly care for the course of the revolution and desire that it achieves the best end will categorically stop at the injunction of Allāh if nothing else. If our pride fails to lend Syrian scholars their worth, take the following international statements and verdicts regarding ISIS, issued by the following diverse list of scholars.[5] [6]

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Most scholars used the Arabic abbreviation ‘Dā’esh’ in reference to ISIS. ‘Dā’esh’ has been substituted for ISIS for the convenience of the reader.

Sheikh Abu Abdullah al-Masry:

Sheikh al-Masry was previously a member of ISIS but withdrew from them on the basis of their ideology and methodology. He justifies his withdrawal by mentioning ISIS’ defamation of the people of Syria, claiming they were ideologically misguided[11], asking how this could be the case if the Prophet salla Allāhu ‘alayh wasalam said: ”If the people of Shaam corrupt, there is no good in you.” The Sheikh adds:

“The behaviour of many elements in ISIS including leaders consistently is offensive towards the people of Syria and its Mujāhidīn, accusing them of misguidance in belief and action.” He further said: “They moreover repeatedly accuse the people of Syria and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) of disbelief (Kufr).” The Sheikh also argued that ISIS cannot be theoretically classified as Khawārij although practically this may be the case since they throw around accusations of disbelief without evidence and without understanding the gravity of such a charge. Rather, they may indict someone as a disbeliever merely on the grounds of disagreeing with them. Many of them believe that the people of Syria are originally apostates before creating justifications to this effect, raising weapons in their faces for the most trivial of matters.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tarifi:

Sheikh al-Tarifi is a Researcher in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Riyadh. The Sheikh is deeply erudite in the sciences of Islam, known for his profound ability to retrieve evidences and issue meticulous verdicts. Among his teachers are Sheikh Abdul Aziz b. Abdullah b. Baz, Faqih Abdullah b. Abdul Aziz b. Aqeel and Sheikh Muhammad b. al-Hasan al-Shanqeeti. The sheikh has an extensive number of printed works.[12] He states:

“It is impermissible for anyone to make his group or party a milestone against which loyalty and hostility are measured, such that he believes that allegiance and leadership should belong to him exclusively. Whoever believes that sole allegiance applies to him (or his party) from amongst all Muslims, then upon him apply the words of Allāh: “Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects), you (O Muhammad salla Allāh ‘alayh wasalam) have no concern in them in the least.”[13]“ The Sheikh added: “it is incorrect that while in a state of fighting and factions that one group should request individual and general allegiance and all that it entails. The allegiance is to the Jihād, constancy, patience and reform. It is incorrect that one individual who leads a particular faction to call himself Amīr al-Mu’minīn (the leader of the Believers), rather he should call himself the leader of the army, the battalion or the battle. General leadership is determined by Shūrā (consultation) between believers, not for an individual to assume. Titles cause exclusivity that can lead to dispute, conflict, strife and evil… [Therefore], participating with ISIS so long as it does not agree with the law of Allāh, independent of it is impermissible.”

Sheikh Sulaiman b. Nasser al-Alwan:

The Sheikh began pursuing knowledge at the age of fifteen. He has written comprehensive explanations of Hadīth books including Sahīh al-Bukhari, Jāmi’ Abū Issa al-Tirmidhi, Sunan Abī Dāwūd, Muwata’ Mālik among many others.[14] He quotes:

“Al-Baghdadi is not the Khalīfah of the Muslims for him to do whatever he pleases; rather he is a leader of a faction. Requesting a pledge of allegiance, killing those who refuse is the action of an aggressor, not the action of a person of good and righteousness.” He further said: “If his own leader does not agree with his actions, how can he expect allegiance from others?”

Sheikh Muhammad b. Salih al-Munajjid:

Sheikh Mohammad al-Munajjid is a renowned scholar of Islam with an array of recognised works (including His teachers include Sheikh Abdul Aziz b. Abdullah b. Baz, Sheikh Abdullah b. Abdul Rahman b. Jibreen and Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Barrak. He is currently the imām of the Mosque of Omar b. Abdul Aziz al-Khobar.[15] He says:

“If a group thinks, for example, that it has established the Islamic state, its leader is the ‘Leader of the Believers’, that he should be listened to and obeyed by everyone, that anyone not under his command has rebelled against him, that [this ‘state’] has the authority to draw up borders, elect leaders over towns, that it has authority over public wealth, petrol, wheat and so on, that others should forcefully submit to them while they can stop whoever they want, that they have the sole authority of establishing Islamic courts and judges and that every court besides theirs is void, it has deviated. This will no doubt create competition over control of regions and eventually lead to a great Fitnah and bloodshed.”

Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi:

Sheikh Muhammad al-Maqdisi is considered the guide of the ‘Jihadist Salafist’ movement in Jordan. His name is Issam Barqawi but is famously known as Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. Far from siding with ISIS,[16] he says in a letter to the Mujāhidīn of Syria after hearing of ISIS and their behaviour with other fighters:

“…and we do not feel ashamed to declare that we are free from the actions of those who dare spill the blood of Muslims whoever they may be.” He further added: “How can you be expected to accommodate all Syrians including Christians and other sects [if you cannot even accommodate other Muslims]?”

Dr. Hassan Saleh b. Hamid:

Dr. Hassan Saleh has a PhD in the principles of Fiqh and Sharī’ah, he is the Director of the Institute of Higher Islamic Education at the Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah and is a Member of the (Islamic) Advisory council.[17] He says:

 “No one going to Syria to fight is excused to be part of al-Baghadi’s faction for even a moment… they are a faction that brings Fitnah, whenever they are called to a court for religious arbitration they turn away and whenever a truce is declared, they reignite the war.”

Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Fawzan:

Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Fawzan is a member of the Council for Human Rights, a Professor in Islamic Jurisprudence and the Head of the Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad b. Saud in Saudi Arabia.[18] He says:

“ISIS is a rogue, external criminal organisation. Whoever knows of what afflicted us in Iraq and Afghanistan and the blood that was spilled unjustly at the hands of some ignorant individuals in our nation will understand the gravity of what is happening in Syria.”

Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar:

Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar is one of the leading authors in the field of education and Islamic thought, who seeks to provide a deep-rooted analysis into matters concerning Islamic civilisation, renaissance and Da’wah. He has more than 40 books in this area. Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar is a member of the Advisory Board for the Islam Today magazine (Riyadh).[19] He says:

“I met a number of students of knowledge and Islamic jurists returning from Syria. I swear by the One besides whom there is no god that the only thing they spoke about were the repulsive actions of ISIS and their crimes. ISIS and the Assad regime are two faces of one evil.”

Dr. Shafi al-Ajmi:

Dr. Al-Ajmi sought knowledge under the supervision of Sheikh Muhammad b. Saalih and Sheikh Yahya al-Yahya. He studied at the University of Imam Muhammad b. Saud and is now the Imām of al-Ghazali Mosque in Kuwait.[20]He quotes:

“I have not heard of a single scholar inside or outside of Syria who has praised this faction, had good suspicion of them or defended them, rather they have unanimously agreed that they are aggressors. Al-Baghdadi’s aim, since entering Syria is to weaken the fighters and he has indeed weakened al-Nusra Front and Ahraar al-Shaam and continues to do so.”

Sheikh Abu Basir al-Tartusi:

Sheikh Abu Basir al-Tartusi has played the effective role of the Syrian revolution’s Mufti. It is said that Sheikh al-Tartusi was the first Arab fighter to travel to Afghanistan in 1981, accompanying Abdullah Azzam on one of his trips. He has authored many books and is the founder of several of the revolution’s coordination groups.[21] He says:

“The group known as ISIS are from the fanatical Khawārij, rather they have surpassed the Khawārij in many of their characteristics and actions, combining between fanaticism, aggression, hostility and shedding inviolable blood.” He further said: “We call upon all sincere individuals who have been fooled by them while still with this misguided group to severe their ties with it and to declare their freedom from it and its actions.”

Sheikh Abdullah Saad:

The Sheikh and notable Muhadtih Abdullah b. Abdul Rahman b. Mohammed Al-Saad Al-Mutairi is one of those at the forefront of 20th and 21st century Muslim scholars. His teachers include, Sheikh Abdul Aziz b. Baz, Sheikh Mohammed b. Saalih and Sheikh Abdullah b. Abdul Rahman al-Jibreen. He has authored tens of books and has explanations of Bukhāri, Sunan Abī Dāwūd, Jāmi’ al-Tirmithi and others.[22]He says:

“I plea to whoever joined this faction (ISIS) to leave it and move away from it, and for its leaders to return to the truth and to repent to Allāh from the grave mistakes they have fallen into…”

Sheikh Abdullah al-Mahiseny:

Sheikh al-Mahiseny is a specialist in Islamic Jurisprudence, acquiring a PhD in Comparative Fiqh in the subject: “Rulings Concerning War Refugees in Islamic Jurisprudence.”[23] He says:

“By Allāh, I have never witnessed the scholars who speak about matters of Jihād agree on criticising and opposing a Muslim movement as they have agreed on condemning ISIS.” Sheikh Mahiseny concluded by saying: “I implore you by Allāh O Baghdadi to allow a general Islamic court mediate to uphold the injunctions of Allāh.”

Sheikh Adnan Mohammed al-Aroor:

Sheikh Adnan al-Aroor is currently the Director of Research and Publishing in Riyadh. He grew up seeking knowledge in Syria under several scholars including Sheikh al-Albani and Sheikh b. Baz.[24] He is one of the most notable scholarly icons of the Syrian revolution and has a multitude of published works. Sheikh al-Aroor says, directing his question at ISIS:

“Did Allāh set conditions that must be met before accepting that the Qur’ān arbitrate [in the affairs of difference]? Then where did you get these conditions [that you set] from? Why do you leave military fronts such as Homs and dedicate your efforts to the areas near the Turkish borders? … Who are the people of religious authority (ahl al-hal wal-’aqd) who you consulted before establishing your ‘state’? Do you aim to overthrow the sectarian dictator or to fight others [who want to achieve this]? … What is your Islamic proof that justifies your pledge to someone unknown?”[25] He furthermore states: “ISIS are either Khawārij or infiltrated by the [Syrian] regime. It is composed of three groups of people: brutal Takfīrīs, wicked infiltrators and people deceived by them.”

The Scholars of Aleppo Front:

The Scholars of Aleppo Front issued a statement encouraging the sincere members of ISIS to leave this faction and join the legitimate revolutionary forces in Syria for the crime that has been perpetrated by this group, including:

Accusations of disbelief (takfīr), their shedding of inviolable blood without a second thought, kidnappings and documented armed robberies of weapons and ammunition from other rebel factions, their refusal to allow the Sharī’ah to arbitrate between them and the other factions and sowing the seeds of discord between fighers. ISIS’ takfīr sometimes extend to the entire population of Syria. This includes takfīr boldly levelled at the Free Syrian Army, accusing Ahraar al-Shaam that they are misguided ‘Surūrīs’ and that al-Nusra Front have defied their alleged ‘Khalīfah’.[26]

A Joint Statement of 47 Scholars in Saudi Arabia

Including Al-Ghunaymaan, Al-‘Umar, Al-Mahmoud and Al-Jalali Al-Mahmoud

The joint statement asserted that it is impermissible and of tyranny for one faction to impose itself as the only holder of legitimacy and that it is necessary that all other groups pledge allegiance to it without consulting the Muslims, otherwise they become of the Khawārij and their blood becomes permissible. It argued that this is the main reason for divisions and internal fighting. Sheikh Hamoud b. Ali al-Omari added: “The reality of the matter is, every drop of blood shed between the (rebel) factions in Syria is due to al-Baghdadi’s refusal to allow the Sharī’ah to arbitrate while implementing his own innovated Sharī’ah.

There is no act, the punishment for which has been mentioned more sternly than that of killing a believer intentionally where a collection of five severe retributions have been listed:

“But whoever kills a believer intentionally – his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allāh has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment.”[27]


Above are only some of the verdicts issued against ISIS by Muslim scholars. Such an agreement between scholars, analysts and intellectuals across the board should shake the heart of any individual who has participated in hampering the revolutionary effort while imposing an innovated ideology on its people. This neither pleases Allāh nor is it to the betterment of Syria. Syrians are in no need of further repression. Sincere individuals who have joined ISIS believing it endorses the true purpose of Islam should rush to change course and avoid further gambling with their permanent abode, and with a Syrian future that balances on a knife’s edge.



