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Would a Brexit shield us from the storm?

It’s not looking pretty in Europe. Through the mainstream media lens that most Britons rely on to see across the channel, and even more so through the unregulated and wildly distorting social media lens, the picture presented is one of terrifying “Islamisation” at the hands of uncivilised and out of control Muslim immigrants with savages raping and pillaging on a scale not seen since the Vikings invaded. In fact a recent rise in Pro-Viking immigrant propaganda seems to show nobody has ever been as bad as Muslims are now. The Daily Mail gave us “Raping and pillaging? Viking conquests were more like ‘romantic breaks’”.[1] The Telegraph cautioned “The Vikings: Mean, marauding and misunderstood”,[2] and we saw that “Raping, pillaging Vikings were progressive” in The Week.[3]

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To add to us being “extremist”, “radical” and “anti-British values” we now have “Islamisation” as an undefined term to be battered with. While it is true that my local Subway has to conform to sharia slaughter to do business, that is just a side dish for anti-Islām campaigners. Generally “Islamisation” is screamed whenever anything negative can be attributed to some Muslim people. While it is harder to link the few Paris attackers to common Muslim behaviour, the 1,900 complaints of sexual harassment and 5 rapes on New Year’s Eve in Germany and more in 4 other European countries,[4] fed perfectly into the reality reversing narrative that “Islām teaches men to have no respect for women” and has been loudly hailed as a predictable consequence of the Islamisation of Europe. Jess Philips, a fairly inexperienced Labour MP, tried mentioning on Question Time that Muslim immigrants did not invent sexual harassment and rape,[5] but the ferocious media storm that beat her down will probably dissuade such even-handedness in future. We are not allowed to view the crimes of immigrants in the context of an imperfect world.

The irony of blaming Islām is if the European policy makers had been sincere in wanting to avoid any problem at all from immigrants, for them to be ideal model citizens, they could have encouraged Muslim immigrants to turn more to their religion before it was too late. And by that I mean before reaching a stage where to suggest building more Islamic schools is political suicide and before every new mosque is burnt down as soon as it is built. Instead, they have been advised by Muslim hypocrites that more Islām equates to more problems and they are busy suppressing the only thing likely to help.

Foreign policy and geopolitics is not looking set to change anytime soon so the number of refugees will only increase and any more of the above will increase the already tense situation. No doubt this is a minority problem among some young Muslim immigrants at most, probably proportional to the general population when averaged out over time but, even so, when every incident now makes international headlines we should expect to see more of it and expect the Far Right to capitalise as much as possible.

As Jess Philips found out, we are already at a stage where trying to calm things down between Muslims and non-Muslims is going against a fast flowing political tide and the temperature on the streets is steadily rising. There have been anti-Islamisation protests and riots in most major cities in Europe over the last few months. A few weeks ago a hand grenade was thrown at a refugee shelter.[6] Last week regular, local people cheered as another was burnt to the ground.[7] In Sweden refugees are kept living in secret after multiple houses were burnt down,[8] but the most worrying to me is the general feeling that all people are just fed up and wish this “Muslim problem” would disappear.

Based on the acceleration, direction of travel and the lack of current friction against it I do not think it is alarmist to expect an expulsion and/or genocide of Muslims from mainland Europe within a decade or so. For the sake of irony, if nothing else, it is worth reminding ourselves what is well documented on the internet and in Nathan Lean’s book “The Islamophobia Industry”, that no other group has been as determined at propagating hate and fear of Muslims as the Jewish Right Wing. However, while one prominent Israeli businessman voices his certainty that a holocaust of Muslims will soon happen in Europe and predicts that Israel will be well placed to capitalise on it,[9] I am not so sure inciting the rise of the Far Right who are again flying Nazi banners across Europe is a smart move for the Jews in Europe or Israel. Even one Auschwitz survivor does his best to stir up hatred against Muslims by predicting our minority will somehow “lead to the complete disappearance of [European] countries’ tradition, culture and progress”[10] – which is uncannily close to the words of Joseph Goebbels as he led the purge of Jews from Europe.

The long list of Islamophobic organisations with Right Wing Jewish funding or origins include The David Horowitz Freedom Center who run www.frontpagemag.com and www.JihadWatch.org and www.breitbart.com. Right Wing Jewish funding contributes to Islamophobic think-tanks in the UK and abroad and there is even a Jewish Division of the EDL, the leader of which openly admits she was exploiting the EDL for her own cause.[11]

Those Jews with more sense and longer memories will realise they will never be able to control the monster that some of their coreligionists are helping to create. Certainly the Far Right have Islām and Muslims as the new common enemy but just as Hitler did not stop at the Jews there is no reason to think a new Nazism would stop at Muslims once it got going. Obsessive Islamophobic hate sites such www.whitegenocideproject.com and www.stormfront.org already carry as much anti-Semitism as Islām-hate.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has catalogued Islamophobia promoting organisations as having had an estimated expenditure of $120 million over 3 years.[12] That is a lot of money and it has to be asked what the return is hoped to be on that investment. The majority of the Western public are already acquiescing unquestioningly to continual overseas use of their military in the Muslim world, causing an estimated 4 million Muslim deaths over the last 25 years.[13] If foreign policy is already in the bag then is the investment for gains closer to home?

