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No, Blair. You are a liar.

And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror]. Racing ahead, their heads raised up, their glance does not come back to them, and their hearts are empty.[1] 

The great British Butcher Blair is at it again, warning the West about “Islamic extremism”. Instead of paying for his war crimes, this mass murderer is allowed to masquerade as a peace envoy, earning millions from the blood of those slaughtered by his illegal wars.

How Blair was chosen as a peace envoy to the Middle East is beyond comprehension. As one of the instigators of the Iraq war which set the region in flames with sectarianism he is now the Middle East envoy for the quartet of the UN, EU, US and Russia. If anything, it shows the contempt the quartet have for the region and its people. How a bloodthirsty warmonger can bring peace for the Palestinians is hard to fathom.

Not unlike other deranged mass murderers, Blair seeks to frame others for the carnage that he has created. His latest attempt to make money from blood is to warn the West against “Islamic extremism”. In doing so, he says “they must co-operate with other countries—in particular, Russia and China—regardless of other differences.”[2]

It does not matter whether the Russians and the Chinese are violating human rights or repressing innocent civilians. But as long as they fight ‘Islamists’ then that is the side the West needs to take.[3]

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What is Blair so agitated about?

Blair is only preaching what he practices. He has not made any secret of whose side he is on. You can count on him to be on the side of every murderous dictator and despot. Back in January he wrote that “extremist religion is at root of 21st century wars.”[4] Needless to say it was clear which religion he was talking about.

Then, just five days later, he gave staunch backing to Egypt’s military coup d’état following a meeting with its army leader, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi;[5] praising the despot who, after overthrowing the elected president, subsequently killed more than a thousand peaceful protestors and arrested thousands more. But for Blair this was necessary to “put the country back on the path to democracy.” By removing a democratically-elected president, of course!

For Blair, Morsi was simply too soft for his liking which is why he prefers to deal with a military dictator over an elected statesman. Democracy can be conveniently discarded when it does not deliver the desired results. Blair believes “We should engage with the new de facto power and help make the new government make the changes necessary, especially on the economy, so they can deliver for the people.”[6]

Blair is a compulsive liar responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. It is an incredible situation we find ourselves in where the perpetrator of war crimes is blaming the victims. Without his powerful friends in the media and the ruling establishment, Blair would not have a platform to disseminate his propaganda. But, even his friends know that Tony cannot be trusted as Murdoch humiliatingly discovered about his wife.[7]

People in the west should be smart enough to see beyond the scaremongering and see for themselves where the real danger lies. The greatest threat facing the West are interests of the powerful elite that uses war as a means to easy money.

While Blair barks, his masters in the US demonstrate their support for democracy by going ahead with supplying ten Apache helicopters to Egypt’s military[8], a military that was complicit in the coup as well as the repression and abuses of their people for decades, and especially as of late. Of course in deranged minds this has no connection with how those on the receiving end of the West’s benevolence might respond.

So Blair, go ahead and keep banging your war drum. For now you may escape judgment but it is for a short time. Unless you repent, you will certainly answer for your crimes in the  most supreme court of justice.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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Abu Talha has been regularly involved in teaching and speaking about Islamic issues for over fifteen years.He undertook his Arabic and Islamic studies at the renowned Islamic University of Madinah where he graduated with BA (Hons) in Shariah and a Diploma in Arabic language. While in Madinah he was blessed to learn from some of the scholars in the Prophet's Masjid. Formerly, he worked as a full time Imam and Khateeb at an Islamic centre for a number of years. Along with his Islamic education, Abu Talha is a qualified and experienced language teacher and holds a Masters in Education and Applied Linguistics.​


  1. JazakAllah khayr Shaykh Abu Talha, a pertinent analysis.

    I would also add further that Tony Blair was amongst the first to be translate American neoconservatism into actual foreign policy. His entire speech is dog-whistling to other neocons within the current UK establishment which ties neatly in with all the other high-profile reports vis a vis “Islamist extremism”. Most certainly a pretext for something a lot bigger.

  2. It is good that many British citizens (including British Muslims) are not impressed by extremist politicians such as Tony Blair, or by extremist right wing types.

    Just to be clear Tony Blair does not speak on behalf of the UK Muslim community, nor do the extremist right wing types. Both the latter and the former have displayed a lack of judgement and insight. They have asserted that rejecting Islam has no consequence for the country. The fact of the matter is that when God decided to call in his favours then there are only two possible outcomes; (1) People acknowledge acknowledge and thank God by observing Gods limits (2) Society is destroyed or seriously punished.

    Tony Blair has been party to the deaths of 500,000+ children in Iraq due to sanctions. I don’t think Al-Qaeda has killed that many children. Think about it.