This article is presented for information purposes, and is not an official view of MRDF or Islam21c.






[6] Title/author: أقوال العلماء والدعاة في داعش / إبراهيم بن عبد الرحمن التركي







[13] Al-Qur’ān 6:159














[27] Qur’ān 4:93

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  1. Salafis =ISIS

    It’s very clear why Salafis overwhelmingly, totally support “ISIS” no matter what they do (except for Madkhalis, and die hard AQ partisans/apologists, like on this site).

    Okay, I understand after doing a little more research why these days, (really in the last several years) you see “Salafi” Muslims doing what many other Muslims are calling evil, unIslamic terrorist attacks, such as killing random people including children, women and other non-combatants, for instance what just happened in Brussels, the 11-13 Paris attacks, San Bernadino, let alone the killing of many non-combatant Shia, Christian, and any other non-Muslim in Syria, Iraq, etc. It’s always Salafis doing these things too.

    This is basically all because of the VERY deviant “Salafi” understanding of Qisaas (Equal Retaliation).
    Some ayahs are 2:178, 2:194, 16:126, etc.

    For instance, what all other Muslims (Ahl as-Sunnah wa Jammah) have been saying in terms of if a man kills a child, then the only one who under Sharia that would be punished would be the man responsible for the murder (he’s the only guilty party), and NOT his child, is something that the “Salafi” scholars do not agree with (although others like the Ikhwani Hamas sometimes have these beliefs). The Salafis would say that it is actually perfectly legitimate and totally “Halaal” to kill an innocent child (or anyone else related to the man, or someone else of the same nationality or ethnicity, etc.) for the crimes of his father.

    The Salafis when they see the Qisaas ayahs such as when you punish the transgressor, punish him just as he punished you, instead of the two parties, the criminal (A) and the victim (B), you bring in a 3rd party that was not involved in anyway with the crime, and is 100%, totally innocent. Lets call the 3rd party, “C.” Now, this could be the child or mother, or some other relative, or even someone from the same nationality or ethnicity of the criminal (A). So Salafis believe that an innocent 3rd party (C) should be punished for what another criminal/criminals (A) did to the victim/victims (B).

    This is why you see various groups do these things over and over. And of course they’re all “Salafis,” so this is no surprise.

    And this is why when Safafi (or any) shuyookh condemn these type of acts, the hardline Salafi types (or the “SJs” to be more specific) pretty much talk about how these shuyookh are hypocrites and not supporting the muj., etc. This is also I guess why Shaykh Haithom didn’t bring up that fact that the people targeted were “non-combatants” when saying he did not agree with the 11-13 Paris attacks.

    I understand why some Muslims call Salafis evil deviants, and whatnot (I know they mention other things as well), and I’m not a scholar but this is I would think a VERY serious, calamitous, and catastrophic mistake.

  2. As salaamu alaykum,

    I have a few rhetorical question for people that support “ISIS” or any of the deviant, misguided, similar, so-called (self identified) “SJ” groups such as Boko Haraam (one of the few groups to give Bayah to these barbaric deviants – wow what a surprise (not!), and what a glowing endorsement, almost as good as getting one from Stalin, or Chairman Mao), etc.

    How can their many alleged acts be justified in ANY WAY Islamically – according to to the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saws)?

    It is 100% HARAAM, and TOTALLY unIslamic and against ALL of the rules of the Shariah of Allah (swt), PERIOD, let alone despicable and extremely heinous and barbaric, to intentionally target kaafir non-combatants (women, babies, children, the elderly, laborers/workers, monks, priests, etc.)

    There are so many authentic Ahadeeth from the Sunnah of the Prophet (saws) that clearly state that these things are TOTALLY Haraam and TOTALLY unIslamic and not from the Deen of Allah (swt) in any way, shape or form, that one would have to pretty much be semi-retarded and/or extremely jahil NOT to know this! There are no exceptions and no “ifs, ands, or buts.”

    I don’t see how “ISIS” apologists can ALWAYS defend these evil, despicable, 100% unIslamic and totally Haraam in every single way, types of acts.

    These misguided deviants are doing things that the Yahood would do and have been doing in Falasteen for decades and elsewhere (i.e. the early Bolsheviks were almost entirely Yahoodi). Just look at their corrupted Torah (The Old Testament) and even worse, their “Talmud.” These ISIS “Muslims” are trying to out “Talmudize” the Yahood! SuhanAllah.

    Of course for years now, they have been committing many crimes, and not just attacking kaafir non-combatants (i.e. in Syria, Iraq, Mali, North Africa, and Nigeria, etc., and of course the more recent acts such as the “alleged” Paris attacks and shooting down of the Russian non-military plane, etc.), but of course beheading many Scholars of the mujahideen, and actual mujahideen/fighters (and not just in Syria but also in Afghanistan). And BTW, on s side note Nusra also allegedly praised the Paris attacks (which honestly do look like a very big False Flag/Psy-Op – there are more holes in the official story than Swiss Cheese), and said they “wished” they had done it, which I find hard to believe, but than again, their people/forefathers were always exclusively doing these same exact kinds of totally Haraam and 100% un-Islamic, stupid, not at all helping the Ummah types of mindless acts. I thought they were becoming more balanced, and moving away from these kinds of stereotypical, blood thirsty acts that people always associate and expect from so-called “SJs.” Maybe ISIS (or Intel Agencies) pretended to be Nusra, while praising it?

    Also one last thing, and I’m sorry to digress, but why is there basically no Sunni Muslims that believe in the concept of False Flags/Psy-Ops by the Deep State (i.e. intel agencies such as the Mossad, etc. – like the Zionists/Yahood don’t ALWAYS benefit?), things that have been happening for hundreds/thousands of years, really boggles the mind, but I guess that’s a another subject for a another post…

  3. Amazing! This can be one of the most beneficial blogs I have ever
    arrive across on this subject. Actually this is excellent. I’m also an experienced in this topic thus I can understand your

  4. kwaharidj do takfeer on muslims that have doing big sins
    but isis dont do takfeer on people that do sins
    like sheikh abu muhammad al adnani says that they only do takfeer if kitaab and sunnah do takfeer

    dowlatul islam baqiyah !!!!