Many people believe genocide could not happen these days because of the speed of communications and social media but, if anything, it is becoming the greatest source of hatred and lies about Muslims. It would probably be more true to say genocide could happen quicker these days because of social media. YouTube is flooded with amateur videos that would never be shown on TV:

“With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations” 8.4 million views,

“Welcome To Belgistan — The New Muslim Capital Of Europe” 1.6m views,

“Sweden Being Raped To Death By Muslim Migrants” 1.4m views,

“The Rape of Europe” 1m views.

“One Hour Compilation of how Islam is Ruining Europe and America” 0.8m views.

“The Islamisation of Sweden” 0.8m views,

“EUROPE vs ISLAM : Decide NOW before it is too late!” 0.7m views,

“Migrant Crisis and Invasion of Europe Exposed” 0.7m views,

“The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of Europe You’ll Ever See” 0.7m views.

There are 16,000 videos on the “Muslim rape epidemic”, 60,000 on “Muslim rape culture” including one titled “Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe” with 350,000 views. Facebook and Twitter are just as bad. Before social media people with these views would have been able to rant at 20 people in Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner.

Others think “normal” people would not get involved or let a minority harm us but genocide would not need every citizen to have blood physically on their hands, or even feel responsible in any way, but just for the majority to turn a blind eye when others act. When the Jews were gradually transported to camps their neighbours were not told they were to be exterminated but even though it is thought that most people would have known, they somehow managed not to know because they wanted not to know.[14] Somehow within 10 years through State and media propaganda that bares uncanny similarity to today[15] [16] [17] the German people became “bystanders” and allowed millions of Jews to be “removed”.

A poll 14 months ago found that 1 in 8 Germans would join an anti-Muslims protest march and 29% agreed that the marches by PEGIDA were justified.[18] In other words 29% are saying they were already willing to be bystanders if ‘something is done’ about Islām and Muslims. Those numbers are sure to have risen significantly since New Year’s Eve and the two attacks in Paris.

In the UK people have already been proven bystanders.[19] It is literally the stuff of nightmares to be on a bus with people you assume to be your compatriots when one of them attacks you and everyone else just watches impassively and does nothing. Maybe a few were afraid to intervene but as we know from the Sunnah, doing nothing generally means approval. If people approve verbal and physical Islamophobic abuse happening right in front of them is it likely that many will step in if Muslims are quietly removed? Are non-Muslims up in arms when the police take children away for questioning for being Openly-Muslim? No, they are the ones jumping to do their civic duty and handing over 7 year olds to the anti-terror police who will assess how Islamic the child’s beliefs are, then raid their parents’ home to look for evidence of extremism there. Rather than being reluctant participants, apron-clad nursery teachers are so keen that 80% of the referrals are for Islamic behaviour so slight that even the motivated industry behind Prevent cannot think of a way to count them as justifiable. [20] [21] Islamic schools are raided and libraries are stripped of any books that are considered un-British. It would be more melodramatic to say those books are then burnt but they are probably recycled just to prove that in no way is this all uncannily similar to 1933 Nazi Germany.

It is purely ignorance of psychology to think that a holocaust could not happen again. The immigration that is being used to fan the flames on mainland Europe is increasing rapidly, so far already this year 100,000 have arrived by the eastern Mediterranean sea route, coming at an 8 times higher rate than the same period last year.[22] An estimate has been made that 3.6 million will arrive in Germany alone by 2020.[23] The bodies of hundreds of children have been washing up on beaches since pictures of Alan Kurdi awoke a short-lived sympathy. Over 300 children have been allowed to live alone in the mud of the Calais camps throughout this winter. The main political desire seems not to urgently stop the suffering but to stop the suffering being close to us and Europeans are too scared to even offer shelter to Muslim children. Do we need more proof of how little Europeans identify with Muslims and value the life of Muslims? Then ask again how much more fear it will take before they ask no questions when Muslims are “moved on”.

Any decision to stay or leave the EU should be complex but I wonder how much “Muslim Rapefugees” and the “Muslim Tsunamigration” will dominate the minds of policy makers and the public wanting to pull up the draw-bridge. Daily Mail hate preacher Katie Hopkins tweeted “Europe is finished. Ask yourself which vote will best defend ourselves from the plague at our door.”[24] An article in the Telegraph predicted it will be the deciding factor,[25] and with people’s propensity to act from fear rather than reason, it is very likely to be widely utilised by the Out campaign.