    The notion of the protagonists of islam that they are somehow champions/ defenders of the country and that muslims are some kind of subversives is a failed/ delusional notion. Muslims are showing the way as to how the country can secure all its gain and enjoy safety & security (the word for faith is linked to the word safety)

    Pharaoh thought that he could hide behind his bank balances and army when Gods invite came (via Moses) to believe in God and create a more just world. God tolerated him for a while then destroyed him utterly.

    To some people, being British is about waving flags and shouting slogans. To some of us being British is about how we can save millions of lives and trillions of pounds worth of property and secure the future of the country. The wrath of God is not something small. Muslims will continue to try to chart the way. God bless.

    ‘People ask you of the Hour (end of the world as we know it). Say: The knowledge of it is with God alone. What can convey (the knowledge) unto you? It may be that the hour is near. Lo! God has cursed the disbelievers, and has prepared for them a flaming fire, wherein they will abide for eternity. They will find (then) no protecting friend nor helper. On the day when their faces are turned over in the fire, they say: Oh, would that we had obeyed God and had obeyed his messenger! And they say: Our Lord! Lo! we obeyed our princes and great men, and they misled us from the way. Our Lord! Oh, give them double torment and curse them with a mighty curse.’ Quran(33:63-68)

    I for one do not consider Tony Blair to be the ‘peace envoy’ for the middle east. Tony Blair is in fact an anarchist/ extremist. He says he is fighting terror, yet by promoting injustice he is fermenting terror.

    ‘And when it is said to them (rejectors of faith) – Don’t perpetrate anarchy throughout the earth, they say – We are only promoting peace. Indeed, it is they who are perpetrating and anarchy, yet they lack insight’ Quran(2:11-12)

    If Tony Blair was a true leader, then he would have become a muslim and directed the country to do the same. This would have been in accord with his obligation as a politician/ leader to source best practice from where ever it happens to reside and bring it to the British people so that they can benefit from it.

    Whatever baggage his relative Lauren Booth night have had, she was able to deal with it and see the truth/ facts of the matter and become muslim, so Tony Blair has no excuse.

    ‘Follow not limited notions, lest you laps from truth’ Quran(4:135)

    Every good thing that one enjoys is frome God; Whether it is good health, a good job, a nice home, beautiful/ healthy/ thriving children, a good love life, a nice car, personal security, economic security, a good education, a nice family, etc, etc. Isn’t it right then that we say ‘thankyou’ and ‘please’ to God. The best way to thank God is to affirm that God exists and is one, and to observe the limits he has layed down,

    ‘For the civilising of the Queresh. For their civilising/ development we (God) have let loose the caravans during the winter and the summer. So let them worship (obey/ follow/ allow God to define right & wrong) the lord of this house, who has fed them against hunger (economic security) and has made them safe from fear (personal security)’ Quran(106:1-4)

    The best way to say ‘thankyou’ and ‘please’ to God, is to say the following sentance – “I testify that there is no god except God, and that Muhammad is God’s messenger”. I commend it to the house/ country.‘You (Muhammad) are of a tremendous calibre. They will see and you will see which of you is the demented’ Quran(68:4-6)

  3. If British authorities are so concerned about their education institutions being infiltrated by “extremists” then I suggest they stop Tony Blair, architect in chief of the illegal and violent 2003 Iraq invasion from speaking at colleges and universities across the UK and the world. His lies and fabrications caused the deaths, directly and indirectly, of thousands of Iraqis, British and Americans. While the survivors of his wars suffer in silence, this former British Prime Minister makes millions through his speaking engagements at educational institutions across the world with little or no sign of remorse for the suffering he caused. Nothing I see that suggests the British Muslim educators in question did anything illegal, let alone anywhere as remotely destructive as the twice elected British Prime Minister. Britain’s interests would be served better if they questioned their own domestic and overseas policies instead of perennially whining on about “extremist” from their (mostly) law abiding immigrant communities. Blair’s spitefully unapologetic role in the debacle of Iraq’s invasion & occupation, his hypocritical backing of the Egyptian military overthrow of a legitimately elected government fuelled the rise of that “Islamic extremism” he now prattles on about. Taking the massively-discredited advice of someone whose actions brought about the very problems they now decry is the height of foolishness.

    Tony Blair’s speech seeking to rally global support for a confrontation with Islamic extremism generated a storm of reaction, most of it negative and much of it focusing on the messenger rather than the message.

    It’s not just Muslim extremism that’s the problem, but Christian and Jewish extremism too. Also neo-Nazi extremism that the USA and EU are making use of in Ukraine. It’s unbelievable that a man who was instrumental in the War of Aggression against Iraq was appointed as UN Middle East Peace Envoy! In his “peace envoy” role he’s been banging the war drum for British/US/NATO bombing of Syria. Who does this man actually serve? The Americans, the British, Israel, or the UN? …all of the above? ….or just himself? If Blair’s crimes were committed by Putin or Assad, the ‘international community’ would be: a.) Counting the dead (e.g. Syria) b.) Comparing him to Hitler and demanding he be marched to the Hague to face charges of high war crimes! But when Blair and Bush do it, not a peep from anyone (apart from us angry citizens, George Galloway and a handful of independent journalist – e.g. John Pilger) Clearly the Western Elite have a different rule book to the rest of us. Shame on our media for not doing their job and reporting on the hypocrisy and double-standards.