    • muhammad_Sulieman

      Well, Dont be fooled by ISIS, Alhamdulilah i never Joined them but once was thinking there on haq but then i ask Allah to guide me (Well now let me tell you some older story when i was in FB i had alot of ISIS supporters They made Takfir on Mufti menk for inter faith i know inter faith is wrong but mufti menk didnt do anything that make him a kafir i know only 1 indivial did that but i found isis way to extreme and making takfeer on scholars for example they didnt not agree with them and they made takeer on it ISIS openly Makes Takfeer On Jahabt al nusra aleppo front FSA and i know FSA is not on haq but making takfeer ok leave FSA making takfeer on Jahabat aal nusra and other like jaish al sham even tho i dont know much about them will find out In Sha Allah there is one scholar i dont know which jamah hes from maybe Jahabt al nusra or other theres a video of him about the chartaristic of khawarij and all matches ISIS and he is in As sham and once ISIS memeber came to his mosque Saying i wanna pray they said ok then next thing he did is open up sucide belt Wallahi this is not right and I find ISIS khawarij they make takfeer Yes we need khilafah But real one not the ISIS they call for sharia but dont implement it They call for unity yet they Fight other groups if they dont agree or join them They call for good things like khawarij do to fool people But there far away from it May Allah guide them and us and May Allah destory the khawarij and if they are khawarij may Allah crush them and May we get all the black banners of islam from them so we use on WAY OF Quran and Hadith according to Understanding of Salaf as sahileen not our own understanding. Ameen ya Allah

  5. Nawaz Hasan Afridi

    How can one believe that the view are not fake about isis. There is no caliph in the world so why the muslims are ignoring the caliph ibrahim?

  6. Been just over one year now I think since the mubahala of Sheikh Adnani. How are the liars of AQ & Taliban holding up?

  7. Assalamu alaykum. SubhanAllah I think we should all fear Allah. Some of these comments made are just crossing the line subhanAllah. Alhamdullilah for the scholars who have knowledge and know how to spread it with good speech. Instead of talking like someone who’s come out of the gutter subhanAllah. I suggest you study your religion and learn the good moral character that is needed to be a practising muslim.

  8. Is ISIS muslim? Or perversion of islam? Here are literally hundreds of sheiks and ‘ulama Denouncing ISIS.

    The startling observation is by what authority do they denounce Islamic terrorism? It isn’t from the Quran…or the Haddith. No, they denounce terrorism by their own personal opinion.

    Their authority is meaningless. Why can’t quote the Quran to denounce Islamic terrorism?l

    • Scholars do use Qur’aan and hadith to denounce terrorism, but they are not referred to in their quotes above (they just included short general statements they hold on ISIS as a whole). Here are few example hadith concerning non-muslims who have a treaty with the Muslims, but there are plenty of references against terrorism and the actions done by ISIS as issued by the scholars.

      It is proven that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever kills a mu‘aahid will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

      The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “If anyone wrongs a mu‘aahid, detracts from his rights, burdens him with more work than he is able to do or takes something from him without his consent, I will plead for him (the mu‘aahid) on the Day of Resurrection.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 3052; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood.

      Explanation – If any of the non-Muslims comes to our country for work or business, and has permission (from the authorities), he is either a mu‘aahid (one who has a treaty with the Muslims) or a musta’min (one who has been granted security by the Muslims). So it is not permissible to transgress against him.

      • If it is truly a Muslim controlled land, the ahaadith above apply. And not a land controlled by apostate authority which is accepted by the unlearned population to be a legitimate leadership. Your understanding of this problem of apostasy is limited to what little you know regarding it. More research is recommended.

    • Hey dude, did you just come up with that oppinion whilst having a dunk on the toilet or did you exert even an atom of your energy to seek the truth?

    • muhammad_Sulieman

      Even tho ISIS is from khawarij and i dont support them but dont call islamic extrimism You should know that how many innocent have been in Iraq syria and many parts of world is that not extrimism Why dont you feel for that or you want media for that too dont believe what media says first thing is ask your govt to stop attacking muslim lands and killing innocent and yes ISIS is extreme but that does not make West right Western govt and ISIS Are both killing innocent infact Look how many innocent have been killed by western govt and why cant muslims defend themselfs? I hope you read Quran and find peace in it May Allah guide you and us to Right path Ameen ya Allah

  9. This is how ahrar al sham betrayed Sulaiman Al Awlan and spread lies against Islamic State and lies about Sulaiman al Awlan putting words in their mouth after asking to him a lie and spread only their response taked out of context regarding to that lie many time before the caliphate was created

  10. Go here for more , i havent seen any response of the mubahala of Sheikh Adnani from these sheikhs except those which they speak about them like Sulaiman al awlani or another i dont know if exist another case , as for those who says khawarij or anything else then lets respond to the mubahala nad let the curse of Allah be upon the liars if they really say that are sincere and not only them but even you who comment … in all my life none of those i debate with them none of them never respond to the mubahala , do you know why? Becouse theay know that they are liars in the same way everyone who dont respond to the mubahala know that he is a liar and is affraid that the curse of Allah will destroy him


    These are the reasons!

    1. Because Dawlah is making its people prosper with all sorts of food aids, while none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it.

    2. Because Dawlah is making its people prosper by developing the economic wheel and providing business capital for free, while none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it.

    3. Because Dawlah is implementing the Shari’ah of Islam in every territory they control, and many people from among the Muslims love them. While none of the thaghut across the country was able to do it, in fact they misguide the Muslims with the Shirk Law that they have created.

    4. Because Dawlah establishes the Shari’ah Court, and the people like its presence. While the thaghut across the country instead establish the Shirk Court with the Law of Ilyasiq (a mix-up of Islamic Law and the shirk man-made Law introduced by the Mongol invaders – ed.) like what had happened during the time of Sheikh Ibnu Taimiyah, Ibnu Katsir, Ibnu Qayyim and Imam Nawawi Rahimahumullah.

    5. Because the capital of Dawlah, i.e. Raqqah, has applied Jizyah for the kuffar as a part of the Islamic Shari’ah which is contained in the Qur’an.