It must be a tempting idea to isolate ourselves from the immigration issue facing Europe and turn instead back to the Commonwealth countries who are increasing in wealth and who are too far for people to swim here. There will be a reluctance to admit this but it might also be the best thing for British Muslims. If the UK is not negatively affected by a sudden influx of immigration, and the attendant Far Right smear campaign, and at the same time has a need to appear friendly to – while keeping at arm’s length –the Commonwealth countries that have large Muslim populations; the UK would probably be the last in Europe to succumb to a genocide or expulsion of Muslims. In fact, I can picture speeches in the British Parliament about the genocide in Europe not being cricket while British weapons manufacturers quietly make fortunes exporting “people management solutions”[26] and, as philanthropic saviours, allow the wealthiest European Muslims to bring their money to the relative safety of the UK.

With reality being as it is and not least because of the apparent apathy with which the Muslim community views the obligation of da’wah to challenge Islamophobia, I seriously question if we are in a position to cope with a sudden influx of migration and all that would come with it.

Would a Muslim’s vote to leave the EU be purely for self-interest? Or might it be the best chance there is for Islām to maintain a foothold in Europe, when the mainland appears lost, and a hope that the da’wah in Europe can continue? Allāhu ʿalam.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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  1. Valid point. The reality is and history has shown this whichever political party wins power the reality of the media’s massive and prolonged attack on Islam won’t change. The situation of the muslims will only change when we become part of the fabric of the UK and work hard for peace love and harmony between all communities. The message of Islam is actually one of peace and worship of 1 creator in its essence.
    We all believe in the same core values of coexistence.
    When any community is attacked and vilified for so long they will become defensive and a product of that situation they are in.

  2. Lol, the trolls are out in full force here these days. Good comedy posts for all to read and have a good laugh at. They must write them while thuth

  3. This text is similar to these from my favorite cultural marxists – Liz Fekete and Matt Carr. Author is part of that crowd – islamised Briton with CM propaganda.
    CM show up on Balkan too, teach us how our “islamophobia” is product of our not knowledge about Islam (we lived 500 years under their rule ) and our white racism (we are half brown descendants of Asian Ottomans).
    In Europe CM media show us as savages to discredit similarities between our history and future Eurabia. Best example is Dracula – everybody knows he is Eastern Europe monster, nobody knows he is Ottoman’s jannisary. And he is also example how monster turn against his creators !

    About these refugees, isn’t they want to remove socialist secular Gaddafi, Assad etc to establish Sharia ? Why now escape from Sharia in caliphate ? Isn’t more logical to all go there like Jihad John and Jack ? West bombing caliphate no reason, it’s wrong.

    About Jews and Holocaust, isn’t one of most famous pictures from Eurabia that with muslim girl with poster “Allah bless Hitler” ? Talking about dollars isn’t SA spending 4 billions per year for spreading vahabism ? And isn’t all that start with genocide on Benu Kurais tribe ?

    And who will actually start that Holocaust on Muslims ?
    Merkel who open borders and bring them here ? Some other member of CM elite ? Ridiculous !
    First would be need some kind revolution to change government in entire Europe !
    And who will start that ? Couple hundreds football hooligans from EDL ? Even more ridiculous !
    For revolution is important to have fighting spirit and Europe don’t have that anymore. After Cologne attacks some south American write comment – if Arab would tray that there macho Latinos would go out on the streets with machetes and slice them into kebab. In Europe that’s impossible. As Houlenbeck described in “Submission” Europe is already dead.
    Paris riots 2005 and Lee Rigbie murder was tests, and they go perfectly.
    Now will be possible to 10.000 jihadists takeover half some West European country – CM government would order army and police to surrender and common people are anyway already prepared for submission. Not be any significant fight, just some EDL members will be publicly decapitated to scare people.

    But there is main catch in all this. Islamic world remember caliphate where they live nice from jizya and slave work of Christians and wish to imitate that ( Taqlid ). But Christians accepted that because they believe God will reward them after death.
    CM teach today’s Europeans don’t believe in anything !
    They would accept Islam to avoid persecution. I believe in God but I can use taqia to avoid slavery.
    Imagine Europe with 100% Muslims – nobody work, nobody study, only allowed book is Quran, everything collapse, everybody just searching infidels to collect jizya but no more infidels. Then real fight starts – different Sharia militia kill each other for remaining resources. Like in Mad Max movies. Or in Syria !
    Best solution is cordoning caliphate, put all Muslims in there and then we could trade food for oil etc.
    Eurabia will be bad for all, like Ottomans for Balkan.

    But for author most important is Islam maintain foothold in Europe so conquering can continue. So short sighted.

    • lol I really cannot tell whether this guy is actually serious or taking the p*ss out of the ignorant european neo nazi propaganda or something… Genius!

      • I’m big fan of SF stories where criminals are exiled in their self depend colonies in isolated island, planet etc… If you send criminals in prison then you must feed them, if kill them there is lot of moral dilemmas, pro/con death penalty etc.
        Caliphate could be perfect place to exile criminals and Cultural Marxists !
        Also and neo Nazi skinheads because normal society don’t have much benefit from violent hooligans who beating people and vandalise property.
        But caliphate is their natural habitat !
        Just give them two week supply, macheta and AK 47 and drop them from helicopter in caliphate.
        It’s like Fallout.