    International commentary should just ignore the lunatic. The more he talks the more insane he appears and therefore the less credible he becomes. The rest of us should just ignore him and put his comments in the “thanks but no thanks” suggestions pile. What is Blair’s mission? Is it religious? Is it ideological? I mean, most people just shut the fuck up after the type of carnage his career unleashed, but he’s just relentless. Thank God he doesn’t;t have any power anymore. A very dangerous personality type. He genuinely is a case study for a psychopath. “One of the most common personality characteristics of the sociopath is their grandiose sense of self and entitlement. Sociopaths also often display a lack of remorse and most have a very manipulative personality covered by superficial charm. Sociopaths often use people as a means to getting what they want.” It’s a given Blair’s a war criminal now he’s on a religious crusade. His moral compass is fucked! Most politicians are psychopaths…read Dr Hares 10 point test. It’s from Dr Hare..psychopathy test. It is believed that one person in 100 is a sociopath..I would imagine that it would probably be 90% of politicians are sociopaths/psychopaths…the title is interchangeable.

    Meanwhile, a columnist on the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Anshel Pfeffer, tweeted: “The fascinating thing about Blair’s speech today is that it could have been a Netanyahu speech, word-for-word, they share the same outlook. There’s my answer…. “Blair and George W Bush are as responsible for radical Islam as any of its leaders. The war in Iraq caused the death of almost a million Muslims. It gave a reason for every radical in the Middle East to go to war against the west. Let’s be honest – it’s called genocide and mass murder. Events in Yugoslavia are the same. Countries and leaders who organized it must be punished by the real World Community. Blair is so utterly delusional and frankly thick that he is completely unaware that he [and Bush, Putin, Netanyahu and so on] are the mirror image of what he is railing against. He is an ignorant religious extremist, ultra nationalist and corporate whore seeking an endless war against slightly different religious extremists, ultra nationalists but dispossessed people. Just so that he can make money and feel important.

    A columnist for the Saudi-owned al-Hayat daily, Jihad al-Khazen, said: “Blair and George W Bush are as responsible for radical Islam as any of its leaders. The war in Iraq caused the death of almost a million Muslims. It gave a reason for every radical in the Middle East to go to war against the west. In a nutshell. Before the Iraq invasion, Al Qaida were a bunch of cave dwellers who had just won the terrorist equivalent of the Euro Millions with their 9/11 attack. They were no more powerful than Bader-Meinhoff and fading. Now they control great swathes of geo-politically important real estate from North Africa to the Euphrates river. And Blair, with his stupid war-mongering is directly responsible for that. I don’t know why this pathological, narcissistic moron still has a public platform.
    London School of Islamics Trust

  4. Excellent article. Blair should be facing trial in The Hague for his undoubted war crimes.

  5. And the likes of Yasir Qadhi praise Blair and recommend Muslims to take from him. The true evil lies within Muslims too.

    • Mr Ahmed. Please do your research and then homework before letting your tongue give a slip. There is a big difference in engaging with and supporting. My research tells me, Sh YASIR QADHI engaged with Blair.

      • During Blair’s leadership many Muslims in places like Blackburn voted for the Labour party even after knowing illegal invasions were taking place. Why did Muslims help Blair?, simply because they had a Muslim Labour MP in the town. Who says people are sheep?

  6. Are we on the same ‘plane’ in the Universe……..??! I just wrote something similar to the above in my personal diary today…although lacking academics!…..i wonder why the community of the West are afraid to ask for justice for those who have suffered at the hands of this evil impostor. They are out there though, looking for someone to start this debate so that TB’s smile can be posted as a sign of complete hypocrisy to the word Peace and an insult to Britain in the word Envoy….…..Thank you, at least we know somewhere we are all brothers and sisters looking for a peaceful existence.

  7. I applaud this article. The UN and all these world organisations should be answerable as to how they can appoint an out and out liar and instigator of terrorism, Blair and Bush have proven they are Islamicphobics and they have jointly put a face of fear on Islam. It is incomprehensible how they openly disregarded and UN policies right from the beginning, and now Blair is acting on their behalf – shame on the UN too!!

  8. he’s highlighting the brotherhood’s genuine fault, ignoring his own fault of course but still not far wrong in his assessment of our brothers’ fault. he deserves fair judgement fair that.

  9. Thankyou for this excellent article. The person in the restaurant who attempted to make a citizens arrest of Anthony Blair was spot on.

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