    6. Because with the services of Dawlah in the area of Raqqah, that city becomes the most beautiful city and a hope for all the believers. While the kuffar hate it very much.

    7. Because with the Shari’ah of Islam established by Dawlah Islamiyah, all the secular media whose kiblah (orientation) are to the kuffar of the West, hate this Shar’ah of Islam very much.

    Due to that, those spiteful haters of Dawlah are unsurprisingly fit to spew their hatreds. Don’t we remember in the early days of the Da’wah of Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, where he had an awful lot of accusations such as he was a madman, poet, sorcerer and someone who breaks the tie of silaturahim??

    Therefore, it is no surprise that those haters feel hatred against Dawlah Islamiyah.

    The question is, if those haters of Dawlah hate the existence of Dawlah which is becoming more and more loved by the Muslims across the country, we would like to ask:


    If they hate Dawlah and say that Dawlah are terrorists, ghuluw, takfiri, but they are also unable to show an alternative that is much better in terms of its services to the Muslims than Dawlah. So it is befitting to say:


    Either we like it or not, indeed Dawlah will continue to exist by the permission of Allah Ta’ala, and will continue to receive help if Dawlah remains that way, i.e. remaining upon the manhaj that is sahih.

    Allahu Akbar
    Allahu Akbar
    Allahu Akbar

    When u read the hadiths bout Shaam nd bout the end of times.The haqq and the group that is on Haqq is as clear as the night is from the day.

    From Abdulla Ibn Hawala, the Messanger صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “You will be split up into groups of armies. An army will be in Al-shaam, an army in Iraq, and an army in Yemen.”

    Abdullah said: I stood up and said…”choose for me oh Messenger of Allah.”
    The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Upon you is Al-shaam; and whoever cannot, let him go to Yemen, and let him drink from its water, for Allah has assured (secured) for me Al-shaam and its people.

    Rabi’a said: I heard Aba Idris narrating this hadith and he would say: “who ever Allah has given assurance then there is no fear over him.”
    Sheikh Al-albani says this hadith is Sahih Jidan (very authentic)

    Narrated Ibn Hawalah: The prophet(saw) said:
    It will turn out that you will be ARMED TROOPS , one is SYRIA , one in the Yemen and one in Iraq.
    Ibn Hawalah said:
    Choose for me, Messenger of Allah(saw), if I reach that time. He replied: Go to Syria, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered, but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your tanks, for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people.

    [Sunan Abu Dawood Book 14, Hadith 2477] – Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani)

    Ansar Al-Dawlah Islamiyah in #Yemen pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi #Khalifa#IS

    • *yawn* another copy paste clown.

      • Facts whether copied/pasted or written originally remain facts. Perhaps boredom will be the cause of the ummah because they like their misguided “scholars” to spoon feed them.

  12. This is an amazing explication for all those who havent seen this video (turkish/english) Abu Hanzala on the War against the Islamic State

    The Caliphate is valid MUST READ


    This matter (rule) will remain with the Quraish, and none will rebel against them, but Allah will throw him down on his face, as long as the Quraish uphold the Deen. [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 89, Number 253] –

    Abu Bakr al Baghdadi fulfills all 11 conditions.-
    The caliph should be from Quraish.

    Imam Ahmad (may Allah have mercy upon him) said, as reported by ‘Abdūs Ibn
    Mālik al-‘Attār, “It is not permissible for anyone who believes in Allah to sleep without considering as
    his leader whoever conquers them by the sword until he becomes khalīfah and is called Amīrul-Mu’minīn
    (the leader of the believers), whether this leader is righteous or sinful.”

    In hadith from sahih Muslim our beloved prophet, salallahu alayhi wa salam said:
    “If swearing of alligance was given to two khalifah, then kill the second one”.
    {Muslim 1853}
    Also the prophet, salallahu alayhi wa salam said:
    “If someone will come to you while you are united around one person and tries to split you, then hit him in the neck with the sword whoever he would be! ”
    {Muslim 3/1479}
    Now we Muslims are uniting under khilafaa so who ever oppose they will b fought as per this hadith .

    The Light Revelations Pt. 21 (The Khilafah Debate) The caliphate is valid

    Remember that the scholars during prophet (saw) time were the jews, they knew nearly everything about prophet (saw), they knew him even better than their own sons, they even made dua to Allah to bring prophet Muhammad (saw), yet just because he came from a different tribe, they rejected him. That sounds awfully similar to whats happening today with people rejecting the khilafah. Knowledge of something being the truth is not enough, you could still reject it for many reasons.

    ISIS Does Not Reject Arbitration By The Law of Allah in Any Day By Abu Muhammad al-‘Adnani
    This video is before the creation of the caliphate

    Islamic State fights to implement sharia law and did it, it is so stupid to think for one second that they reject arbitration by the law of Allah

    The calling of “the group” to the khalifah to come to the “”shariah court” is indeed a delusion. The subject can be studied in detail on the conflict which took place between Ali RA and Muawiyah RA.

    Muawyiah claimed for the justice of killing of Uthman from Ali. But Ali RA asked muawiyah to give bayah first and then he will judge in that issue.

    Such is indeed the option left in our times. The issue is clear. But what the “group’s” call to shariah court is to come out of the khilafah. To leave the Khilafah. To demolish and abandon the court of shariah in khilafah. It is indeed falsehood and what will cause great harm to the muslims and islam.

    Instead the “group” should give their bayah and then they should demand justice for the crimes which was committed. And then it becomes wajib on the khalifah to bring justice according to the shariah.

    When u read the hadiths bout Shaam nd bout the end of times.The haqq and the group that is on Haqq is as clear as the night is from the day.

    From Abdulla Ibn Hawala, the Messanger صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “You will be split up into groups of armies. An army will be in Al-shaam, an army in Iraq, and an army in Yemen.”

    Abdullah said: I stood up and said…”choose for me oh Messenger of Allah.”
    The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Upon you is Al-shaam; and whoever cannot, let him go to Yemen, and let him drink from its water, for Allah has assured (secured) for me Al-shaam and its people.