      • Geoffrey Cooper

        No I think he’s serious and he’s right about many things. Europeans are so terrified of their own past that they’re paralysed by fear in the face of the certain, hungry, proud, vigorous, pre-enlightenment Islam as yet. However when the true horror of Islamisation and their gradual reduction to dhimmitude begins to really effect them personally in their everyday lives (being openly insulted and pushed around by surly young Muslims, their wives and daughters intimidated, molested etc.) European men will finally, slowly awake from their long post-war slumber and begin to organise and generally do what European natives have always seemed to do when they get seriously upset. I’m afraid it will not be nice. It was’nt last time and it will not be next. Its a shame for everyone that we seem to have to keep learning these lessons over and over, only to forget them again – ah well!

  4. No trolls on this one then!!!!

  5. Speaking of Hitler? Lets not forget that Adolph really liked Islam. He met with Saudis and discussed their mutual hatred of Jews. I’ve read that Hitler actually had thought of a Muslim dominated Europe or world. Of course with Germanic people running it, because he thought most Muslims were racially inferior. That never stopped Adolph from forming Bosnian Muslim SS Divisions to help the Nazi cause. World domination, Nazis and Islam go hand in hand

    • You know when a TROLL like Tom says ” I’ve read” it’s def completely made up!

      • I can “read”. Your prophet was illiterate.

        • If you could Trolly (lol) ‘read’ you would not spew any of the posts you write or copy and paste.
          As I said your totally insignificant here and for comedy value only otherwise some of your posts would have already been deleted.

      • Geoffrey Cooper

        No Tom is right, its not made up. Hitler did meet the Grand Mufti of Palestine and they did discuss the extermination of the Jews, a delegation were even invited to Auschwitz where they watched some mass executions. And there was a Bosnian Muslim SS division, they wore black fez’s with the little silver skull badges and everything! Its all very well documented, the Germans were always very thorough about that sort of thing.

    • Rubbish.

      All Hitler was interested in was manpower to fight the war. Germany was a nation with no colonies as a source of troops and was geographically hemmed in by Allied Forces to both the west and the east. Both Britain and France had colonies to provide extra manpower but the only option for Germany was parts of eastern Europe and the middle east. These foreigners were also deemed to be more expendable than the lives of Germans were.

      There were more Muslims living in lands which were controlled by the Allied Forces during WW2 than living in countries which were part of the Axis or in a few cases neutral like Afghanistan. The Indian subcontinent and north Africa were parts of the British and French empires. Central Asian states like Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were part of the Soviet Union. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, Iran and Saudi Arabia joined the Allied Forces.

      • Of course Hitler needed manpower.. He studied Islam and liked using politics to control every aspect of life.Gran Mufti of Jereusalem used the same reasoning, Germans never colonized so trust the Germans and get your Ottoman lands back! Gran Mufti was a former Ottoman who hated Britain and France. Ottomans lost everything in WW1 and then didn’t do crap in WW2 along with Arabs. Then they cry like little babies for weapons against Russia. Now backstabbing Turks and Arabs blame the West because of Jews in Israel,Islamic State,sorry intellectualism in Muslim countries. Learn history or get better books.

        • Can you write this in English please? Not Swahili !

          • How can a Gran also be a Mufti? She’s either a Gran or a Mufti? One is male one is female!
            Just goes to prove what I keep saying about the trolls here!!
            Amoeba brains. No wonder they keep going round in circles and can’t tell the difference between a granny and a Mufti!

            • It is Grand Mufti ,you are correct. But my Grandmother was a woman and my Grandfather was a man. Enough of your English lessons to me old chap. And of course we know that there never could be a female “Grand Mufti” ,because women are treated like crap in your religion. By the way ,the Amoeba was discovered by a non Muslim named Von Rosenhof in the 1700s. How is it that people in ancient India and Persia had advanced theories on optics in the 7th and 8th centuries, and yet they never put it to practice in the sciences? Did some kind of ideology take over critical thinking in those regions?

              • Lol again typical troll answer! Your so predictable even an amoeba would have responded differently. What more can anyone say?
                Just remember all you need to know is 1 in 3 by 2050!

      • Hitler’s view of islam, from Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer:

        Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs. When the Mohammedans had attempted to penetrate beyond France into Central Europe during the eighth century, his visitors had told him, they had been driven back at the Battle of Tours. Had the Arabs won this battle, the world would be Mohammedan today. For theirs was a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and subjugating all nations to that faith. The Germanic peoples would have become heirs to that religion. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the Germanic temperament. Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate and conditions of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.

        Hitler usually concluded this historical speculation by remarking “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japansese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?”

        It’s worth remembering that the UKIP first rose in popularity because of hostility to white, christian – rather too christian for British tastes, perhaps – European immigrants from places like Poland or Portugal. In its early days the children of muslim immigrants complained as bitterly about all these bloody immigrants taking jobs as their neighbours did.

        • Abdullah Thomson

          Hitler would have been disappointed with Islam if it was the religion of Germany, for the same reason all the despots of the middle east do their beast to suppress it. Just doesn’t suit dictators.

          • Not all the despots of the middle east did their best to suppress islam, Abdullah Thomson. Quite a few announced they were enforcing and fulfilling islam.

            • Abdullah Thomson

              But were they? Or just paying lip service. If you don’t know Islam very well you could be fooled. Actually that’s a good point generally.

              • Then a lot of muslims don’t know islam very well.
                Or they interpret it rather differently to you.

                • First work out the difference between a Gran and a Mufti as in the post above. Then you can progress to bigger things

        • Stop picking stuff out of Wikipedia!

          Political and military relationships between Germany and certain Arab leaders during WW2 were a reactionary response to British and French colonial rule in the former Ottoman Empire following the Sykes-Picot agreement and a shared hostility to what both considered to be common enemies. It was a strategic alliance more so than an ideological alliance. Opposition to colonialism and Zionism ran high in the Middle East at the time but very few people were anti-Semitic like the Nazis were.

          Your enemy’s enemy is not necessarily your friend…

          Hitler had a very limited and superficial knowledge and understanding of Islam himself. Much of what he knew was little more than odd random facts which he had learned in dribs and drabs along with a jumbled list of battles between Muslims and Europeans from centuries ago. Very little information about Islam existed in Germany at the time and the majority of people with any significant knowledge of the subject were intellectual types who were hardly the sort of people that Hitler and his ilk associated with.

          • You forget, M Risbrook: the topic Tom raised was “that Adolph really liked Islam”. I supplied evidence from a leading nazi that that was the case. Hitler may not have shared the same interpretation of islam as all muslims and probably was ignorant of it, but what he did know of islam he approved of.
            There was a strong school of orientalism in Germany and “intellectual types” were as attracted to nazism as other Germans. Any idea that intellectual types – or even intellectuals – have superior political wisdom is dispelled by seeing the sort of political views they hold and what happens when they get mixed up in active politics.

            • I don’t know why I waste my time arguing with people like you…

              That fact is, Hitler’s knowledge of Islam was very minimal which means that what he personally thought about Islam is irrelevant.

              I’m well aware that there was a thriving school of Orientalism in Germany, like there was in other western European nations, but more often than not European Orientalists were critical of Islam and certainly had no desire to see Islam take a foothold in Europe. Can you name any Orientalists who were close friends of Hitler, or regular advisors to the German government, who were also very sympathetic towards Islam? Were there any German reverts at the time who were prominent Nazis?

              • Hitler’s knowledge of just about everything was minimal. That didn’t stop him having opinions on just about everything, which had drastic effects on just about everything.
                As the topic is what he personally thought about islam – “that Adolph really liked Islam” – what he personally thought about islam is very relevant.
                Whether he was right about islam is another matter, but – unless he misunderstood them – the – unnamed, unfortunately – muslims who said that “theirs was a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and subjugating all nations to that faith” made it sound like the sort of religion he approved of. This had nothing to do with the question of the truth of islam or even what else muslims may believe. Even here, we don’t have to go very far to find muslims who maintain theirs is a religion that believes in spreading the faith by the sword and subjugating all nations to that faith or – to use contemporary termnology – liberating them.
                I don’t know any prominent nazis who were muslim reverts when the nazis had power: quite a few became muslims after the second world war ended.

                • What an important lesson highlighting ancient wisdoms – how one has to desperately create more and more lies and disbelieve in their own senses in order to support a small lie early on which they are unwilling to repent from. All that, instead of just looking at things without the epistemic gymnastics…

        • ‘Mohammedan religion’ just about sums up and shows what you trolls and Hitler know about anything.

  6. Glory of Islam

    Allah huA’lam

    i think this site is very thoughtful in dealing with media situations but on balance an article about this “genocide” is necessary as the article states it can be a pathway that is treaded, therefore something of this magnitude must be addressed.
    Furthermore an adult who has the ability to read this literature would be lacking in depth if they disregard the extremely recent history of world wars and the ensuing political changes that were pivotal in etching out the problems of the world we see today, not to mention the genocides that have happened within our lifetimes to muslims!

    Many muslims do need this for a sense of perspective and knowing the eventualities and the stability and dawah that we are working for, for ourselves least not the problems in the west due to the moral decline that we an solve such as economic familial political crime, justice and tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

    And this by the will of Allah Subhanwatala is what is going to give us life and make us beacons of light for the world.
    We are not here merely for a pleasure boat ride and experience a lifestyle.

  7. A verbose article and one that could be summed up in less than half the words…

    The pro-EU and anti-EU camps consist of very diverse selections of people who do not always agree with each other on domestic or other international issues, and neither do they always get along with each other. I myself am firmly in the anti-EU camp but experience has revealed that countless people I have encountered who are also in the anti-EU camp do not share many of my views. There are plenty of Muslims who are anti-EU and have been anti-EU for many years – in some cases continuously since the 1990s or before. You might not know about them because they are just not very vocal or covered by the media. I have even encountered communists who are voting anti-EU. Therefore it is unintelligent and disingenuous to say anybody who votes against Britain’s membership of the EU in the referendum is influenced by, or getting into bed with, right-wing racists and xenophobes because it patently is not true.