    Rabi’a said: I heard Aba Idris narrating this hadith and he would say: “who ever Allah has given assurance then there is no fear over him.”
    Sheikh Al-albani says this hadith is Sahih Jidan (very authentic)

    Narrated Ibn Hawalah: The prophet(saw) said:
    It will turn out that you will be ARMED TROOPS , one is SYRIA , one in the Yemen and one in Iraq.
    Ibn Hawalah said:
    Choose for me, Messenger of Allah(saw), if I reach that time. He replied: Go to Syria, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered, but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your tanks, for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people.

    [Sunan Abu Dawood Book 14, Hadith 2477] – Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani)

    Ansar Al-Dawlah Islamiyah in #Yemen pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi #Khalifa#IS

    • Selecting the Caliph must be from at least the majority.

      Sheikhul Islam Ibn Thaymiyya rahimahullah said:
      “If it was that Umar and those with him gave Bay’at (to Abu Bakr al-Siddiq) but the rest of the companions did not, then he would not be an Imam by that. But rather he became the Imam
      only after the majority of the companions gave him the Bay’at who are the people of strength
      and might.”
      Minhaj al-Sunnah 1:530

      And Imam Ahmed said:
      “The Imam is the one whom all the Muslims are agreed to call him an Imam.”
      Minhaj al-Sunnah 1:112

  13. This is how they betrayed Sulaiman Al Awlan and spread lies against Islamic State and lies about Sulaiman al Awlan putting words in their mouth after asking to him a lie and spread only their response taked out of context regarding to that lie

  14. Ok so a lot of mainstream scholars criticise Islamic state for one reason or the other and some of them appear to have good reason to. What I don’t understand (nor very suprised about) is why the article is extremely biased, it claims to include various scholarly opinions but they are all negative. Why not give different viewpoints, I mean I’ve seen BBC articles about “terrorist” groups with more neutrality. What would have gave this article more credibility was if it included both sides of the story. Something to think about…

    • BRILLIANT AND ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT response from u akhy. This guy is only overtaken by the negativity of Dawlah said by coconut scholars whilst he didn’t even bring one scholar supporting it.

  15. Brilliant article, i am really found of your work. The way you described is awesome. Do posting such an amazing articles. Well done.
    Learn Quran Online

  16. Why cant these shieks give fatwa against the wrong doing kings and general s in middle east.

  17. alhamdulillah the ulama agree about this being illegitimate.

  18. Baghdadi beggars belief

    Whilst Isis divides the world and decides to declare a khilafa, Gaza is getting bombed to smithereens. As per usual, people havent stopped to think that those who have been the only consistent practitioners of Jihad for the past few decades havent decided to declare a khilafa. Perhaps the happy hour Isis boys can aid the people of Gaza against Israel? Or do they only attack other Muslims?

  19. Assalaamu ‘alaykum
    I would value Shaykh Haitham’s opinion here, including an analysis of al-Baghdadi’s khutba.

    • Wa alaikum salam,

      Sheikh haitam is not obliged to say anything on such a topic especially as we know that there are some munafiqs and implants at large who are hell bent on getting him in trouble!!

      • Samy Merchant

        Well, if someone writes in the press, “Osama Bin Laden, May Allah have mercy on him,” wears a traditional Arabic dress and cap in the midst of a charged anti-Islamic atmosphere, keeps a long beard, and on top of that, speaks English with a Middle-Eastern accent, the “munafiqs and implants” have it easy, squeezy.

        But against someone like Yasir Qadhi of the USA, the “munafiqs and implants” don’t stand a chance. The Sheikh@Islam21c needs to learn about the concept of Cultural Consonance ASAP.