    What I want to know is why do Muslim majority countries have such tight and restrictive immigration laws and are very reluctant to take migrants and refugees? Why does Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, not take in the millions of migrants flooding into Europe from Syria and Iraq? Muslims living in Britain would do themselves many favours if they proactively campaigned for Muslim majority countries to relax their immigration laws and take these migrants. Instead they dig a big hole for themselves by showing the ‘compassionate’ approach that Britain should welcome millions of these migrants with open arms and pamper them using British taxpayer’s money. This kind of behaviour does nothing but drive a wedge between the Muslims and the non-Muslims living in Britain – the majority who want these migrants sent packing. Muslims living in Britain must learn that if they do not adopt a common sense policy (like telling migrants to seek asylum in the nearest safe country rather than the one with the most generous benefits) and respect the wishes of the indigenous British population then how on earth will they ever manage to win an ounce of respect from the rest of society? Instead they will always be viewed with suspicion as being a fifth column.

    • Abdullah Thomson

      “Therefore it is unintelligent and disingenuous to say anybody who votes against Britain’s membership of the EU in the referendum is influenced by, or getting into bed with, right-wing racists and xenophobes because it patently is not true.”

      I didn’t mention George Galloway even once. However, often the more complex an issue is, the more likely all the variables will overwhelm voters previously uninterested in the subject and they will pick on one issue to decide it. I expect they make up the majority of people and both camps will try to simplify the issue with either fear of leaving or fear of staying. My guess is fear of change will mean the vote will be to stay just as the Scotland referendum was. Just a guess though.

      The second part though you seem to have been reading all the Jewish sponsored Islamophobia like this http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/209111/no-muslim-country-wants-take-syrian-refugees-daniel-greenfield where they conveniently forget all the facts presented in this http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/12/muslim-assad-refugees-migrants-islamic-state-151208063635918.html including that less than 6% of Syrian refugees are in Europe. The UK has accepted only a handful. This type of bogus reporting is a good example of what i was talking about, and you are a good example of how some people prefer to take the worst picture without bothering to look for the whole picture.

      I thought the article was making it clear that I know the “Refugees Not Welcome” camp is bigger in the UK and Europe than the “Refugees Welcome” one and that’s what worries me about them coming. No one ever likes unwelcome visitors, that’s why i’m expecting increasing problems down the road. Try not to feel smug about being unwelcoming via you’re xenophobia though, if there was more openness and humanity in Europe we could help desperate people AND not have skinheads running around like headless chickens shouting how we’re all doomed because the brown people who cover their hair are coming.

    • Re: What M Risbrook said:
      “Why does Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, not take in the millions of migrants flooding into Europe from Syria and Iraq?”
      Firstly Turkey has taken in millions of Syrian refugees, likewise with Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

      But SHAME SHAME on Saudi, Oman, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar who are “rich” nations and sit back quietly. And I can understand why Europeans think that refugees should be allocated to Muslim countries. We would think the same, if the tables were turned. If we are being honest that is. And just for the record I know M Risbrook is one of the many trolls on this site, but on this issue, as much as it kills me to agree partially with him, I do.
      This should not be a European problem, we should look after our own.

      • “And just for the record I know M Risbrook is one of the many trolls on this site”

        Why do you think that I am a troll?

        Is it because I am a grumpy 50 something Englishman with a passion for telling inconvenient and uncomfortable truths? Are such people not welcome to post comments on this website?

        What I post on this website might not exactly be comforting stuff but I can assure you that I am more politically astute than most Muslims living in Britain I have encountered over the years. My experience of Muslims living in Britain – both in the real world and the internet – is that most of them are politically naive; have a poor knowledge of the workings of government; and do not understand the psychology of the indigenous British people. If this wasn’t bad enough, it’s the arrogance that younger Muslims display towards indigenous British people that are to the right of Tony Benn that really gets to me.

        I am neither an Islamophobe nor a Zionist.

        Perhaps if younger Muslims chose to listen to grumpy 50 something Englishmen then they might learn something useful…

        • @M Risbrook
          Why do you visit this site and continuously use your time to post here? I mean, we are all so arrogant, politically naive, and have no understanding of the “indigenous” population, such as yourself!
          So remind me again, why do you come here?? And why would you think your opinion means anything to us? And what exactly is your definition of a troll?

          Surely, your time would be better spent with the “indigenous” population, rather than Muslims! Lol

          • I will redirect the question to you. Why do you come here?

            Should non-Muslim Englishmen be allowed to post comments to articles or should such a facility be strictly for Muslims only? Explain your reasons.

            • @ Risbrook

              You do a very poor Victor Mildrew, coz at least he was funny. You are just argumentative. That is WHY you come here. You don’t discuss, you argue, you insult, you get on your indigenous high horse.
              I find that rather sad….

              Me, I come here to read the beneficial articles and sometimes get sidetracked by the trolls, not often, very rarely. But this is perfect example of that…

              • I’m not here to comfort anybody. I post comments to provide advice and recommendations. They are not always sweet stuff but they are almost always the truth.

                We can’t live in a world where all comments are positive vibes unless you wish to live in a fool’s paradise.

                Is it my political views that you dislike more so than anything else?

                • @M Risbrook
                  “Is it my political views that you dislike more so than anything else?”

                  No, it is your rudeness. A person can get his point of view across without belittling the opinions of others. There is no need. That is why you come across as a TROLL

                  I will make this my last response to you.

          • Best comment I’ve seen here in ages.

            • The reality is the 3\4 regular trolls are grumpy old men with nothing else to do in life. No friends and absolutely no social life.
              They lost because compassionate and fair citizens of the UK give them the time of day. One thing they are all in denial about i wetreattbemfsrbetterthan any group of non Muslim youth of the same age would.
              In the end the all come to the Muslims for comfort.

  8. Salam Brother,
    I definitely agree that videos bye Amateur YouTube atheists Are only helping to fan the flames of hatred,
    And I was wondering how best to deal with that .
    Perhaps an open dialogue of some sort with some of the more reasonable ones like Sargon.

    • Abdullah Thomson

      It’s really difficult when they don’t lie in these videos but just present segments of footage in a certain way to make it look as bad as possible, usually with a dramatic soundtrack. Some might but most don’t seem illegal or anything that can be challenged as inciting hatred, though the accumulative effect must be huge on people watching them. May Allah reward you for any attempts you make to challenge them.

  9. AsalamoAlaiakum,

    I’m afraid that I find Abdullah Thomson’s article lacking in balance. His somewhat alarmist tone may well create further concern in the minds of many Muslims.

    Yes, there is potential for harm, and yes, we need to learn from history, but there are many positives going for the Muslim community in the UK. Britain’s strength is it’s diversity. Muslims have been a part of this society for generations and Muslims play a major part in the economy of the country. In reality many of us are already well integrated into society, despite what the media may report.

    Whereas there is no doubt an escalation of right wing groups in Europe, constant media coverage which is unkind to Islam and Muslims, we do manage to get through it. I believe we will weather the coming storms and get through what seem to be difficult times.

    What we need at this time, is not a message that conveys a sense of helplessness and fear, and I’m sorry to say, reducing everything to the lowest denominators that may have existed during WW2, but solutions to how the community can tackle perceived problems through possibly more proactive wider community engagement. This does not mean that we deny the potential for harm. It does not mean there is any denial.

    We are also constantly harping on like helpless victims. I’m sorry if my tone is harsh. Are readers expected to go away with a better feeling after having read this? Is that what the purpose of islam21c is? To perpetuate and further diminish the inner courage that our faith tries to teach us? Are we merely regurgitating what we see in the main and alternative medias, or are we going to create our own take on the events, which could possibly include an element of hope? Negativity and hopelessness reverberates through this article.

    • Abdullah Thomson

      Thanks for the interesting reply to the article. If it seems unbalanced then in my opinion it’s because we are not in control of our situation so mostly people can do negative against us and we are unable to defend ourselves sufficiently, the situation is unbalanced. We are a small minority here so it’s not entirely surprising but if, as you predict, the article puts concerns in the minds of Muslims i’ll be pleased as that might lead to them take some defensive action.

      I doubt most whites think Britain’s strength is its diversity but if you notice recently all the diverse parts except us are uniting on us as the common enemy. Sikh organisations especially are flying the “we’re with you against the Muslims” flag. Thanks guys.

      There’s a few angles to the integration issue, on the one hand it’s a myth that we are less integrated than any other group, which i even wrote about here – https://www.islam21c.com/politics/popular-lies-about-muslim-integration/ – But there are not many of us so it is not true to say that most people see us as an integral part of Britain and sure enough that is the fault line that is being hammered away on by the anti-Muslim crowd.

      Before 9/11 most people knew barely a word to explain what Islam was so the previous generations you talk about did not have much effect on securing our place here. That blank sheet in non-Muslims minds has been largely filled with negatives. I think it’s pretty sure now that most think we are scary interlopers and for all practical purposes that includes the ones who consider they are well integrated as they are still in the Muslim category from a distance.

      Worse still is that many of those who see themselves as well integrated consider that if only those beardy types were to “give a little” all this problem would go away, in the process some promote the idea that being very practising is unnecessary and problematic and give a green light to some of us being harassed. But once the ball gets rolling I’ve no doubt the demands for them to abandon their faith will get louder and historically looking at inquisition times or WW2 being of Muslim origin will be enough of a marker.

      You said “Whereas there is no doubt an escalation of right wing groups in Europe, constant media coverage which is unkind to Islam and Muslims, we do manage to get through it. I believe we will weather the coming storms and get through what seem to be difficult times.”

      That just sounds like wishful thinking. What evidence do you have for it? In fact why not write an article of the counter points to mine and submit it.

      You say “the community can tackle perceived problems through possibly more proactive wider community engagement.”