  20. Below is a list of those Sunni scholars that opposed ibn Taimiyah:

    1.Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah al-Betahi (707 H)
    2.Sheikh Kamal al-deen Muhammad bin Abi al-Hassan Ali al-Saraj al-Shafiyye
    3.Sheikh Ahmad bin Ibrahim al-Seroji al-Hanafi (710 H)
    4.Sheikh Ali bin Makhloof al-Maliki (718 H)
    5.Sheikh Ali bin Yaqoub al-Bakri (724 H)
    6.Sheikh Shams al-deen Muhammad bin Adlan al-Shafiyye (749 H)
    7.Sheikh Taqi al-deen al-Subki al-Shafiyye (756 H)
    8.Sheikh Muhammad bin Umar bin Maki al-Shafiyye (716 H)
    9.Hafiz Abu Saeed Salah al-Deen al-Alaay (761 H)
    10.Qazi Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Muslim al-Hanbali (726 H)
    11.Sheikh Ahmad bin Yahya al-Kalabi al-Halabi (73 3H)
    12.Qazi Kamal al-deen al-Zamalkani (727 H)
    13.Qazi Safi al-deen al-Hindi (715 H)
    14.Sheikh Ali bin Muhammad al-Baji (714 H)
    15.Sheikh Al-Fakhr bin al-Mu’alem al-Qurashi (725 H)
    16.Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali al-Dahan al-Mazeni al-Demashqi
    17.Sheikh Abu al-Qasim Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Shirazi (733 H)
    18.Sheikh Jalal al-deen Muhammad al-Qazwini al-Shafiyye (739 H)
    19.Sheikh Abu Hayan al-Andlusi (745 H)
    20.Sheikh Afif al-deen Abdullah al-Y’afee (768 H)
    21.Sheikh Taj al-deen al-Subky al-Shafiyye (771 H)
    22.Sheikh ibn Shakir al-Katabi (764 H)
    23.Sheikh Umar al-Fakehi al-Maliki (734 H)
    24.Qazi Muhammad Saadi al-Akhnaei (755 H)
    25.Sheikh Isa Zawawi al-Maliki (743 H)
    26.Sheikh Ahmad bin Uthman al-Jawzajani al-Hanafi (744 H)
    27.Sheikh ibn Rajab al-Hanbali (795 H)
    28.Hafiz wali al-deen al-Iraqi (826 H)
    29.Sheikh ibn Qazi Shuhbah al-Shafiyye (851 H)
    30.Sheikh Abu bakr al-Hesni (829 H)
    31.Sheikh Abu Abdillah bin Arafa al-Tunisi al-Maliki(853 H)
    32.Sheikh Ala al-deen al-Bukhari al-Hanafi (841 H)
    33.Sheikh Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Ferghani al-Hanafi (867 H)
    34.Sheikh Ahmad Zeroq al-Fasi al-Maliki (899 H)
    35.Sheikh Ahmad ibn Abdulsalam al-Masry (931 H)
    36.Sheikh Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Khawarezmi al-Demashqi (968 H)
    37.Qazi Bayadh al-Hanafi (1908H)
    38.Sheikh Ahmad bin Mahmoud al-Wateri (980 H)
    39.Sheikh ibn Hajar al-Haytami (974 H)
    40.Sheikh Jalal al-deen al-dwani (928 H)
    41.Sheikh Abdulnafee bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Araq al-Demashqi (926 H)
    42.Qazi Abu Abdullah al-Muqri
    43.Sheikh Mula Ali al-Qari al-Hanafi (1014 H)
    44.Sheikh Abdulraoof al-Manawy al-Shafiyye (1031 H)
    45.Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali bin Alaan al-Sidiqi (1057 H)
    46.Sheikh Ahmad al-Khafaji al-Hanafi (1019 H)
    47.Sheikh Muhammad al-Zarqani al-Maliki (1122 H)
    48.Sheikh Abdulghani al-Nabulsi (1143 H)
    49.Sheikh Saleh al-Kawash al-Tunsi al-Maliki (1248 H)
    50.Sheikh Muhammad Mahdi al-Sayadi (1287 H)
    51.Sheikh Muhammad Abu al-Huda al-Sayadi (1328 H)
    52.Sheikh Mustafa bin Ahmad al-Sheti al-Hanbali (1348 H)
    53.Sheikh Mahmood Khatab al-Subki (1352 H)
    54.Sheikh Muhammad al-Khizr al-Shanqiti (1353 H)
    55.Sheikh Salama al-Azami al-Shafiyye (1376 H)
    56.Sheikh Muhammad Bakhit al-Mutaei (1354 H)
    57.Sheikh Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari (1371 H)
    58.Sheikh Ibrahim bin Uthman al-Semnodi (modern)
    59.Sheikh Muhammad al-Arabi al-Taban (1395 H)
    60.Sheikh Mansour Muhammad Uwais (modern)
    61.Sheikh Ahmad al-Ghemari al-Maliki (1380 H)
    62.Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Ghemari al-Maliki (1314 H)
    63.Sheikh Mustafa al-Hemami (1368 H)
    64.Sheikh Mukhtar bin Ahmad al-Mu’ayed al-Azmi (1340 H)
    65.Sheikh Seraj al-deen Abbas al-Endonisi (1403 H)
    66.Sheikh Mahmood Subaih (modern)
    67.Sheikh Muhammad Madhi Abu al-Azaem (1356 H)
    68.Sheikh Mahmood Saeed Mamdoh (modern)
    69.Sheikh Abdullah al-Habashi (modern)
    70.Sheikh Muhammad al-Zamzami al-Maliki (1407 H)
    71.Sheikh Nizar bin Rashid al-Halabi al-Shafiyye (1416 H) killed by Wahabis
    72.Sheikh al-Habib Ali al-Jefri (modern)
    73.Sheikh Dawoud al-Baghdadi al-Hanafi
    74.Sheikh Barakat al-Ahmadi al-Shafiyee
    75.Sheikh Ahmad bin Ali al-Qabani al-Shafyyie
    76.Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulrahman bin Afaleq al-Hanbali
    77.Sheikh Afif al-deen Abdullah bin Dawoud al-Hanbali
    78.Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdullatif al-Shafyyie
    79.Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed al-Sarhandi

    • I’m sure these scholars had legitimate reasoning behind their opposition and besides this issue of Isis and the ‘khilafa’ is a FAR FAR greater issue. It’s causing great fitnah. May Allah SWT guide us and them . Ameen

    • Opposing a scholar is one thing, unanimously agreeing on a group being khariji is another thing. When you bring 100s of scholars opposing Ibn Taymiyya (rahimahullah), I can bring you a hundred more praising him. Same can not be said about ISIS.

      Almost everyone involved in the efforts of establishing Shari’ah on Allah’s Land and making the kalima of al-Haqq supreme across the land has disowned ISIS.

      Wake up.

  21. ISIS may well be vile Kharijis – but for God’s sake, when did Khaliji religious scholars become political experts??!!? Saudi scholars should stick to what they’re excellent at – kissing royal family backsides & ‘refuting’ the ash’aris. Leave big political decisions to people who know what they’re talking about…people who’ve actually studied politics!!

    • I completely agree. Just because we have a prominent Khariji group to warn against that should not stop us in being strict against the other extreme, the Murji’ah.

      If ISIS are khariji, that does not make everyone who speaks against them upon Haqq.

    • Attention: MOST anyone on this website of any others presenting a semi pro-ISIS viewpoint is NOT Muslim at all. They are most likely “agents” of the US or more likely Israel. Beware honest, hardworking Muslims, ignore them. They are hoping to inject the idea that ISIS is a global growing entity with a rabid following.
      This is incorrect and the scholars above are correct. None of these idiots can enter a true debate with any of the scholars.

      • Hi Guys,

        The one good thing ISIS is doing is removing Tombs which are epicenter of Shirk and Kufr. Tombs represent Shirk-e-Akbar. Shirk is unforgivable sin. May Allah open eyes of False Ahle-Sunnah Wal Jamaah who promote mausoleums of Awliya Allah. Everybody respect AwliyahAllah but by not making big Tombs and Mausoleums which are contrary to teaching of Islam and Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah.

  22. Naveed Abbasi

    Ahh these scholars. If it was up to scholars and their advice Salah Uddin would never had fought with crusaders.They give fatawas to legitimises Satan Sisi whose hands have blood of thousands of Muslims. I will support anyone as long as I see biggest enemies of Islam. i. e. Iran, USA and Europe in unison against a person or a group in this case Abu bakr Al Bagdadi. May Allah SWT help him in this blessed month . Ameen.

  23. A convoy aid worker in Syria

    I have personally taken essential aid from the UK into Syria and spent time therein in relief work. From first hand experience I observed the following:

    1. The ISIS strategy is to seize territory already liberated by other groups. They wait until the men of an area vacate a locality for a mission then move in and take over.