      Have you actually tried making that happen? More than a once a year mosque open day anyway? I’m talking from some experience when i say i think the Muslim community might need a holocaust to wake people up and in that sense there might be some benefit for the survivors. I think this sums it up pretty well – https://medium.com/@asgharbukhari/diary-of-a-reformer-how-i-tried-to-bring-down-britain-s-islamic-establishment-762917bf2f30#.66jthyfcp

      you say “Are readers expected to go away with a better feeling after having read this? Is that what the purpose of islam21c is? To perpetuate and further diminish the inner courage that our faith tries to teach us?”

      If a messenger came to the companions saying their enemies were advancing on Medinah do you think they would have blamed him for bringing down their mood?

      Ultimately Muslims have the promise of the best rewards in the next life but while too many seem content to wait quietly for it, it’s worth remembering that we are promised the greatest rewards for bothering to struggle in this life. Identifying the struggle at hand should fill you with a lust for challenge and a chance to prove yourself, not depress you. Allah has blessed us not only with a challenge but a seemingly impossible one that only the truly sincere would bother to keep trying to win, those who know that for us it is not about visible results in this life but solely our intention that counts.

      • “I doubt most whites think Britain’s strength is its diversity but if you notice recently all the diverse parts except us are uniting on us as the common enemy. Sikh organisations especially are flying the “we’re with you against the Muslims” flag.”

        At a discussion about Muslims and education a point was made that unlike racism towards non-Muslim blacks and Asians based on their skin colour, foreign origin, and cultural factors, the hostilities towards Islam and Muslims also includes a political and a foreign policy dimension. The political left and the race relations industry have failed to latch onto this fact and are still thinking along the same wavelength that they were thinking in the 1970s and 80s.

        Animosity also exists between Muslims and non-Muslim ethnics. In some cases it simply results from a clash of culture and lifestyle but in other cases, most notably between Sikhs or Hindus and Muslims or more recently between eastern Europeans and Muslims, there is a political dimension originating from past or current conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims in faraway lands. There is a tendency for such non-Muslims to tar all Muslims with the same brush. For example, Sikhs and Hindus will apportion blame onto Muslims from Egypt or Yemen for the lives lost in the Partition of India, and Bulgarians and Romanians will apportion blame onto Muslims from Pakistan or Bangladesh for conflicts between Muslims and Christians in the centuries of the Ottoman empire. Animosity between Muslims and non-Muslim ethnic or immigrant groups, or even between different non-Muslim ethnic and immigrant groups, is downplayed by the establishment and not acknowledged by the social liberals, the political left, and the race relations industry.

      • Sohaib Sandhu

        Thank you for your response. I think that fundamentally we need to find solutions to the predicament we find ourselves in. In a sense, I was trying to say that whereas we can feel pretty hard done, what we need to do as a body, or even individually, is to try to figure out what we can do to alleviate the threats that we seem to be facing. I did look at that link you posted, and understand the point about trying to ‘wake up’ the community. In reality, I think a few of us need to wake up, and do the figuring out. If your article intended to help in doing that, then I think it may well have contributed towards that aim. Hope is something that I would suggest is central to how we deal with major life challenges. Remember, the Pharaohs thought they were gods, yet despite their planning, they were brought down. Justice always prevails. Let’s try to work out how to achieve it, and at the same time, let’s try to keep our chins up.

    • A recurring finding is that far too many Muslims seem to have put their hope into one basket – that is Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM in 2020. From an older white Englishman like myself who is probably more politically astute than the majority of Muslims backing Corbyn, I will tell you that unless Labour does well in council elections outside of London over the next two years then you are more likely to find Elvis Presley driving a bus on the moon than Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM. He might not even make it to the next general election if the election results are very bad and pressure mounts up in the party for him to go.

      Corbyn is a Europhile who is probably blind to the negative effects that the EU currently has and could have on Muslims.

      • You keep barking on about being politically astute. Your about as astute as golffish!
        All your political comments are always about attacking Islam or Muslims in some blatant or undercover way. If your politicaly astute I’m Obama!

        • Tell me, where have I attacked Islam on this website? I will admit that I am critical of the political decisions that many Muslims make and my statements may not go down well but that is not attacking Islam.

          Ten years ago I was saying that George Galloway was a bad investment from the perspective of a Muslim that would end in dismal failure and my predictions were about 95% right but only a handful of astute Muslims at the time took my advice on board and realised that there was much truth in what I was saying whilst countless thousands thought that he was a hero of a similar magnitude to Joan of Arc to the French people under English rule.

          I have lived through the Douglas-Home, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, and Cameron governments, so I have first hand experience of how politics has progressed through the decades, as well as being a member of two political parties in the past.

          One question I ask is that if Jeremy Corbyn was deselected as leader of the Labour Party then he decided to quit and join the Green Party, then would 99% of the Muslims who support him switch their allegiance to the Green Party or would they continue to back Labour (even under Dan Jarvis) simply in order to kick the Conservatives out in 2020?

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