    2. They attack and kidnap aid workers.

    3. They are hated by the Syrian population.

    4. They have weakened and divided the resistance by creating an internal enemy within the liberated areas.

    5. They have committed many attrocities against fighters belonging to other groups.

    From the brief encounters I had with them they lacked knowledge and good character and they were very casual about spilling the blood of innocent Muslims. They are the only group which cover their faces, perhaps becasue they fear being held to account for their actions. They are dominated by young foreign fighters and lack true scholarship.

  24. Let’s forget the rest of the Saudi scholars. Mohammed al Maqdasi is on the Haq.

    The rest of the scholars need to address their own taghoot first. Honestly, it’s funny how most of the scholars listed only speak out after the king tells then to.

    Isis have made massive mistakes and hence they are not fit to rule.

  25. Those saudi scholars would even denounce the real khilafah if it came tomorrow. They would defend their King’s throne at any expense. They lack political insight and no way do they influence thinking Muslims. Where’s the fatwa when their government kills Muslims in Bahrain or legitimises sisi? They need to have a deep look at themselves! Our great scholar imam abu hanifa said is you see a scholar at the gates of the sultan then question his deen. Most of the saudi scholars are slaves of their usurping King.

  26. When these scholars perform jihad their opinion might carry some weight amongst those who are fighting. They’re all about the Sunnah and bringing scholarly proofs but don’t act themselves. The scholars were having philosophical debates wth one another when that Mongols were at the gates of Baghdad.

    • Salam,

      Did you read any of their comments? What has their not having gone to Syria to fight got to do with the alleged corrupt ideology of ISIS and their illegitimate claim to supremacy, as well as alleged mass takfir and killings etc.?

      For you to suggest that those with first-hand experience of ISIS do not know what they’re talking about (such as syrian scholars who had contact with ISIS as mentioned above by ”Dr Shafi al Ajmi’ and ‘Dr Abdul Karim Bakkar’) suggests you have some more reliable counter evidence?

    • Dawoud Abdur-rahman

      You are so right brother/sister subhanallah, this is all these so called scholars have been doing for the past 80 years and more, it is the major reason why the ummah is in this state.

  27. Dawoud Abdur-rahman

    This entire page is built on hypocrisy, these so called scholars are pawns of the Saud regime, they have to speak from within these prisons to confuse the youth. These so called scholars have never spoken against the history of how these lands were drawn up.

    ISIS is cleaning up the munafiqeen in Syria and Iraq, they call on other Muslims to join their ranks to be united and many rawafid have repented. I’ve seen those videos etc.

    We pray that Allah forgive the mistakes of our brothers in ISIS, sincere Muslims should pledge bay’ah to unite their ranks and stop their stubborn and rebellious approach, it is these other factions that are disunited and fail to remove Assad, this nonsense is going on for 3 years in Syria, nothing is being done because these factions are disunited.

    Now there is an Islamic State, why not pledge allegiance to it and work with the Muslims instead of rebelling? We hate the sunnah and what is good for us.

    These scholars, all they do is talk, no action, they love the status quo. How long will Muslims continue to suffer in the world without any kind of honor? All I see is jealousy and envy these so called scholars have for the Islamic State.

    • What exactly do you mean by saying the above scholars are ‘pawns of the Saudi regime’, and what is your evidence for that?

    • The hypocrisy of the followers of ISIS is never-ending. If these very scholars had defended Baghdadi then you would have been at the feet of these scholars worshipping them. Now that they go against what you believe, they ‘pawns of the Saudis’.

    • Ha what a nincompoop! The only reason the author probably quoted these individuals (who would have many major differences within themselves) is because the Muslims that might be vulnerable to Bashar al-Assad’s ISIS lies and deceipt would only listen to those types of openly pro-Jihad scholars, even if those who are full-blown ISIS-munafiqs would never follow any scholar from any background.

      The funny thing is these SISI/Bashar al-Assad internet “mujahids” are trying to say that these lot are pawns or puppets of the Saudi regime when if they were they would be SUPPORTING idiots like ISIS, Bashar, Sisi, and all the rest of those who weaken the jihad on the ground. even though they’re speaking AGAINST them. The Kings starting shaking in their boots the moment the first revolution happened, and they LOVE isis and how it is weakening the resistances all over the place, despite it being set-up/infiltrated by Bashar al-Assad. You lot think readers really are so stupid that they will fall for that non-argument…

      Just look at the comments on this page about ISIS

    • While scholars have said what they have said. Some of them right, some of them as you said ‘pawns of the state’. We agree. Just because some of those in this list are inclined towards Irja’, does not mean that ISIS is upon the truth. The fact still remains. Since the scholars who represent the people and are trusted by them have not given bay’ah, ISIS cannot compel general population to submit to the Khalifa. And they definitely can not fight against those who deny the legitimacy of the state. [Whether or not ISIS Caliphate is legitimate or not is a different issue]

      If chaos was the way Islam was supposed to be, then what if tomorrow another group declares Islamic Caliphate in Africa. Can they start ‘filling heads with bullets’ of those who do not give bay’ah ?

      ISIS have actually damaged the idea of Caliphate and shown the world that the propaganda of the Jews that Caliphate is just brutal dictatorship and forced conversion is actually true. If a Muslim upon Tawhid starts fearing for his family due to the ideology of the Khalifa. When a regular layman is scared and does not know what might be ‘understood by the ISIS gangs to be against their methodology’ and thus be killed for it without any clarification. Then this is not a Caliphate for Muslims.

      It is a caliphate for ISIS fans. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Whenever discussing this issue with ISIS fans, all I see is rhetoric, whims, anger, hatred, emotional arguments, accusations that ‘Any one who opposes ISIS is against Islam’, accusations that ‘If you are not with us, you are with the Kuffar’. I have yet to see a single person give me ayahs, ahadith, statements of scholars of the salaf, their actions. Or any evidence to justify their stance on the Ummah of Muhammad (salallahualaihi wasallam).

      You have responded to the accusations of scholars much the same way. They are against victory of the Ummah. They are jealous. etc etc. I know of only one group in Islam’s history who preached ‘Either you join us, or you are kaafir’. They were known as Khawarij.

      We pray they return to the law of Allah and the manhaj of Rasulallah (salallahualaihiwasallam)

    • Rawafid are ISIS actually . They love to cause pain towards those who object them. among their acts are burning human, slowly cutting necks etc

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